Ha Giang Weather In September, 6 Most Suitable Places To Visit

Ha Giang weather in September is the most fascinated in a year. With this climate, Ha Giang becomes more vibrant than ever with the colorful patches of nature, from the golden rice fields to the fading pink hue of buckwheat flowers. You definitely shouldn’t miss it.

Sunny weather in Ha Giang
The scene of ripe rice terraced fields

The weather of Ha Giang in September

September is the peak tourist season in Ha Giang, not only because of the stunning scenery during this time but also because the weather in September is favorable for outdoor activities and sightseeing in Ha Giang.

September also marks the end of the rainy season and the transition into the autumn weather. Therefore, it is the month with the most pleasant and cool atmosphere of the year, with an average temperature ranging from 18 to 23 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, this is also the time when the pale purple buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang bloom vibrantly, along with the irresistible golden hue of the ripened rice fields. So let’s take a look at what interesting things Ha Giang has to offer in September.

Ha Giang buckwheat flowers
Buckwheat flowers field in September


When does the rice harvesting season in Ha Giang occurs?

The best time to admire the ripe rice fields in Ha Giang is during the months of September and October in the calendar, which occurs annually. This is the season when tourists can witness the endless stretches of interconnected terraced fields. When traveling to Ha Giang during this season, you can see the golden color of ripe rice at any location.

If you desire to experience the fragrance of ripe rice and capture beautiful photos amidst the shimmering golden fields, then come to Ha Giang during this season. You will surely not be disappointed by the enchanting and peaceful beauty it offers.

Ha Giang Weather September
Ripe rice season in Ha Giang

The rice harvesting season in Ha Giang lasts approximately 2 months, depending on each tourist destination. However, if you can arrange your visit to Ha Giang, I recommend going early because around mid-October, in some locations, the locals begin the autumn harvest season, and you might miss out on witnessing the shimmering golden fields there.

When visiting Ha Giang during this season, what appears before your eyes is not only the raw beauty of the terraced fields but also the pure fragrance of the young rice blossoms. This aroma can only be fully experienced by witnessing it firsthand, by touching it with your own hands.

If you encounter pressures in life, work, or fatigue, traveling to Ha Giang during the late year rice harvesting season can be an experience that helps you relieve all the pressures and tensions.

Ha Giang travel
Hiking in the ripe rice season

Top 6 Most Scenic Spots during the Rice Harvesting Season

Choosing the right destination to admire Ha Giang during the rice harvesting season will enhance your experience when visiting Ha Giang. This is the peak tourist season, so it tends to be crowded. I recommend doing thorough research on where to admire the ripe rice fields in order to book accommodations and dining options in a timely manner.

Follow my lead as I list the most beautiful spots to admire Ha Giang during the rice harvesting season.

Contemplate the rice harvesting season at Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi is a highly sought-after destination for many tourists during the rice harvesting season in Ha Giang. Located approximately 80km from the city center, this location is often referred to as the most beautiful spot to admire the ripe rice fields in Ha Giang, favored by many tourists.

The terraced fields, row after row, create a poetic scenery with a golden hue that paints the entire sky. In Hoang Su Phi, the locals cultivate rice across an entire village, with houses and rice fields seamlessly connected. These renowned terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi have their own distinctive charm, embodying the unique style of the region.

Hoang Su Phi on September
The beautiful scenery of terraced fields as seen from above.

Some of the most even and beautiful terraced field spots include Phung Village, Luoc Village, Ho Thau, Thong Nguyen, San Sa Ha, and Nam Ty. To travel to these village locations, you can choose to rent a motorbike in Ha Giang along with a driver service to avoid getting lost and save time.

Ha Giang tourism on rice harvesting season at Lung Cu Flagpole

Unlike the rice field viewing spots in Hoang Su Phi where there are village communities cultivating rice, when experiencing Ha Giang tourism during the rice harvest season at the Lung Cu Flagpole, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of the vast terraced fields from above. Lung Cu is always beautiful and attracts visitors in any season, not just during the rice harvest season.

Lung Cu Flagpole
Scenery view from Lung Cu Flagpole

Standing at the top of the flagpole and looking down, you will witness the shimmering golden terraced fields arranged in a beautiful mosaic, along with the panoramic view of Dong Van district with its scattered houses. The natural landscape in the Lung Cu area creates a sense of tranquility and extraordinary peace for visitors, making it a truly unique experience.

Enjoy rice harvesting season at the peak of Tay Con Linh

Few people know that Tay Con Linh is also a noteworthy destination for tourists visiting Ha Giang during the rice harvest season. This place is relatively new and not well-known among tourists, but if you choose this location to admire the ripe rice fields, you will undoubtedly experience a refreshing and tranquil feeling.

