Dong Van Ha Giang: Discover The Majestic Rocky Plateau

Being one of the famous to-go destinations, Dong Van Ha Giang hides a lot of interesting things waiting for you to come and find out, especially for those who love to explore new and unspoiled land. Let’s learn more about this region in the article below.

Mountains Dong Van Ha Giang
Dong Van, Ha Giang – a new and unspoiled land

What can you do in Dong Van, Ha Giang

There are a lot of things you can do in Dong Van, Ha Giang to spend your holiday meaningfully. Let’s find out some of the most chosen activities by tourists when coming to Dong Van, shall we?

Chilling with friends and family at Dong Van’s coffee shops

Recognizing customers’ need for place to relax and enjoy delicious drinks, Dong Van’s locals also pay attention to developing coffee shop services model. To attract customers, they spent no effort into decorations, drinks recipe and designs as much as possible to make sure customers have their best time with friends and family.

Enjoying a hot drink in the chilly weather while looking at Dong Van’s mountainous scenery of Vietnam will be an experience you will never forget.

Dong Van’s locals also pay attention to developing coffee shop services model

Enjoying the local cuisine of Dong Van, Ha Giang

In case you haven’t known, Dong Van owns a variety of delicious food that you can try. The cuisine here includes not only familiar dishes but also dishes that you may have never heard of such as Thang Co, Thang Dan, or Men Men. You don’t need to worry if you are a picky eater also because you can try the famous Dong Van’s steamed rice roll or 5-color sticky rice, which can easily satisfy your appetite.

The famous Dong Van’s steamed rice roll

Participating in local’s fair

Dong Van Ha Giang is famous for its local’s fairs and market. Participating in Dong Van market will help you have a better understanding of the culture as well as the people here. During the fair, there will be lots of trading activities and cultural activities so you won’t get bored. Vietnamese also known for their hospitality so don’t be shy to go and have a little chat with them.

Dong Van’s market fair

Famous places of Dong Van, Ha Giang

Currently, Dong Van is one of the districts that actively promotes tourism development in Ha Giang province. Blessed with favorable natural conditions and a cool, fresh climate, Dong Van attracts thousands of visitors to Ha Giang every year. Take a look at these 6 travel spots to know more about Dong Van in general.

Lung Cu Flagpole

Coming to Dong Van, you have to visit and check in the northernmost point of Vietnam – Lung Cu Flagpole. This is considered a typical destination when arriving at Dong Van in particular and Ha Giang in general because it has not only economic value but also spiritual value towards the locals. The famous thing of Lung Cu Flagpole is the great height of the flagpole (30 meters) and the width of the Vietnamese flag (54 square meters), creating a massive scene with traces of Vietnamese people among the mountains and forests of the Northeast.

Remember to check this place out when traveling to Dong Van, Ha Giang.

Lung Cu flagpole – the northernmost point of the country

Dong Van Old Quarter

Another tourist attraction is Dong Van Old Quarter, every year this place welcomes millions of tourists to visit and experience. Mainly because of the cultural interference between the ethnic minorities and the uniqueness in the traditional architectural design that existed for many years. Although this spot is just a small street, you can still have a great time by enjoying the services here such as coffee shops, restaurants, and homestays. Besides, Dong Van Old Quarter also has a special culinary background that can draw any customer’s attention.

Anyways, it is best that you come to Dong Van Old Quarter and experience all the fun things yourself.

Dong Van Old Quarter

Pao’s House

You might be wondering why should you visit a house when you can go somewhere else. Well, this isn’t just an ordinary house, Pao’s House used to be a film studio for a movie with the same name. Therefore, this place was designed in the traditional way of ethnic people. To take stunning photos when visiting this place, you should also wear traditional clothes to highlight the beauty of this place and understand more about the local culture. You can say that this place partly built Dong Van Ha Giang’s reputation.

Pao’s House used to be a film studio for a movie

Pho Cao Green Valley

Famous for its peaceful, unspoiled beauty of a small valley, Pho Cao Green is a must-see for those who are looking for spiritual healing. Especially in the blooming season, this spot will be filled with beautiful colors of crops and flowers, creating a poetic scenery that attracts tourists when coming to Dong Van, Ha Giang.

Pho Cao Green Valley attracts thousands of visitors.

Tu San Alley

Visitors coming to Dong Van, Ha Giang are now quite familiar with the name Tu San Alley. This place stands out with its mysterious and unique beauty as if there has never been any human impact. You will witness the beauty of the mountainous area of Ha Giang loop through the charming nature picture of Tu San Alley.

You can also experience other activities such as camping or kayaking for those who are interested.

Tu San Valley, Ha Giang

Tham Ma slope

On your way from Ha Giang to Dong Van, you will have to go through Tham Ma slope. With its 9 tight curves, Tham Ma slope will certainly be a difficult challenge for those who want to conquer it. However, that is the factor that makes this place so appealing to backpackers in particular and tourists in general. Overall, I am certain that this place won’t make you disappointed, especially if you are a speed lover.

These are just 6 recommendations for your Dong Van town trip, you can refer to other destinations in the same area depending on your itinerary.

Tham Ma slope – a challenge for those who want to conquer it

Dong Van’s cuisine

Dong Van’s culinary background is heavily influenced by Northeast’s traditional cuisine. It is quite understandable since Dong Van belongs to Ha Giang. Check out these suggested signature dishes of Dong Van for your future trip.

  • Thang Co
  • Buffalo Meat by the Hearth
  • Dong Van Rice Rolls
  • Au Tau Porridge
  • Bac Me Bamboo Rice
  • Moss Stone
  • Thang Den
  • Lap Xuong
  • Five-color Sticky Rice
Dong Van Ha Giang (3)
Dong Van Ha Giang’s cuisine

When is the ideal time to visit Dong Van, Ha Giang

It’s fine to visit Dong Van Ha Giang at any time of the year. Let’s take a look at the beauty of Dong Van loop throughout the year.

  • January – February: Poetic beauty of Dong Van with peach blossoms, plum blossoms in full bloom
  • March – April: Dong Van filled with the red color of red silk cotton tree
  • April – May: This is the beginning of a new season. This is also called “mùa nước đổ”
  • September – October: This is when the harvest season arrives after a long time of waiting
  • October – December: the romantic side of Dong Van when buckwheat flower blooms

So it doesn’t matter when you visit Dong Van, Ha Giang because it is beautiful throughout the whole year.

For more details about weather in Dong Van: Dong Van Ha Giang Weather: When Is Ideal For Travel?

Nho Que River
Dong Van’s beauty throughout the year

How to travel to Dong Van, Ha Giang

Even though Dong Van is not a city but its territory is quite large, so what form of transportation is the most effective? Normally, people tend to use tourist cars to go to Ha Giang from Hanoi, then contact a local travel agency to use Ha Giang motorbike rental service to go to Dong Van and visit the area. This form of transportation is known for its flexibility when traveling and bringing the feeling of freedom to those who dare to experience it.

Or if you want to rent a motorbike in Dong Van, you can take some famous agencies into consideration.

However, if you are not familiar with controlling a motorbike, you can always refer to Ha Giang motorbike tour. This way, you will have a personal guide tour, a.k.a your driver to help you with the driving so that you won’t have to worry anymore. Having a local guide tour can not only help you understand more about Dong Van Ha Giang but also keep you safe from all the difficulty when riding a motorbike on mountainous terrain.

Traveling by motorbike is a common way of transportation

I hope that all the information mentioned above will help to repair for own journey to Dong Van Ha Giang. If you have any questions about our service or the tour, please contact us or leave a comment down below and we will try our best to answer them.

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