Ha Giang To Cao Bang: Transport, Time, Cost And Tips?

Ha Giang and Cao Bang are two mountainous provinces bordering each other, so many tourists combine the trip from Ha Giang to Cao Bang. Surely those who go on this tour for the first time will wonder about the means, schedule and notes, right? This article will help you answer the above questions.

cao bang to ha giang trip
Cao Bang to Ha Giang trip is one of the favorite routes in the mountainous travel in Vietnam

Transportation for Ha Giang to Cao Bang trip

The distance from Ha Giang to Cao Bang is about 249 km, and you will spend nearly 7 hours on the road. With the tour from Ha Giang loop to Cao Bang, visitors can choose to take a bus or drive a motorbike.

Drive motorbike from Ha Giang to Cao Bang

Driving a motorbike will be an interesting option for those who like to explore and break through limits. With this vehicle, you can witness all the beauty of stunning landscapes from Cao Bang to Ha Giang. One advantage of driving a motorbike is that you can freely stop at a certain location to sightsee or visit.

If you start the journey in Ha Giang city, you can rent a motorbike in Ha Giang motorbike rental. The motorcycle rental price is about 180k per day ($7.66) for semi-automatic and 550k per day ($23.4) for manual ones. This can vary depending on the renting time as well as the motorbike renting agency.

If you drive yourself from Ha Giang to Cao Bang or vice versa, the weather is a very important factor in your trip. You should check the weather in Ha Giang and Cao Bang in advance to arrange and prepare a reasonable schedule.

If it is raining or foggy, you should drive slowly and be extremely careful because the road is extremely slippery and dangerous. If you do not trust your driver, Ha Giang motorbike loop will be a reasonable choice because you will have your own driver as well as a pre-arranged schedule.

Drive motorbike from Ha Giang to Cao Bang
If you do not have personal motorbike, you can rent a motorbike

Take a bus from Ha Giang to Cao Bang

Taking a bus is the most affordable option. The total travel time takes you about 6 to 7 hours and a bus ticket is from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND per pax. However the price would alter due to the purchasing time.

To buy the ticket, you can come to the bus station in Ha Giang city or in Cao Bang. Another way is booking through the hotlines of bus operators. You should book bus tickets in advance to ensure the seats, especially in the peak travel season.

As usual, the travel buses will make some pit stops along the way for resting. The passengers can use the restroom or buy some snacks for the upcoming route. You can buy some food before the trip to eat during the travel time. But you remember to buy something that is not too smelly, which can affect other passengers.

During the time on the bus, you can admire many wonderful scenery in Ha Giang and Cao Bang such as Ha Giang pass. Because these provinces are mountainous areas, the roads must be so challenging and steep. Therefore, when the bus drives to these areas, it may cause discomfort or car sickness.

Taking a bus from Ha Giang to Cao Bang
Taking sleeper bus is the most popular choice when having long route

Suggested itinerary for Ha Giang to Cao Bang loop

Depending on your traveling schedule, you can have different itineraries for the Ha Giang to Cao Bang loop. But we still give you a suggested itinerary to go through the significant destinations.

Day 1: Ha Giang city – Quan Ba – Meo Vac

You will commence your journey in Ha Giang city. After renting a motorbike here, you will begin your trip heading towards Quan Ba. Following National Highway 4C, you will pass through the enchanting landscape of Ha Giang, often referred to as Fairy Bosom Ha Giang. To admire this scenery at its finest, it is advisable to visit Quan Ba Heaven Gate.

Continuing for approximately 112 kilometers, which takes nearly 4 hours, you will arrive in Meo Vac. This place will provide you with a sense of both wilderness and tranquility. If you visit in October or November, you will have the opportunity to witness the blooming buckwheat flower in Ha Giang. Meo Vac will be the place where you dine and rest on your first night.

ha giang to cao bang itinerary
Beautiful buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

Day 2: Meo Vac – Dong Van – Bao Lac

On this Monday morning, you can choose to visit Pao’s house in Meo Vac or conquer the Ma Pi Leng Pass and admire the Nho Que River. Afterward, proceed to Dong Van for sightseeing.
Dong Van in Ha Giang is a must-visit destination on your journey from Ha Giang to Cao Bang. Here, you can savor Ha Giang cuisine at the local markets or explore various interesting attractions.

From Dong Van to Bao Lac, it’s a journey of 80 kilometers. This is undoubtedly an eagerly anticipated trip for skilled drivers. Upon reaching Bao Lac, Cao Bang travelers can rest and dine here to prepare for the third day of the journey.

ha giang cao bang trip
You should experience kayaking on the Nho Que river

Day 3: Bao Lac – Cao Bang

Day three begins in Bao Lac. After eating and personal hygiene, the group will continue to interesting places in Cao Bang.

When talking about Cao Bang, you can’t forget to mention the Me Pia Pass, an incredibly challenging ascent with its steep incline and winding curves. Besides the Me Pia Pass, don’t forget to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall. When you see this waterfall, you’ll undoubtedly be awestruck by its breathtaking beauty.

Afterward, you can proceed to Thong Nong town to explore the beautiful scenery in the area. This is also the place where you can rest for the final night before concluding your journey.

cao bang to ha giang
Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang

Helpful notes for the trip from Ha Giang to Cao Bang

If you’re embarking on your inaugural journey from Ha Giang to Cao Bang, it’s advisable to heed this valuable guidance for a pleasant travel experience.

To ensure a smooth departure, it’s advisable to arrive at the bus station or terminal 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time. This early arrival will provide ample time to complete ticketing formalities and board the bus promptly. Additionally, arriving ahead of schedule allows for addressing any unforeseen urgent matters with the trip.

If you ride a motorbike, you should pay attention to check the engine and other parts of the vehicle to make sure the vehicle is safe and ready to accompany you on the upcoming trip.

You should bring cash with you. Maybe tourist destinations in Ha Giang and Cao Bang have not yet developed electronic payment methods, so cash is still the main method. To make it easier to buy and sell, you should exchange cash.

notes for the trip from Ha Giang to Cao Bang
Remember to bring cash along the trip

The Ha Giang to Cao Bang journey is truly fascinating. I hope this article has provided you with essential information for this trip. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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