How’s The Weather In Ha Giang In August? 5 Most Exciting Places

Ha Giang tourism in August draws tourists with a plethora of fresh and intriguing offerings. Especially relishing the days when the seasons change and the weather transforms to fall. To find out more helpful information on visiting Ha Giang in August, read the article below!

The season of golden rice is upon the terraced fields

Ha Giang weather August

Due to its tropical monsoon climate, Ha Giang has a lot of rain and cold in August. However, because the province is located in the northern highland region, it frequently experiences cooler temperatures than the provinces in the delta.

The usual temperature at this time of year is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, making for quite nice weather. On the other hand, there is a lot of rain and waves, and the humidity is rather high at 85%.

The chilly August weather in Ha Giang

August’s breathtakingly beautiful scenery in Ha Giang is mostly due to the rainy and muggy weather. Visitors to Ha Giang during this time of year will relish the mild autumnal weather and be enthralled with the scenery’s golden hue. You should get “value for money” when you eat ripe rice.

Top 5 Places Travelers Shouldn’t Miss in August

While exploring the region of Ha Giang, tourists should make sure to see the well-known and characteristic locations.

1. The Ma Pi Leng Pass

As one of the pass’s four major peaks, Ma Pi Leng Pass is a well-known pass in Vietnam. Maybe travelers from abroad and domestically should make time to visit this place. Hence, guests visiting Ha Giang in August are required to use this permit in order to check in. The nicest pictures for visitors to cherish can be found here.

Among the four major peaks of Vietnam’s pass, the abrupt twists are not green

2. Lung Cu flagpole

Vietnam’s northernmost point is marked with the Lung Cu flagpole. Guests must ascend a steep flight of stairs in order to check in here. Upon arrival, tourists will find the scenery below is well worth the trip when they zoom in to see it. It is impossible to overlook the ancient site with its breathtaking scenery if travelers have the chance to visit Ha Giang in August.

Among the locations tourists ought to overlook when in Ha Giang

3. Heaven Gate of Quan Ba

The best time to visit Quan Ba Heaven Gate in Ha Giang to check in and take in the breathtaking scenery is in August. Views of the stunning Doi Co Tien mountain, a well-known location in Ha Giang, are also available to those who stand at Quan Ba Heaven Gate. What are you waiting for if you haven’t added this location to your list of must-see locations for August?

Quan Ba Heaven Gate – a famous tourist destination of Ha Giang

4. Quarter of Dong Van

Just forty families makeup Dong Van Old Quarter. A lot of the traditional cultural traits of the Ha Giang people of the past are still present in this location. Hiding beneath the cliffs lies an ancient settlement. It draws tourists since it makes for a very lovely scene.

Dong Van Old Quarter still has a lot of historic elements

5. Pine forest in Yen Minh

Due to its location among verdant trees in a shadow of the Ha Giang sky, the Yen Minh pine forest is a popular tourist destination. This area is referred to as Vietnam’s “second Da Lat.” This is the location to check in if you enjoy the outdoors and shouldn’t be missed.

Vietnam’s second Dalat

Means of transportation to Ha Giang

About 300 kilometers separate Hanoi and Ha Giang. One of the following options is available for visitors to choose from:

  • Motorcycle: Riding a motorcycle is a terrific option if you love to ride on roads and have a hard handlebar. You can get to Ha Giang on a motorcycle in around 8 to 10 hours, including rest periods. Don’t forget to pack extra gas and basic auto repair equipment.
  • Car: Having a car makes it easier to avoid extreme weather conditions like storms, cold air, etc. Cars, however, will find it challenging to go through the passes. Visitors should also bring extra fuel, tires, etc. because it is difficult to get assistance when there is a problem due to the relatively empty passes.
  • Coach: When visiting Ha Giang in April, travelers often choose to go by coach because it is a secure mode of transportation. In order to get to Ha in the morning, coaches traveling the Hanoi to Ha Giang route often run between 19:00 and 22:00.
In Ha Giang, motorcycles are the preferred mode of transportation for many visitors

August food in Ha Giang: what’s in it?

August offers visitors more than just the chance to take in Ha Giang’s surreal beauty when they visit in the early fall. However, do not overlook the delectable delicacies of the northern highlands.

5 different colored sticky rice

A common Tay meal given during traditional festivities is five-color sticky rice. The colors red, blue, white, purple, and yellow in this sticky rice dish stand for the five elements. The color sticky rice represents prosperity, both individually and among the family, according to Tay culture.