Tay Con Linh, Ha Giang
Sip some tea at the peak of Tay Con Linh

Standing at the peak of Tay Con Linh – the roof of the Northwest region, you will not only see the vast and expansive rice fields, but also the greenery of the Northwest mountains and forests. Located between the districts of Hoang Su Phi and Vi Xuyen, the summit of Tay Con Linh offers an ideal vantage point to admire the panoramic view of Ha Giang. The landscape depicting the natural beauty and daily life of Ha Giang is condensed into this observation spot.

If Hoang Su Phi and Lung Cu Flagpole are too crowded for your taste, then the peak of Tay Con Linh is the perfect destination for your Ha Giang rice harvest season travel experience

See rice harvesting season at Dong Van Plateau

The Dong Van Karst Plateau is also one of the locations where you can admire the most beautiful moments during the rice harvest season. Although rice cultivation is not as developed in this area compared to other regions, if you visit the Dong Van Karst Plateau, you can still experience the sight of ripe rice without having to travel too far to other destinations.

Dong Van Plateau view
Pleasant weather at Dong Van Plateau

Ma Pi Leng Pass

It is not difficult to come across the golden terraced rice fields on both sides of the road when passing through the Ma Pi Leng Pass. Standing at the peak of the pass and looking down, you will see the undulating and intertwined rice fields. On one side, there are lush green mountains, while on the other side, there are deep valleys with scattered golden rice fields. Truly, this is an experience that is not easily found elsewhere.

Sung La Valley

Compared to Hoang Su Phi, Sung La Valley is also a popular destination for many tourists when visiting Ha Giang during the rice harvest season. In the months of September and October, not only can you witness the ripening rice fields here, but the buckwheat flower valleys also bloom abundantly. The yellow and pink colors have made Sung La Valley incredibly beautiful and captivating in the eyes of visitors to Ha Giang.

Sung La Valley, Ha Giang travel
Terraced fields with misty fog at Sung La Valley

However, the road to the valley can be a bit challenging, so I recommend that you find a motorcycle rental service in Đong Van to ensure your safety.

Ha Giang travelling on rice harvesting season, interesting or not?

Ha Giang is beautiful in every season and each season has its own attractions, so it’s difficult to answer what is beautiful in Ha Giang throughout the year. However, if you visit Ha Giang during the ripe rice season, the experience will be much more interesting.

Ha Giang scene
Majestic mountains and terraced fields

The golden ripe rice fields, the majestic green mountains, and the breathtaking scenery create a truly captivating experience. It is definitely a memorable experience that you won’t forget once you have the opportunity to enjoy it.

When you visit Ha Giang during the ripe rice season, regardless of which district you go to, you will have the opportunity to admire the golden patches of rice fields. Although they are glistening golden rice stalks, when you take in the overall view, it is not dazzling or overwhelming. Instead, it exudes a remarkable sense of tranquility.

When you visit Ha Giang during the ripe rice season, you not only get to admire the vibrant golden rice fields but also witness the blossoming of buckwheat flowers. You can explore the flower valleys in various districts of Ha Giang.

Furthermore, Ha Giang is also home to famous landmarks that every visitor to Ha Giang should explore, such as Lung Cu Flagpole, Đong Van Karst Plateau, Tham Ma Pass, Vuong Family Palace, which are open year-round. This characteristic also earns Ha Giang the reputation of being a destination for tourism in all four seasons.

Ha Giang scene in September
Peaceful village is surrounded by ripe rice terraced fields.

Experience of traveling to Ha Giang in the ripe rice season

The ripe rice season is also the peak tourist season in Ha Giang. During this time, Ha Giang attracts a large number of visitors who come to explore and experience the beauty. Therefore, if you intend to visit Ha Giang during the ripe rice season, it is advisable to have some helpful tips in hand. Here are some recommendations that will surely be useful for your trip.

During this season, Ha Giang attracts a large number of tourists, so it is recommended to plan and schedule your trip as soon as you decide to visit Ha Giang. This will allow you to make timely arrangements for accommodation and dining, ensuring you have an affordable trip to Ha Giang.

Conduct research and explore some destinations to visit in Ha Giang in order to have a better understanding of the local culture and the people there.

Research about the ripe rice season in Ha Giang to choose appropriate clothing and capture impressive photos.

As it is a tourist season in Ha Giang, it tends to be crowded with tourists and vehicles. Therefore, you should pay attention to traffic safety. You can travel to Ha Giang by car and then find Ha Giang motorbike rental service to get a motorbike, which could preserve your trip.

Ha Giang people
A beautiful girl in rice harvesting field

Above are the experiences you should know when visiting Ha Giang during the ripe rice season. With these experiences in hand, you will undoubtedly have a more enjoyable experience in Ha Giang during the harvest season. I wish you a meaningful journey, and when you return, please share your experiences with me.

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