Traveling to Ha Giang in June: Cost, itinerary, and weather updates

Taking Ha Giang loop in June is a wonderful experience that not every tourist knows about and visits this northeastern region during this season. When you visit Ha Giang in June, you will have the opportunity to admire vast rice fields during the rice planting season, and the landscape of Ha Giang will transform into a serene brown color. Let’s discover the unique aspects of Ha Giang in June, characterized by its enchanting brown hues.

Ha Giang in June
Ha Giang in June has a lot of interesting things that you don’t know yet

Accurate weather update of Ha Giang in June

June is the hottest month in Ha Giang, as it falls in the middle of summer, making it hotter than the beginning of summer. The average temperature in Ha Giang in June ranges from 25 to 33 degrees Celsius. The weather is sunny with clear blue skies and can be quite scorching. However, Ha Giang has abundant vegetation, mountains, and forests, and it is situated at higher altitudes, so it experiences strong winds. The air is also refreshing and much more pleasant.

Ha Giang Loop In June
Ha Giang weather in June is quite cool and fresh

Although the weather is quite scorching, June is also the beginning of the rainy season in Ha Giang. Showers start to pour down, and after the rain, the sky becomes clearer, greener, and cooler. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that Ha Giang weather in June will be too hot.

Ha Giang weather
Although it is quite hot, the atmosphere in Ha Giang is quite airy and pleasant

Many tourists only come to Ha Giang during this season to escape the heat. Although it can be hot, compared to other destinations in the central highlands region, Ha Giang is much more pleasant. Many people wonder what to do in Ha Giang during the summer, besides avoiding the heat. They come to enjoy the fresh air and the serene atmosphere.

Accurate cost of Ha Giang tourism in June

The cost of Ha Giang loop is considered reasonable compared to other tourist destinations because Ha Giang tourism is mainly focused on natural attractions and is still developing. As a result, there hasn’t been excessive investment, and the costs are minimized for tourists.

Ha Giang travel
The cost of Ha Giang tourism in June is considered quite reasonable

Especially in June, which is not yet the peak tourist season like in September, the cost of traveling to Ha Giang will be slightly cheaper in terms of expenses for food, accommodation, rest, and other external services.

Ha Giang tour cost
The cost of traveling to Ha Giang in June will be cheaper than other travel times

Let’s follow the expenditure table below that I provide as a suggestion to get an idea of the expenses you may need when traveling to Ha Giang loop in June.

Expenditure Cost
Moving cost to Ha Giang Motorbike: 250.000đ-300.000đ (round-trip gasoline expenses)

Car: 300.000đ/ person

Transportation costs in Ha Giang. Motorbike rental: 150.000đ-550.000đ/car/day

Gasoline fee: 100,000đ/day

Accommodation costs in Ha Giang. 200.000đ-250.000đ/person
Food and beverage costs in Ha Giang. 250.000đ-300.000đ/person/day
Sightseeing expenses in Ha Giang 20.000đ-100.000đ/person/place
Total 2.500.000đ-3.000.000đ/person (3 days 2 nights)

What is special about Ha Giang loop in June?

What is beautiful about Ha Giang in June? Well, there are numerous distinctive and breathtaking attractions in Ha Giang during this time. Ha Giang in June is not just abundant in beautiful places, but it also offers unique and captivating landmarks that attract tourists. You will definitely miss out on these experiences if you don’t visit Ha Giang directly in June.

Ha Giang sightseeing
Ha Giang in June has a lot of special things that need to be experienced directly

I will reveal a little about the unique highlights that can only be found in Ha Giang in June.

Ha Giang in June when entering rice planting season

When you visit Ha Giang in June, one of the striking images that will catch your eye is the terraced rice fields entering the rice planting season. Towards the end of May and the beginning of June, Ha Giang farmers start planting rice, marking the beginning of a new crop season.

Beautiful terraces in Ha Giang
Ha Giang in June begins in the rice planting season

Water flows down from the hilltops, and the local people guide the water into the rice paddies for irrigation. This captivating sight has caught the attention of famous photographers. As a result, Ha Giang during the rice planting season has gained popularity and attracted curious and enthusiastic tourists.

Ha Giang terraces in june
The fields are like giant mirrors reflecting

Looking down from above, the terraced fields are all densely flooded, resembling large mirrors reflecting the sky and mountains, creating a picturesque scenery that reflects the lives of the people in this northeastern region.

Conquering endless mountain passes

Ha Giang is renowned for its endless stretches of mountain passes and a series of winding curves. If you visit Ha Giang without traversing any mountain passes, it means you’re not telling the truth.

Extraordinary roads in Ha Giang
Endless pass roads in Ha Giang

If in other seasons the beauty of Ha Giang’s roads is only a fraction, then in June, the beauty of these roads doubles or triples. June is the most splendid time in Ha Giang, where you can always admire the lush green beauty of the mountains and forests.

The scenery of Ha Giang in June
The scenery of Ha Giang in June is quite green

You will marvel at the majestic and towering mountain ranges, directly feel the heat of the summer, and experience the boundlessness of the motorbike rides on the winding roads. These will undoubtedly be the most memorable experiences when visiting Ha Giang in June.

