Dong Van Ha Giang Weather: When Is Ideal For Travel?

You are planning to take a Ha Giang loop to Dong Van but you are still confused about what the Dong Van Ha Giang weather will be like? This article will help you answer these questions in your mind.

Dong Van Ha Giang and Weather
Weather in Dong Van Ha Giang is necessary information when traveling

Discover the weather of Dong Van Ha Giang

The climate of Dong Van Ha Giang belongs to the sub-climate zone Dong Van – Meo Vac. With a height of 1500 m, the average temperature in this district is 18 degrees with 9 months of winter. For that reason, Dong Van is much colder than the plains, even snow and frost appear.

The same as the general feature of Ha Giang weather, Dong Van has 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has its own special characteristic. Being gifted with wonderful natural scenery, Dong Van always fascinates travelers at any time of the year.

Spring brings a refreshing touch to this place with cherry blossoms and plum flowers; summer showcases the beauty of lush greenery everywhere; autumn features terraced golden fields, and winter offers exciting cloud hunting journeys.

To check the Dong Van weather forecast precisely, you can google the exact destinations you’re going to come to, for example the 3-day Sung La valley weather forecast. You should check the weather forecast 3 days before the departure time to prepare well.

Dong Van Ha Giang Weather and season
Each season in Dong Van has their own special characteristic

The ideal weather of Dong Van Ha Giang for traveling

Each season in this district gives the tourists a different experience. Here is a detailed review of Dong Van Ha Giang’s weather in a year with the idealist order.

1. Autumn with terraced golden fields

At night, the temperature may fall down a little bit but when the sun rises, it will become warmer. The weather at this time is the most pleasant in the year.

Besides, you can admire the golden rice terrace. Autumn is when the paddy fields are ripe and wait for being harvested, especially Ha Giang weather September. The whole scenery before your eye is silk carpets being woven with ripe yellow rice.

You can rent a motorbike from Ha Giang motorbike rental to explore and enjoy Dong Van in autumn. With a motorbike, you are so proactive in moving and itinerary.

Dong Van Ha Giang Weather in autumn
You can admire the golden rice terrace in Autumn

2. Winter and cloud hunting journey

Many people choose to come to Dong Van, Ha Giang in winter, from November to January. This time has the coldest weather in the year, sometimes the temperature falls to below zero. The cold in Dong Van is so harsh because of the frost.

However, Dong Van Ha Giang weather in winter will not have rain so a travel barrier is removed. Instead of that, there is thick fog in the early morning, which causes a lot of trouble when driving. Therefore, you should restrict your driving in the early morning.

In winter, you can experience cloud hunting in the peak of Dong Van mountain such as Dong Van karst plateau. When you climb to a certain high, all around you is cloud and cloud. You will feel like standing in the middle of heaven.

After the ripe rice season, Dong Van will welcome you with buckwheat flower. The buckwheat flower in Ha Giang is so famous to tourists. You can take beautiful photos with colorful tiny flowers in the buckwheat flower fields.

Dong Van Ha Giang Weather in winter
Winter and cloud hunting journey in Dong Van

3. Spring of colorful flower blooming

The third best time is spring from February to April. It is a little bit colder than autumn, from 20 degrees to 26 degrees. The night is always much colder than the daylight. The drizzling appears more, which makes the road slippery. Therefore, you need to be careful when moving in spring.

Compensating for that weather, all around Dong Van is covered with colorful flower blooming of pale pink peach blossom, pure white plum and hot red of rice flower.

Dong Van Ha Giang Weather in spring
The scenery of pure white plum flower in spring

4. Summer with the beauty of lush greenery

Summer starts from May to July. During this time, the temperature in Dong Van, Ha Giang weather reaches its peak, ranging from 30 to 37 degrees. This is also the rainy season in Dong Van, so heavy rainfalls often occur, causing inconvenience for travel in Dong Van.

You should check the weather forecast to know if it will rain or not, in order to plan a suitable itinerary. When it rains, you should be extremely cautious while driving. Sometimes during heavy rainfall, Dong Van experiences highly dangerous landslides.

However, the raindrops provide a refreshing bath for the plants in Dong Van, making it even greener. In contrast to the autumn season, when you visit Ha Giang in May or Dong Van, the entire landscape is covered in a vibrant, fresh green color and full of vitality.

Dong Van Ha Giang Weather in summer
The whole nature is covered with lush greenery

Where to go in the best Dong Van Ha Giang weather

These are the best tourist attractions in Dong Van Ha Giang. Let’s have a look:

Lung cu flagpole

Lung Cu flagpole is not just sightseeing, this place also has the historical meaning of asserting sovereignty for Vietnam. In the height of 1600m, you can witness the entire beauty of Dong Van Ha Giang.

Dong Van Ha Giang Weather in lung cu flagpole
Lung Cu flagpole

Sung La valley

Sung La valleyis where you can both admire nature and experience and explore the lifestyle of the local indigenous people.

The valley carries an incredibly pristine and simple beauty, yet remains so romantic. This is also an ideal location for you to admire the buckwheat flowers. The local people are very friendly and charming. You will undoubtedly create unforgettable memories here.

Dong Van Ha Giang Weather in Sung La valley
Sung La valley

Pao’s house

Pao’s house is the filming location of “Pao’s story”. When you come here, you can see the unique architecture with the luxury lifestyles of the previous generation. This must be an interesting destination for those who like to discover the historical story.

Dong Van Ha Giang Weather in Pao's house
Pao’s house

Tham Ma slope

Tham Ma Slope has a path resembling gentle silk as it winds its way through the lush mountains. The allure of Tham Ma Pass lies in its demanding route that appeals to adventurous riders. The serpentine curves follow the contours of the hills and mountains, creating a sensation akin to enjoying a roller coaster ride amidst the mountainous terrain.

Dong Van Ha Giang Weather in Tham Ma slope
Tham Ma slope

Here are the details about Dong Van Ha Giang weather. I hope that with this information, you can prepare well for your trip. If you have been to Dong Van before, you can leave a comment below to share the experience.

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