Visitors should sample the local sticky rice dish in Ha Giang

Thang Co

Traditionally, the H’Mong people have enjoyed a cuisine known as “late Dong Van Thang co,” which is highly sought-after by tourists. Meat, offal, horse head and legs, and more cardamom are the ingredients of Thang Co.

When it rains, you can visit Ha Giang and squat down to enjoy a steaming bowl of Thang Co. It tastes really exquisite, with a hint of cardamom, lemongrass, and doi seeds mingled with the richness of horse flesh.

Among the foods guests ought to sample

Au Tau Porridge

The ethnic people residing in Ha Giang’s high mountains have long enjoyed the taste of au tau porridge. Au tau tuber, a common tuber in the Northeastern Himalayas, is the key component that sets this delectable dish apart. Having a bowl of hot, rich porridge in the cool weather is a wonderful treat.

Porridge is both attractive and healthy

Egg rolls from Dong Van

The famed egg roll cake in Dong Van is made to order, so you have to wait a little while to experience its flavor and heat. This is in contrast to other dishes that are created in advance and made accessible to customers right away. The cake’s goodness. The cook will place the cake on a tarpaulin, steam it, crack an egg on top, then swiftly roll it up when a guest places an order.

Delectable egg rolls that satisfy diners

Even more unique than the typical egg rolls you eat is the dipping sauce for egg rolls. When eating, you can dip the rolls in the broth to experience the distinct flavor of the cake. Instead of using fish sauce mixed with drops, this dish will have a light bone broth with green onions and spring rolls. Vietnamese egg rolls in Ha Giang.

Vietnamese men’s noodles

In the mountains of the Northwest, recognized as a customary dish of the H’Mong ethnic community. In order to create a delectable final product, maize kernels are ground on a stone mill using a number of complex stages.

With their meaty, sweet, and aromatic flavor, men are frequently mixed with rice to make a particularly alluring combination with the sticky texture of hot rice. A must-try dish if you’re visiting Ha Giang in August.

Typical dishes of Ha Giang

What is a good August gift to buy in Ha Giang?

For additional options on special things to offer as gifts, see the information below. Among Ha Giang’s well-known delicacies are the following:

Caramel plum

A popular and much hunted fruit in Ha Giang is the red plum. Travelers purchase a great deal of red plums as gifts when the season arrives. People in the highlands benefit financially from that.

The luscious red plums make excellent presents

Buckwheat cake

Everyone is familiar with this particular kind of cake, not just because of its mouthwatering flavor but also because of how labor-intensive and through the process of creating it is. Guests can enjoy this cake baked or steam-cooked, offering a wide variety of ways to consume it. Buckwheat cakes are quite appropriate as gifts as a result.

Baked buckwheat cake tastes great

Tao Meo

For a long time, Apple Cat was no longer an odd name. since it serves as the primary ingredient in cat cider. A lot of travelers choose to give the cat apple as a gift because of its excellent therapeutic qualities.

Fruit abounds in Ha Giang’s tao meo

Notes when traveling in Ha Giang in August

To facilitate your travel and provide you with engaging experiences. When visiting Ha Giang in August, visitors should be aware of the following:

  • August weather and the destination should be taken into consideration when dressing visitors. Ha Giang has a very chilly climate. Therefore, you should pack appropriately for the weather when visiting Ha Giang on your own.
  • To ensure that your tour travels smoothly, create a precise schedule that will allow you to experience and explore Ha Giang.
  • To prevent theft or loss, bring enough cash.
  • When visiting Ha Giang’s holy sites, visitors should maintain decorum and order.
  • It’s a good idea to have an extra charger in case your phone runs out of juice.
  • For those who take a group flight to Ha Giang. For maximum savings and maximum mobility when visiting and having fun, it is recommended that you rent a car with a driver.
  • When you travel through these regions, kindly maintain the original circumstance. Plowing down trees, discarding trash carelessly, and so on are absolutely prohibited.
  • In the event that you decide to purchase delicacies as gifts, please select accredited sales sites. Furthermore, before making a purchase, remember to look up the quotation!
Notes tourists should pocket when traveling to Ha Giang in August

This article describes a trip to Ha Giang in August. With our recommendations, perhaps guests will have engaging and memorable visits. I hope your journey is rewarding and safe.

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