Tips To Travel From Ha Giang To Cao Bang By Motorbike In 2024

Ha Giang and Cao Bang are famous mountainous provinces in the northeast of Vietnam. That’s why many tourists choose to travel from Ha Giang to Cao Bang by motorbike to see the beautiful scenery of both provinces with the most interesting experiences.

drive motorbike from ha giang to cao bang
You should try to drive motorbike from Ha Giang to Cao Bang for once

Route maps to drive motorbike from Ha Giang to Cao Bang

There are many different routes to start a trip from Ha Giang to Cao Bang by motorbike. Each route has its own interesting points. Let’s learn about the three routes from Ha Giang to Cao Bang.

Route 1: Ha Giang – Meo Vac – Bao Lac – Cao Bang

This road has a total length of about 360 km and goes through many famous tourist destinations in both Ha Giang and Cao Bang.

The starting point of the trip is from Ha Giang city. Then you drive to Dong Van karst plateau along Highway 4C to Meo Vac. Highway 4C also has many steep passes that make many drivers cautious. At Meo Vac, you will visit Pao’s house, the filming location of the famous movie Pao’s story or visit Sung La Valley.

Continuing your journey, you pass Ly Bon bridge, then turn onto Highway 34 going to the east to reach Bao Lac. Ly Bon is the confluence of two beautiful rivers, Nho Que and Gam River, so you will see picturesque views of riverine scenes on the way to Bao Lac.

From Bao Lac, you go southeast to reach Cao Bang city. On the way, you will pass Tinh Tuc and Nguyen Binh, two wonderful towns in Bao Lac. On the way there are many obstacles such as potholes, or muddy sections, so you need to be careful when driving.

pao's house in the ha giang cao bang trip
Pao’s house is a filming location imbued with the culture of the H’Mong people

Route 2: Ha Giang – Meo Vac – Bao Lac – Pac Po – Cao Bang

With the second route, you will have to travel a distance of about 370 km and pass through famous tourist destinations.

After moving from Ha Giang city to Meo Vac, you go southeast along DT127 road to experience Khau Vai love market. After that, don’t forget to take a boat trip on Nho Que River, an experience you cannot miss when coming to Ha Giang.

Then you go to Highway 37 to get to Bao Lac. On the road in Bao Lac, you will see extremely poetic and lyrical landscapes with gentle flowing Gam river. However, the difficulty of the roads also surprises many skilled drivers. The road is winding, rough, and sometimes very narrow, causing difficulty while traveling, especially Me Pia pass.

This route is along the Chinese border so this route is called the “Chinese border”. You continue on this road until you enter Ho Chi Minh Road (DT208). If you turn north, you will reach Pac Bo cave, one of Vietnam’s famous historical sites. If you go straight south about 40 km, you will reach Cao Bang city.

pac bo cave in cao bang
Pac Bo cave is the living place of President Ho Chi Minh after 30 years of traveling abroad to find a way to rescue the country

Route 3: Ha Giang – Da Vi – Ba Be Lake – Cao Bang

Like the previous routes, from Ha Giang you go along Highway 34 to reach Bao Lac. Then you go to the intersection and turn onto DT176 and go south to Pa Vi. Although the surrounding landscape is very beautiful, you will have to face unfavorable road conditions, especially when it rains, there will be a lot of mud.

Going to the end of DT176, you will reach the small village of Da Vi. When you come here, you will feel the fresh, peaceful atmosphere that you can hardly find anywhere else. You feel like you are immersed with nature with rows of lush trees and chirping birds. From here, you drive east through a mountain and dense forest to reach Ba Be Lake. When you come here to visit, you will visit Ba Be Lake and Ba Be National Park.

From Ba Be lake, you go to Highway 279 to reach Cho Ra village. From Cho Ra, you will drive through a green road, which is also the intersection with Highway 3 at Na Phac. From here, you go straight to Cao Bang city.

ba be lake
Ba Be lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world and also the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam

Why you should drive motorbike from Ha Giang to Cao Bang

Motorbike is the means of transportation chosen by many tourists because of their convenience, proaction, and suitability for mountainous terrain. When traveling on the roads from Ha Giang to Cao Bang, you will have to go through small, narrow soil roads. Especially if it rains, these roads become muddy and muddy, making it very difficult to travel by other means such as the bus from Ha Giang to Cao Bang or private car for the trip.

Furthermore, when traveling by motorbike, you will directly see the incredible natural beauty. When riding a motorbike, you feel like you are immersed in nature when the wind passes through your curls, or the light sunlight shines in to warm you from the cold of the mountains all the way from Ha Giang to Cao Bang.

When riding a motorbike from Ha Giang to Cao Bang, you can proactively and easily move to different locations no matter what the terrain is like. So this is one of the means of transportation that is extremely popular with backpackers.

drive motorbike on the trip from ha giang to cao bang
When riding a motorbike, you can conquer dangerous roads in Ha Giang and Cao Bang

How to rent motorbike for the trip from Ha Giang to Cao Bang

If you travel by motorbike, you can go with two ways: self-schedule or go on a tour.

If you want to drive your own motorbike to explore Ha Giang and Cao Bang, you can go to Ha Giang motorbike rental addresses in Ha Giang city to rent a motorbike. When renting a motorbike, you will be provided with a motorbike with a powerful engine so you can conquer steep and muddy roads. Besides, you will also be equipped with additional motorbike accessories to ensure your safety during the trip.

If you are not confident in your driving ability or want a specific schedule, you can choose the Ha Giang motorbike tour. With this service, you will have a driver who is also a tour guide to accompany you throughout the journey. They are all native people so they will be familiar with the roads and familiar with traveling on these dangerous roads.

In addition to the trip from Ha Giang to Cao Bang, you can also refer to the tour Sapa Ha Giang Cao Bang or the Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour to further explore the beauty of the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam.

ha giang to cao bang motorbike
If you are not confident in your driving ability or want a specific schedule, you can choose the Ha Giang Cao Bang motorbike tour

Notices when driving motorbike from Ha Giang to Cao Bang

To have a convenient and fun motorbike trip from Ha Giang to Cao Bang, keep in mind the following notes:

  • Check weather conditions: Weather is one of the extremely important factors in every trip, especially trips in mountainous areas like Ha Giang – Cao Bang trip because it will affect the schedule and activities. directly on the schedule. You should search for the exact location you want to go to get more accurate weather information.
  • Choose a manual motorbike for the trip: Manual motorbike is the best choice to conquer steep mountain passes like in Ha Giang and Cao Bang. When riding a manual motorbike, you can easily control your speed when going uphill.
  • Check the motorbike before driving: A sturdy and quality motorbike is an essential condition to start a motorbike trip. Before receiving the car at the rental address, you should carefully check the spare parts and engine to ensure safety.
  • Wear motorbike safety gear: To ensure your safety when riding a motorbike, remember to wear motorbike safety gear such as a helmet, limb protection, driving gloves, etc. You should remember to choose high quality products to best protect you if an accident occurs.
  • Prepare emergency contacts: Carry a list of emergency contacts, including local authorities, hospitals, and your country’s embassy or consulate.
Wearing full motorbike safety gear
Wearing full motorbike safety gear helps ensure your safety during the trip

Driving a motorbike from Ha Giang to Cao Bang will give you an unforgettable experience about the mountainous area in Vietnam. With the detailed information above, I hope that you will have a favorable and joyful trip in Ha Giang and Cao Bang.

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