Motorbike riding on the road of Ha Giang
The experience of riding motorbikes on the mountain passes is wonderful

If you don’t have a motorbike, quickly rent one to take a Ha Giang motorbike loop. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for such an experience; it would be a great regret.

Explore the fair, the unique cultural features

What else is special about Ha Giang in June? Well, you can’t miss the vibrant and bustling ethnic minority markets. These bustling markets will give you a better understanding of the customs and traditions of the ethnic minorities in Ha Giang.

Fair in Ha Giang
The markets are crowded with buyers and sellers

Unlike regular markets, the Ha Giang market is organized according to a schedule. On average, each market will take place 2 to 4 times a month. You can visit any location in Ha Giang, and each market will have its own unique characteristics, offering you new and unfamiliar experiences you have never seen before.

what to be sold in the fair of Ha Giang
Agricultural products are sold at the fair

In June, which is the summer season, the agricultural products in Ha Giang thrive and develop well. When you visit the market during this time, you will easily come across stalls selling fresh and delicious agricultural products. You can buy them as gifts for your family and friends. It will certainly be a valuable gift that everyone at home will greatly appreciate.

The travel itinerary in Ha Giang in June is convenient and reasonable

In June, Ha Giang is not the peak tourist season, and it doesn’t have as many blooming flowers as during the spring or winter season. Therefore, to have a wonderful and suitable travel experience in Ha Giang in June, you need to create a convenient and reasonable itinerary.

interesting experiment in Ha Giang
A reasonable schedule will make your trip more enjoyable

I will suggest you some interesting itineraries below that I have personally experienced to help you visualize how your journey of exploring Ha Giang could be like.

Ha Giang loop 2 days 3 nights

  • Day 1: Ha Giang. Dong Van
  • Day 2: Dong Van, Ha Giang
Dong Van rock plateau
The gray Dong Van rock plateau

Ha Giang loop 3 days 2 nights

  • Day 1: Ha Giang, Quan Ba Sky gate, Nha Pao, Nha Vuong, Dong Van
  • Day 2: Dong Van, Lung Cu, Border adjacent to China, Ma Pi Leng, Nho Que river
  • Day 3: Meo Vac, White Cliff, Yen Minh, Ha Giang
Quan Ba Sky gate
Quan Ba Sky Gate is lush green

Ha Giang loop 3 days 3 nights

  • Day 1: Ha Giang, Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Lung Cu
  • Day 2: Lung Cu, Dong Van. Nho Que River, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Meo Vac
  • Day 3: Meo Vac, Ma Pi Leng, Meo Vac, Mau Due, Ha Giang
Enchating view to see Nho Que River
Nho Que River in the weather of June

Ha Giang loop 3 days 4 nights

  • Day 1: Ha Giang, Milestone 0, Quan Ba Twin Mountain, Cay Co Don, Yen Minh, Tham Ma Slope, Pao’s house, Dinh thu ho Vuong, Cuc Bac Homestay
  • Day 2: Lung Cu Flagpole, Dong Van Town, Panorama Coffee, Ma Pi Leng, Que Nho River, Pa Vi Village
  • Day 3: Pa Vi Village, Meo Vac, Ha Giang
Ha Giang's architecture
Unique design of Dinh thu ho Vuong

Ha Giang loop 4 days 3 nights

  • Day 1: Ha Giang, Quan Ba
  • Day 2: Quan Ba, Lung Cu, Dong Van
  • Day 3: Dong Van, Meo Vac, Ha Giang
  • Day 4: Ha Giang, Hanoi
Ha Giang tour destinationn
A corner of Meo Vac imbued with national identity

Interesting travel experience in Ha Giang in June

Traveling to Ha Giang in June will be a great time for you to experience exciting activities if you know the tips to make your journey more enjoyable. Take note of the following advices to make your trip more meaningful and enjoyable. These tips from me will surely be helpful for your Ha Giang exploration journey.

  • June is also considered the beginning of the tourist season in Ha Giang. This is the time when many tourists visit Ha Giang, so you should make early arrangements for transportation, accommodation, and dining to experience the best services.
  • Just like in May, the temperature in Ha Giang in June is also quite high and hot. Therefore, in my opinion, you should bring lightweight, thin, and comfortable clothing for convenience during your travels.
  • Due to the change in weather at night, temperatures in Ha Giang may drop. It is advisable to bring a light jacket to avoid getting cold.
  • If you are traveling to Ha Giang by motorbike, it is important to have experience in motorbike touring because the road to Ha Giang can be quite dangerous. Before you go, make sure to thoroughly check the tires, brakes, and lights of your bike. Additionally, it’s advisable to carry a set of tools for bike repairs in case of any breakdowns.
  • Ha Giang is a region with many mountains and trees, especially in June when the rainy season begins in July. Therefore, there can be a lot of mosquitoes and insects. It’s advisable to bring mosquito repellent to prevent insect bites and avoid leaving marks on your skin.
Ha Giang tour's experience
Grasping the experience will make the trip to Ha Giang in June more interesting

Above are my sharing about Hà Giang in June, which you can refer to in order to have a better understanding of this land during the month of June. I hope that with my sharing in the article, you can envision a vibrant Hà Giang in the summer, filled with the vitality of nature and picturesque scenery. I wish you a smooth journey and many exciting experiences in this land of mountains and valleys.

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