Explore 3 Most Breathtaking Passes In Ha Giang With Helpful Tips

Ha Giang pass is considered a specialty that backpackers should not miss. Not only satisfy the desire of trying risky experiences, you can enjoy the beauty of Ha Giang nature. This article will review the passes and some helpful tips.

passes in Ha Giang
Ha Giang Pass is a specialty not to be missed

Review 3 most breathtaking Ha Giang passes

With rugged terrain, the experience of crossing the Ha Giang pass will make you unforgettable. Here are 3 passes which are very famous in Ha Giang.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng is on Highway 4C, in the territory of Pai Lung and Pa Vi communes, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang. This is famous as one of the four great peaks of the passes in Vietnam.

Ma Pi Leng pass belongs to Dong Van karst plateau with the height of 12000 m and the length of 20 km. This craggy pass goes through “The Happy Road”, which connects Dong Van and Meo Vac. Therefore, you can go to many interesting places in Ha Giang through Ma Pi Leng pass.

Ma Pi Leng Pass is famous for its dizzying bends that will surely challenge skilled backpackers. Around the pass are green, bumpy, rocky slopes. In the distance is the pristine beauty but also extremely poetic of the mountains and forests of Dong Van Ha Giang.

Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang
Ma Pi Leng Pass is one of the four great peaks of the passes in Vietnam

Tham Ma Pass

Tham Ma Pass, also known as Tham Ma slope, stands as one of the perilous zigzag routes in Ha Giang, linking Ha Giang city and Meo Vac district.

The route of Tham Ma Pass looks like soft silk, winding around the green mountains. Tham Ma Pass attracts tourists by the challenging level for the riders. The winding bends follow the terrain of the hills and mountains, you will feel like you are playing a roller coaster game on the mountain.

Admiring the whole scenery from the beginning of Tham Ma Pass, you must suddenly exclaim for an unbelievable picture that you have never ever seen before. The blue sky with light sunshine will be the beautiful background, which helps the scene of overlapping mountains and forests outstanding.

Tham Ma Pass in Ha Giang
You will be surprised with the difficulty of Tham Ma Pass

Bac Sum Pass

Bac Sum Pass stretches from Minh Tan commune, Vi Xuyen district to the end of Quyet Tien commune of Quan Ba district. The road on Bac Sum Pass leads visitors to many interesting tourist attractions of Ha Giang such as Quan Ba twin mountain, Quan Ba heaven gate.

Driving in Bac Sum pass is easier than the other passes as mentioned above. The bends are less severe, and the road seems less steep than the two above passes. However, this route still captivates travelers with its winding beauty of the pass along the hillside.

Traveling on Bac Sum pass, you will witness beautiful sights such as the Quan Ba twin mountains and the blooming buckwheat flower in Ha Giang. From the Bac Sum pass, you can embrace the entire majestic and poetic beauty of Ha Giang’s nature, with its grandeur and untouched charm.

Bac Sum Pass in Ha Giang
Bac Sum Pass resembles a piece of silk draped over the mountain’s side

How to go to the three Ha Giang pass?

You can travel to these 3 famous passes of Ha Giang by many transportation depending on your purpose and journey.

However, many travelers highly recommend experiencing these exciting passes on a motorbike because you can vividly feel the winding of the roads and easily admire the picturesque landscapes of Ha Giang.

You can book Ha Giang motorbike rental service for a good engine to conquer the challenging passes. With this service, you will be equipped with necessary belongings for the trip such as good-quality helmets, tourist map, raincoat, lanyard, limbs protection, medical masks. What you need to do is drive carefully.

If you are not confident with your driving ability, you can choose the Ha Giang motorbike tour. This service will provide you with an itinerary and drivers, they will drive you to the destinations on the itinerary. You can also order to go to other destinations, if you want. They are very friendly and familiar with the way so you will not get lost.

Ha Giang tour with motorbike
Experiencing by motorbike is an interesting choice

Give you 3 helpful tips while conquering Ha Giang pass

To have the favorable trip, you should take notice of the following helpful tips:

  • The best time to visit the Ha Giang pass is from September to November. Because Ha Giang weather this time is dry and a little bit cool, so the roads are not slippery, which is convenient for exploring. Meanwhile, this is when the beauty of Ha Giang is the most wonderful with golden rice terraces.
  • Driving carefully is the most important tip. As you know, these passes are very dangerous for driving because of the slope and winding. Therefore, you should focus on the route to avoid danger.
  • Memorizing the route is something you should remember. This will help you avoid getting lost, especially in such winding places. Besides, you should also bring your personal documents, including your driver license.
Ha Giang Road
Remember these tips to have a great trip

Ha Giang pass is something you can not miss when traveling to the northeast province of Vietnam. With this information, I hope you will have a wonderful trip.

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