Travel to beautiful Ha Giang in July: weather, 5 accommodations

Traveling to Ha Giang Loop in July has always been a hot topic for anyone who wants to go to Ha Giang. Mainly because July is the high time for tourism in Ha Giang. So to understand more about Ha Giang in July, I will suggest some interesting activities and sceneries during this time of the year.

Ha Giang Loop In July (7)
Ha Giang loop in July has always been a hot topic

Where should you visit when coming to Ha Giang Loop in July?

Ha Giang loop in July can also be called the rainy season of Ha Giang. During this time, Ha Giang is full of vitality after every single rain, which makes visitors love the beauty of this place even more. Let’s check out some of the famous destinations when coming to Ha Giang Loop in July.

Lung Cu Flagpole

If you come to Ha Giang in July and are not going to visit Lung Cu Flagpole then you will miss out a lot. This spot is considered to be one of the symbols of Ha Giang and carries both historical and spiritual value.

With the impressive altitude of about 1,470 m above sea level, tourists can have a full view of Ha Giang’s scenery in July. Therefore, this place also becomes a must-go check-in destination for Ha Giang’s travelers.

Lung Cu Flag Tower
This spot is considered to be one of the symbols of Ha Giang

Dong Van Old Quarter

When you are done visiting Lung Cu Flagpole, you can carry on your Ha Giang Loop in July by simply going back and stopping by Dong Van Old Quarter.

Dong Van Old Quarter has the ancient beauty that went through years of development, yet still maintains its traditional value.

Because it is a tourist attraction, coffee shops, hotels, and homestays are very developed and present almost everywhere to satisfy the customers.

Dong Van Old Quarter

Ma Pi Leng pass

Say goodbye to Dong Van Old Quarter, we will move to the next promising place of Ha Giang – Ma Pi Leng pass.

Belongs to the Four Great Passes of Vietnam, this place attracts and challenges many backpackers each year. The route is also quite hard to handle for anyone who is newbie so make sure you are ready for it.

Ma Pi Leng Pass
Ma Pi Leng Pass

Nho Que River

While you are going through Ma Pi Leng Pass, you can witness a beautiful river flowing down below, it is called Nho Que river. Located in Tu San Gorge, Nho Que River possesses a unique beauty that can charm any travelers who come across this place

During July, the water level of the Nho Que River rises significantly, but the water remains clear and blue. The river’s flow is still calm and peaceful so you can experience kayaking or cruising without any obstacles. The prices for kayaking and cruising also are very affordable so you don’t have to worry too much about the extra expenses.

The Nho Que River
Checking in Nho Que River

Du Gia Waterfall

Coming to Ha Giang Loop in July, you should also visit Du Gia waterfall, which belongs to Du Gia, Yen Minh. Why? With the peaceful feeling that it brings, Du Gia waterfall is the perfect place for you to relax and chill after a long journey.

You can also organize a small camping trip along the river below the waterfall with your friends and family to create unforgettable memories and strengthen relationships.

Du Gia waterfall

Besides these 5 destinations that you should go to when coming to Ha Giang Loop in July, you can refer to other famous tourist attractions in Ha Giang to enrich your upcoming journey.

Ha Giang weather in July

Ha Giang weather in July is when it switches from summer to autumn, so its temperature also changes according to the weather. During this time of the year, the temperature is generally quite cool and airy so it is the perfect time for tourists to visit Ha Giang.

You should note that Ha Giang Loop in July is also very rainy. This might be the biggest obstacle because rain can cause unsafety along the road for travelers who come here. That is the reason why you should book Ha Giang motorbike tour, having a tour guide who knows Ha Giang’s topography will be much safer.

After the rains, Ha Giang’s temperature also drops, creating the most beautiful mountainous scene. Because of the rains, it seems like the vegetation here has become much more lush and lively.

In July, Ha Giang experiences quite a lot of rain so pay attention to safety

Must try dishes when coming to Ha Giang in July

Talking about Ha Giang Loop in July, it is impossible to talk about the cuisine and all the traditional dishes that you must try.

Ha Giang has one of the most diverse culinary backgrounds in Vietnam. The locals here can transform raw, unusual ingredients into their everyday dishes and become indispensable traditional features in mountainous folklore.

Here are some dishes that are recommended to visitors

  • Five-color sticky rice
  • Thang Co
  • Thang Den
  • Au Tau porridge
  • Bac Me bamboo rice
  • Dong Van steamed roll rice

I highly recommend the Dong Van steamed roll rice. It is pretty similar to steamed roll rice in the lowlands but with a little twist, making it easier for tourists to try this dish.

However, all the other dishes are quite easy to try so you don’t have to worry too much.

Ha Giang has one of the most diverse culinary backgrounds in Vietnam

Suggested Ha Giang’s accommodations in July

Tourism in Ha Giang is very developed, followed by many homestays and hotels. Because of that, traveling to Ha Giang in July, you will have a wide range of accommodation options with uniquely designed styles.

My best advice for you is to refer to Ha Giang’s homestays for the best experience. These are a few high-ranked homestays in Ha Giang that you should refer to.

  • Plum Homestay
  • Panhou Retreat
  • Pao’s Leisure Homestay
  • Du Gia Panorama
  • Nha Co Homestay

When you have decided to choose a homestay in Ha Giang, especially in July, make sure to book at least 1 week in advance to keep the room that you want. Also, ask the manager about the services of the room and the homestay to know your rights.

Tourism in Ha Giang is very developed, followed by many homestays and hotels

Above is the detailed information about Ha Giang in July that I want to provide to you. I hope that the useful information you get will be applied in your upcoming journey. I hope you will have an interesting and meaningful trip to Ha Giang in July.

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