Top 5 Preferred Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental

To make the most out of your Ha Giang Loop trip, renting a motorbike is a must-do activity. But with so many rental stores available, it’s crucial to choose a trustworthy one. In this article, I will review top 5 preferred Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental and some useful tips.

Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental (7) Min
Renting a motorbike is a must-do activity to explore Ha Giang Loop

Top 5 preferred Ha Giang motorcycle rental!

“Ha Giang without a motorbike? Money down the drain!” Experience the breathtaking air and nature in full throttle. Skip the car as the winding roads make for a dull ride. Discover exclusive rental spots for top-notch motorbikes, in which only locals know below.

1. Ha Giang Amazing Tour

Experience the ultimate adventure with Ha Giang Amazing Tour, the premier motorbike rental service in Ha Giang. Their top-notch service and affordable rates have made them a favorite among tourists.

Their motorcycle rental price is only 180k per day ($7.66) for semi-automatic and 550k per day ($23.4) for manual ones. But what sets them apart is their exceptional service. They also offer Ha Giang motorbike tour with skillful easy riders for those who are new to the area or prefer a comfortable and secure ride.

Their vehicles are built to handle the bendy and steep terrain of Ha Giang, ensuring a smooth and safe journey. After four days of traveling with their vehicles, I had no problems, as the motorbike grip the road, the engine is still strong, and the brakes are still good.

Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental (5) Min
The quality of motorbike is excellent

Ha Giang Amazing Tour also provides complimentary belongings, including a good quality helmet for that perfect shot, a tourist map, a raincoat, a lanyard, and protection for your limbs, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or bruises. They even provide drinks and medical masks to ensure your comfort and safety.

Their excellent service extends beyond just the vehicles and equipment. Their staff members are friendly and helpful, going above and beyond to make sure customers have the best experience possible. They even help to tie luggage for customers, a small but thoughtful touch that sets them apart from the rest.

In case of any issues on the road, their staff is just a call away, ready to guide you through any problems you may encounter. With Ha Giang Amazing Tour, you can rest assured that you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental (8) Min
Ha Giang Amazing Tour impress customers with their supportive and friendly staff

2. Motogo Motorcycle Rental

  • Tel: 0338 023 344
  • Address: Cau Me, Ha Giang city
  • Rate: 4.0/5

At Motogo, professionalism is at the forefront of everything they do. Their unique management model ensures that every customer receives excellent service before and after rental.

Motogo offers 2 models of Yamaha Sirius 110cc for 200K ($9) per day and Honda XR 150cc for 550K ($24) per day.

The most interesting point is their flexibility. In other words, you can return your bike to any of their branches for an extra fee, not just the one in Ha Giang. They also offer a motorbike tour with Ha Giang easy rider.

Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental (2) Min
Motorgo is known for flexible rental policy

3. Ha Giang Cozy Hostel

  • Tel: 0813 639 936
  • Address: Lam Dong, Phuong Thien, Ha Giang City
  • Rate: 4.5/5

Ha Giang Cozy Hostel is another trustworthy motorbike rental store in Ha Giang that offers a variety of motorbikes to suit your preferences, including Honda, Yamaha, and Sym. The rental price is transparent, ranging from 150-500k ($7-$23) per day.

With their friendly and supportive staff, renting a bike has never been easier. The quality of their motorbikes is excellent, and they are regularly maintained. But what sets them apart is the owner’s silver tongue, as he is sure to regale you with fascinating insights about the famous loop.

Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental (12) Min
Ha Giang Cozy Hostel’s motorcycles are maintained well

4. Giang Son Hostel and Motorbike For Rent

  • Tel: 0941 719 955
  • Address: Km 3 Cau Me, Ha Giang city 
  • Rate: 4.7/5

For years, Giang Son has reigned supreme as Ha Giang’s ultimate rental shop. The price of car rental here is quite good, ranging from 150-200K ($6.4-9) per day for semi-automatic scooters.

Their fleet of bikes is nothing short of excellent, with every vital component meticulously checked and maintained to perfection. Whether it’s the mirrors, brakes, tires, or engines, you can rest assured that every inch of the bike has been scrutinized and perfected.

What’s more, Giang Son’s commitment to quality is unmatched. If any signs of wear and tear are detected, they are immediately repaired or replaced, ensuring that every bike is in top condition.

Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental (4) Min
Giang Son Motorcyle rental is famous for the friendly and supportive owner

5. Hong Hao Motorcycle Rental

  • Tel: 0353 982 928
  • Address: 10 Pham Hong Thai street, Minh Khai, Ha Giang city
  • Rate: 4.8/5

Looking for a reliable and affordable motorcycle rental in Ha Giang? Hong Hao’s got you covered with daily rental rates ranging from 150-200K ($6.4-9) per day. Their motorcycles are in excellent condition, boasting strong engines and reliable brakes that ensure a smooth ride through the rugged terrain of Ha Giang.

While some extras may require an additional fee, Hong Hao’s overall service quality is more than satisfactory. And if you arrive earlier than expected, the kind aunt and uncle who run the shop will even offer you a place to shower, rest, and enjoy a delicious breakfast in the morning.

Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental (11) Min
Hong Hao motorbike rental renew their bikes annually

Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental Requirements

Before exploring the Ha Giang Loop Map, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most motorcycle rental stores in Ha Giang require:

  • Valid passports
  • Hotel and contact details
  • International driving permit or converted Vietnamese license

If you’re not comfortable leaving your passport behind, some small Ha Giang motorcycle rental stores may accept a photocopy or cash deposit instead.

To rent a motorbike, you’ll need your passport and cash. If you’re renting from a hotel for a few days, you may not need to provide a deposit. However, if you’re renting from a standalone shop, you may need to leave your passport or provide a cash deposit until you return the bike.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a driver’s license – most rental shops won’t ask for proof because they assume you as an adult. When renting, you are mature and make your own judgement of risk versus adventure.

Just be sure to practice your skills before hitting the road. With the stunning landscapes of Ha Giang ahead of you, there’s no better way to explore than on two wheels.

Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental (6) Min
You should prepare cash to rent motorcyle in Ha Giang

Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental Safety Inspection Checklist

Before you embark on your two-wheeled adventure through Ha Giang, it’s important to give your rental motorbike a thorough inspection. The rental company will usually make note of any existing dents or scratches, and ask you to witness the damage. Be sure to pay attention, because the contract you’re about to sign will hold you responsible for any additional marks or damage.

To avoid extra charges and ensure a safe ride, here are a few things you should check before hitting the road:

  1. Take photos of any existing damage for your records.
  2. Test the suspension by sitting on the bike and bouncing up and down.
  3. Make sure the mirrors are adjustable and positioned correctly.
  4. Ride the bike to check for comfortable sizing.
  5. Test both the front and rear brakes to ensure proper functionality.
  6. Test the acceleration in case you need to make a quick escape.
  7. Opt for a bike with thicker tires to avoid accidents on gravel roads.
  8. Always wear a good quality helmet for your safety.
Ha Giang Motorcycle rental
Always wear helmet when driving motorcycle for your and others’ safety

Practical tips for renting motorcycle in Ha Giang

If you’re about to embark on a motorbike adventure in Vietnam, make sure to give your trusty steed a thorough check-up before and after your journey.

  • Check the brakes, tires, chainsaws, lights, horns, turn signals, and speedometer to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape.
  • Don’t forget to fill up the tank with petrol, the station staff will take care of the rest!
  • Make sure you’ve got all the essentials: sunglasses, sunscreen, a waterproof backpack, a coat, a raincoat, a lock, rubber bands, a fully charged phone with 3G connection, some tools for quick repairs, and of course, money.
  • It’s important to obey the traffic rules. Wear your helmet, drive on the right side of the road, and keep your speed under 60 km/h.
  • Don’t cross red lights, use your horn when necessary, and always keep both hands on the handlebars. And for safety’s sake, don’t take photos while riding.
  • If you’re driving through tunnels, make sure to turn on your lights. And whatever you do, don’t drink and ride!
  • If the police stop you, don’t panic. Just call for your motorcycle rental stores for help.
  • If your motorbike needs repairs, don’t go it alone. Contact your rental company first and follow their instructions to avoid making things worse.
Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental (9) Min
Contact your rental company first and follow their instructions if there is any problem with your motorcyle

That’s all I want to share about Ha Giang motorcycle rental. If you have an questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us. Thank you for reading!

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