Hanoi To Dong Van: Travel Guide Every Tourist Must Know

Dong Van Ha Giang is one of the most attractive destinations that many tourists have been to in their Ha Giang loop. Information about routes from Hanoi to Dong Van is the concern that is searched a lot. This article will provide you with full information about the Hanoi to Dong Van travel route, transportation and helpful advice.

Hanoi To Dong Van travel guide
Dong Van attracts a large amount of tourists to Ha Giang every year

Travel route from Hanoi to Dong Van

The distance between Hanoi and Dong Van is so far, about 430 km. It would take you about 12 hours to start from the capital of Vietnam to this province. As usual, the travel route from Hanoi to Dong Van is split into 2 routes: Hanoi to Ha Giang city and Ha Giang to Dong Van.

Ha Noi to Ha Giang is about 300 km long, with nearly 6 hours of transportation. It is a long route so you should be prepared for this trip. When you get to Ha Giang town, you can take a quick tour around this wonderful city and enjoy Ha Giang food.

About the other route, Ha Giang – Dong Van, it takes you 130km of transporting.You will spend 3 and a half hours to get to Dong Van town. After arriving, you should take a rest and start your journey here.

how to go to dong van from hanoi
The travel route from Hanoi to Dong Van is splitted into 2 routes

How to get from Hanoi to Dong Van

There are 3 main options of means of transportation for you on the trip Hanoi – Dong Van. The below is the detailed information about each kind of transport.

Driving motorbike on the tour Hanoi to Dong Van

Taking the whole trip with a motorbike must be an incredible experience. This decision is suitable for those who have passion for going backpacking. The distance of 300 km is definitely a challenge.

This must be an interesting choice for the young tourists when you can directly feel the pleasant atmosphere and the wind creeping in your hair. Admiring the scenery in Ha Giang on a motorbike makes you feel more real than ever.

On the other hand, if you do not want to pick this option but want to experience to drive motorbike, you can choose motorbikes on the route Ha Giang to Dong Van.

After arriving in Ha Giang city, you can rent motorbikes from Ha Giang motorbike rental. This service will provide you with strong-engine motorbikes with good brakes, which is important to conquer the difficult slopes in Ha Giang.

With a semi-automatic, the price is about 180.000 VND per day ($7.66) and 550.000 VND per day ($23.4) for manual ones. Besides, good-quality helmets, tourist maps, raincoats, lanyards, limbs protection, and medical masks are also attached to the service.

drive motorbike to dong van
You can rent motorbike to travel to Dong Van

If you are not confident in your driving ability, it would be better for the Ha Giang motorbike tour. You will be driven by a local diver and have a prepared itinerary for your Ha Giang loop. The drivers are so skilled and know the way well so you will not get lost.

You can tell thedrivers the destination you want to go, they will take you there. They are local people so they can tell you what you should experience here and others. The price of this service is at the range of 1.7 million VND ($71,62) per person to 3.8 million VND ($160,08) per person depending on the days of the tour.

The benefits of traveling by motorcycles are being time-efficient, cost-effective, and allowing for spontaneous stops at any location. Depending on the size of your group, you can rent as many motorcycles as needed. As a result, a lot of individuals opt for motorcycle travel, with a particular inclination towards utilizing motorcycle rental services.

dong van motorbike tour
With Ha Giang motorbike tour, there are drivers to take you to Dong Van

Taking bus on the tour Ha Noi to Dong Van

Taking a bus to go from Hanoi to Dong Van is an appropriate option when you do not want to drive.

With the Hanoi – Ha Giang route, it will take you 6 hours on the bus so you should take the bus at night because you can sleep while the bus is moving. When you arrive at your destination, it’s also the moment when you’ve had enough sleep to prepare for your upcoming journey.

You can come to My Dinh bus station, Giap Bat bus station or Gia Lam bus station to catch the bus. The price of a ticket is around 250.000 VND ($10,53) for one person. To ensure you have a seat, you should book a ticket in advance through the bus service provider’s hotline.

ha giang by bus
Tourists usually go from Hanoi to Ha Giang by bus

Here are some suggested bus providers for the route Hanoi to Ha Giang.

Bus service provider Ticket price Hotline
Express Ha Giang 350.000 VND – 550.000 VND 0978 914 895
Quang Giang 250.000 VND 0988 693 622
Hai Van 300.000 VND 0985 605 656
Cau Me 250.000 VND 0978 914 895
Hung Thinh 250.000 VND 0898 823 823
Dang Quang 250.000 VND 0969 626 270

About taking bus Ha Giang to Dong Van, you go to Ha Giang bus station to take the bus. The frequency of Ha Giang travel bus will usually be less than that of Hanoi – Ha Giang bus, about 2 to 3 turns a day.

Dong Van bus
The frequency of Ha Giang travel bus will usually be less than that of Hanoi – Ha Giang bus

The road of this route is more rugged than Hanoi – Ha Giang. So you are more likely to be carsick, so you can prepare motion sickness medicine. The below table gives you the information about several bus service providers.

Bus service provider Departure time Hotline
Manh Quan Ha Giang city to Dong Van: 7am – 3pm
Dong Van to Ha Giang: 1pm – 3pm
097 8914 895
Cuong Thuy Ha Giang city to Dong Van: 7am – 3pm
Dong Van to Ha Giang: 1pm – 3pm
0964 202 094
Trung Yen Ha Giang city to Dong Van: 12h30pm
Dong Van to Ha Giang: 5pm
0979 682 261

Drive your personal car on the tour Hanoi to Dong Van

Personal car can be a good choice for the tourists who do not want to use public transportation. Driving a car on the whole trip is much more comfortable and convenient but the cost is much higher.

Driving on the road from Dong Van to Ha Giang is not easy due to the challenging terrain. Therefore, it’s important to pay caution while driving and ensure you have all the required documents like your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

In general, you can choose the means of transportation flexibly for 2 routes that are appropriate for your team and itinerary.

Ha Noi To Dong Van by personal car
Personal car is the option for who do not want to use public vehicles

Notes when going from Hanoi to Dong Van

The way from Hanoi to Dong Van is a long road. Therefore you should pay attention to these notes to have a safe trip.

Come to the bus station early: You should come to the bus station 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier than departure time to have extra time for emergencies.

Choose a reputable transport service provider: You have the option to seek recommendations from your friends or conduct thorough research on the transport service provider. A reputable company will offer reliable service and adhere to punctual departure schedules.

Be careful when driving: The roads in Ha Giang are very winding with numerous sharp bends and steep slopes. Therefore, you need to stay focused while driving to ensure a safe journey.

Check the operating status of your vehicle: Hanoi to Dong Van takes such a long way so it is really important to check your vehicle. This helps you make sure your vehicle is safe and qualified for the trip.

Bring the important documents: To travelers who drive a car or motorbike, remember to bring a driver license or car/ motorbike registration.

Read weather forecast:You should check the weather forecast before your trip so that you can prepare appropriate belongings such as raincoats or sun hats. If it’s raining, you should avoid high speeds to prevent slippery.

Hanoi To Dong Van travel notes
Remember the helpful notes when going from Hanoi to Dong Van

With the reputation of Dong Van traveling, many people take the Ha Giang loop to this destination. Therefore, this article provides you with information about how to go from Ha Giang to Dong Van. Hope that these details will be useful for your upcoming trip!

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