Guide To Exploring The Dong Van Old Quarter You Must Know

Dong Van Old Quarter is one of the liveliest destinations in Ha Giang that many tourists prefer when visiting Dong Van. Located on the famous and rustic land, the Dong Van Old Quarter is one of the highlights that piques the curiosity of everyone. Let’s explore what makes the Dong Van Old Quarter so attractive.

Dong Van Old Quarter (1)
Dong Van Old Quarter is one of the liveliest destinations in Ha Giang

What to do in Dong Van Old Quarter?

Dong Van Ancient Street located about 150km from Ha Giang city and might take you 4h30 to travel. This place holds a mysterious and unspoiled beauty that no where has. Let’s find out what can you do in this majestic travel destination.

Admiring the ancient beauty of Dong Van Old Quarter

Eventhough tourism is very developed, Dong Van can still remain its ancient beauty that charm anyone who comes to this destination.

The first thing that you might notice about this place is houses with unique architecture designed which is heavily influenced by Chinese style of design. The charm of Dong Van Old Quarter can be recognized through the materials and the colors chosen for the house.

It is spot on that the locals usually choose natural materials that associated with the ethnic people throughout centuries, bringing the signature look for Dong Van Ancient Street. Tourists coming here are also amazed by the vibrant red, gold, and orange lanterns, which creates a warm feeling compares to the low temperature of moutainous area of Vietnam.

The ancient beauty of Dong Van Ancient Street can also be expressesed through the image of people living here. Indigenous people with rustic and idyllic beauty actually breathe life into the nature picture of Dong Van. The locals here are very friendly and hospitable so feel free to have a small talk with them.

Dong Van ancient street
The ancient beauty of Dong Van Old Quarter

Visiting Dong Van Old Quarter’s coffee shops

Famous for its “one of a kind” way of design and drinks recipe, Dong Van Ancient Street has attracted people who are looking for peaceful moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A recommended place that tourists usually stop by is “Pho Co Cafe”.

During the day, this place stands out with the beauty of vibrant daily life in the highland of Dong Van. Here, in addition to drinks, they also serve breakfast with some of the popular traditional dishes for visitors can come and try. When the night comes, Pho Co Cafe becomes mysterious with all the dim light of red latterns, just like in another dimension. This is a wonderful place for you to sit and relax with your drinks while observing the life of Dong Van Ancient Street.

Besides, there are still a lot of unique coffee shops that you can try when coming to Dong Van Old Quarter.

The Cafe in Dong Van Old Quarter
Pho Co Cafe

Participating in Dong Van Old Quarter’s markets

Another interesting feature of Dong Van Old Quarter is its markets. With different kinds of goods such as vegetables, souvenirs, handicraft items and so much more, tourists can bring home gifts that can only find in Dong Van Ha Giang.

Night markets in Dong Van Ancient Street also attract many customers. Different from day markets, Dong Van Old Quarter are now filled with colorful lights of the lanterns together with the traditional looks of Dong Van’s people. This special feature is a highlight of Dong Van Ancient Street.

The night market in the Old Quarter
Dong Van Old Quarter’s night markets

Taking photos of Dong Van Ancient Street

With all the lovely sceneries and people, I am guarenteed that you can bring home lots of stunning photos. It seems like beauty is hidden in every single little, daily things right here in Dong Van Old Quarter. Many people will probably miss it, but if you pay close attention, you can recognize the miracle of this land. So just taking as much photos as you want because this will be extraordinary adventure.

Besides, to suit the moutainous scenery, you can try on some traditional clothes of the locals here before taking your photos.

Coming to Dong Van Ancient Street, you can bring home stunning photos

Must-try dishes when visiting Dong Van Ancient Street

Not only the people and culture of Dong Van Old Quarter can attract tourists but also all the well-known dishes in the area. Take a look at these must-try dishes when coming to Dong Van Ancient Street.

  • Steamed rice roll
  • Thang Co
  • 5-color sticky rice
  • Thang Den
  • Ruou Ngo
  • Au Tau porridge
  • Men Men
  • Dried buffalo meat

If you have other food suggestions, feel free to comment down below your personal experience about the dishes.

Banh cuon trung in Dong Van's ancient town
Steamed rice roll with egg- a signature dish of Dong Van Ancient Street

Dong Van Old Quarter’s accomodations

Coming to Dong Van Old Quarter, you won’t need to worry about accomodations because there are plenty of homstay, hotels for you to choose depends on your preference. These are 3 homestay recommendations in case you need some suggestions.

Nha Co Homestay

  • Address: 10 Dong Van Old Quarter, Dong Van, Ha Giang
  • Price: 200.000 – 700.000 VND

Plum Homestay

  • Address: Hanh Phuc street, Dong Van town, Ha Giang
  • Price: 350.000 – 2.500.000 VND

Hagiang Holic

  • Address: 195 Tran Phu Street, Dong Van, Ha Giang
  • Price: 150.000 – 950.000 VND

Bui Homestay

  • Address: Dong Van town, Ha Giang
  • Price: 350.000  900.000 VND
Dong Van Old Quarter (7)
There are plenty of homestays, hotels for you to choose

How to reach Dong Van Old Ancient Town?

To reach Dong Van Ancient Street, you will have to start from Ha Giang city, then move to the North for about 150km. On the way, you will come across other famous destinations of Ha Giang.

According to somes experienced backpackers, you should try Ha Giang motorbike rental or Ha Giang motorbike tour services to get to Dong Van Old Quarter. These options can not only assured the amazing experience of witness some of the breathtaking view along the way but also flexible and suits the moutainous terrain.

However, depends on your preference other options like personal car or tourist car are fine as well.

The road to Dong Van
You should travel by motorbike

This article provides you information about what you need to know when travelling to Dong Van Old Quarter of Ha Giang. Comment down below if you have any other thoughts or suggestions for the trip.

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