Meo Vac: Travel Guide, Price, Itinerary, Notes You Should Know

Meo Vac in Ha Giang is one of the districts that is well-known among tourists not only for its famous landmarks but also for its diverse and rich cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation. Let’s explore what attractions this place has to offer compared to other districts in Ha Giang.

Meo Vac (1)
Meo Vac, a tranquil ancient town.

The Location of Meo Vac District

Meo Vac District is a mountainous district in the northern part of Ha Giang province, located approximately 164km away from the city center of Ha Giang. The district covers an area of about 574.18 square kilometers and has a population of 86,071 people. Meo Vac District is one of the poorest districts in Ha Giang province due to the historical impacts of the Vietnam-China war.

Geographically, Meo Vac District shares borders with the following regions:

  • East and North: Bordering China
  • West: Bordering Dong Van District and Yen Minh District
  • South: Bordering Cao Bang province
Meo Vac (7)
Meo Vac is approximately 164km away from the center of Ha Giang city.

Meo Vac District mainly consists of limestone mountainous terrain, similar to Dong Van Ha Giang. The district has significant agricultural land, and the local residents primarily rely on agriculture and farming.

In comparison to Dong Van, Meo Vac does not have its communes divided into smaller administrative units, but it is still a district with many small townships, encompassing a total of 16 communes:

  • Giang Chu Phin
  • Can Chu Phin
  • Lung Phin
  • Lung Pu
  • Meo Vac
  • Pa Vi
  • Pai Lung
  • Son Vi
  • Sung Mang
  • Sung Tra
  • Sung Trai
  • Thuong Phung
  • Xin Cai
H'Mong Village Pa Vi
H’Mong Village Pa Vi

The unique cultural characteristics in Meo Vac

When you visit Meo Vac, you will experience the unique and distinctive cultural beauty of the H’Mong ethnic group here. Particularly in Meo Vac, there are numerous cultural festivals organized every year, and although there are 3 to 4 major festivals held annually, both the local people and tourists are eagerly enthusiastic about each festival.

If you have the opportunity to visit Meo Vac, I recommend that you try to experience one of the following remarkable cultural aspects of this land.

  • Khau Vai Love Market: It is a market that is only organized once a year on the 27th of the 3rd lunar month. It is not only a place for trading and exchanging goods but also a meeting and cultural exchange spot for young men and women.
  • Rain Praying Festival: This festival is usually held in March in the Ha Giang region, specifically in the Lo Lo Chai village, with the desire for favorable rain and harmonious winds, bringing about all the favorable conditions.
  • Bottom Slapping Festival: It takes place around the 30th day of the first lunar month, also known as the Tet holiday, in Khau Vai, Lung Cu, and Can Chu Phin. It signifies the cultural significance of the H’Mong ethnic group, symbolizing the harmony between men and women and the formation of marital relationships.
  • Harvest Celebration Festival: This festival is held from July to September each year, celebrating a bountiful harvest season. It is organized in different parts of Ha Giang province.
Khau Vai Love Market
Khau Vai Love Market is bustling and lively

Most of the festivals in Meo Vac consist of two parts: the ritual part and the festive part. After the ritual ceremonies are completed, the festive part begins, which is lively and attended by a large number of local people and tourists. When visiting Meo Vac, you can participate in various traditional folk games with the local people during the festive part.

Famous landmarks in Meo Vac district

Not inferior to Dong Van or other districts of Ha Giang province, Meo Vac also has famous landmarks with incredibly beautiful landscapes. It is one of the districts that significantly contributes to the development of tourism services in Ha Giang day by day.

Let’s explore the famous landmarks in Meo Vac:

  • Pao’s House
  • H’Mong Cultural Village
  • Lo Lo Ethnic Village
  • Ma Pi Leng Pass
  • Nho Que River
  • Happiness Road
  • H’Mong Community Cultural Tourism Village
  • Pa Vi Ha Village
  • Co Tien Twin Mountains
  • Dragon Cave
  • Youth Volunteer Monument
  • White Waterfall
  • Observation Tower
The Nho Que River
The Nho Que River is a beautiful shade of green-blue

The unique specialties of Meo Vac

If you didn’t know, besides Dong Van, Meo Vac in Ha Giang is also known for its diverse culinary culture. Blessed with ample vacant land and the hard work of the local people, Meo Vac has developed a rich and diverse culinary heritage.

Delicious dishes in Meo Vac (3)
When you visit Meo Vac, there are plenty of delicious dishes for you to enjoy.

The specialties of Meo Vac mainly consist of agricultural products from livestock farming and cultivation. They are not focused on dishes prepared from indigenous recipes. These specialties are suitable for tourists who want to buy them as gifts.

  • Men men (steamed corn flour)
  • Thang co (soup meat)
  • Gao khau mang (a special variety of rice)
  • Bot nghe (turmeric powder)
  • Man hau (plums)
  • Ruou ngo men la (corn wine infused with leaves)
  • Mat ong bac ha (mint honey)
  • Thit bo kho (dried beef)
  • Ot gio (chili peppers)
  • Mac khen (a type of local herb)
  • Oc cho (snails)
  • Le Sung Mang (a local pear variety)
Men men is a specialty dish of Meo Vac
Men men is a specialty dish of Meo Vac

Here is the detailed information about Meo Vac district in Ha Giang province that I can share with you. I hope that with the useful information I provided, you will have a better understanding of this land. If you have the opportunity to set foot in the magnificent land of Ha Giang, don’t forget to visit Meo Vac.

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