Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang: One Of The Most Famous Mount In Vietnam

One of the “four great passes” in Vietnam that is particularly risky is Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang. In the essay that follows, let’s examine the alluring features that draw tourists to this pass!

The path in Ha Giang called Ma Pi Leng Pass

What location in Ha Giang is Ma Pi Leng Pass?

One of Vietnam’s four highest peaks, Ma Pi Leng Pass is situated on Highway 4C between the communes of Pa Vi and Pai Lung in the Meo Vac district of Ha Giang province. In Ha Giang, this route is not just treacherous and rocky, but also incredibly well-known.

The route is one of Vietnam’s four illustrious passes

Ma Pi Leng Pass is a mountain pass in Vietnam that is roughly 20 km long and 1200 m above sea level. The primary route linking Meo Vac town, Dong Van, and Ha Giang city is known as Ma Pi Leng.

Visitors will get the chance to take in the stunning, spectacular alpine landscape while traveling to Ma Pi Leng Pass. In addition, tourists can discover a lot of fascinating facts regarding the past of this pass.

The best time for visiting Ma Pi Leng Pass is in Ha Giang

Anytime of the year, visitors to Ha Giang can successfully traverse Ma Pi Leng Pass. Because each new experience will offer tourists something unique and lovely.

Visitors to Ha Giang in the spring, from January to March, will be surrounded by the season’s vibrant hues, with peach and plum flower gardens blooming in a distant corner of the sky. In addition, guests will experience the lively ambiance of early spring events in this location.

When the temperature is warm in the spring, peach and plum blossoms bloom

The splendor of Ha Giang during the flood season will astound guests that visit in May and June. In anticipation of a new harvest with young, green colors, the terraced fields are now welcoming the water back. Together, they produce a rare and breathtaking natural scene.

Ha Giang’s watery season

Ha Giang will be covered in ripe rice’s golden hue throughout the months of September and October. When visiting Ha Giang at this time of year, tourists can enjoy both the panoramic beauty of the golden, ripe rice fields and their light smell as well as the beauty of the people’s labor in our nation’s northern mountains.

Terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi

Coming to Ha Giang in the last months of the year, from October to December, if tourists wish to take in the beauty of buckwheat flower fields. Right now, buckwheat blossoms are blooming in pink all throughout Ha Giang. When you visit this season, don’t forget to taste the buckwheat cake!

In Ha Giang, the buckwheat flowering season begins

Interesting adventure when overcoming Ma Pi Leng Pass Giang Ha

Visitors should not skip the intriguing activities offered in Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang. Visitors won’t be let down by these encounters, I’m sure of it:

Nho Que River sailing experience

Visitors to Ma Pi Leng pass should attempt to go boating on the Nho Que river. Visitors can come here all year long and enjoy the blue river while also traversing the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia, Tu San Canyon, which is situated at the base of the renowned Ma Pi Leng pass.

Boating on the Nho Que River is a must-do activity for tourists

Discover highland culture at renowned markets

The highland market, where a variety of activities occur, showcases the rich cultural diversity of the Ha Giang people. Visitors that come here will be enveloped in the lively atmosphere of the games and engaging activities. As a result, visitors to Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang should not skip these marketplaces.

Ha Giang market in full swing

Visiting famous destinations

Visitors can travel to Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang and then explore the neighboring Lung Cu Flag Tower, Meo King Mansion, or Dong Van Old Town. These are well-known sights in Ha Giang that draw interest. There are numerous visitors.

Vietnam’s northernmost point

Where and what to eat at Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang?

Many travelers’ main concerns when traveling to Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang are which specialties to try and where. More trip-related information can be found by following the links below.

What foods can visitors find at Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang?

You must not pass up the chance to sample the local delicacies when visiting Ma Pi Leng, such as thang co, buffalo meat, Chinese sausage,… These meals are typical of the Ha Giang area. Every guest who comes here should give it a shot.

Tourists shouldn’t miss any Ha Giang specialties

Where should Visitors stay when overcoming Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang?

Visitors may want to think about booking a hotel or homestay to round out their journey. There are numerous reliable homestays with top-notch service close to Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang. To prevent room shortages, website users can browse and reserve ahead of time.

Ha Giang’s homestay

Ways for getting to Ma Pi Leng Pass

What are the methods of transportation to Ma Pi Leng pass in order to enjoy the stunning view of Ha Giang land?


You are free to choose the time that best suits your vacation since passenger buses typically leave from My Dinh bus station to Ha Giang between 5:00 am and 9:00 at night.

The My Dinh – Ha Giang route is serviced by numerous reliable coach companies

Most travelers opt for the overnight journey, arriving in Ha Giang at daybreak. In Ha Giang, travelers can currently begin their quest to find Ma Pi Leng pass by renting a motorcycle.


You can take a motorbike along any of the following two routes if you wish to take a more proactive approach to exploring Ma Pi Leng Pass, Ha Giang:

Route 1: Leave Hanoi and head toward the Thang Long Bridge. From there, turn left towards Viet Tri and Phu Tho and continue via Tuyen Quang to reach Ha Giang.

Route 2: From Hanoi to Son Tay, continue straight to the Trung Ha bridge. Then, via Co Tiet and the Phong Chau Bridge, travel via Phu Tho Town, Doan Hung, and then turn to Tuyen Quang to continue to Ha Giang.

Renting a motorbike in Ha Giang is always the greatest choice for travelers with brand new, high-quality cars if backpackers are traveling from afar but still want to discover Ha Giang. We promise that on your journey to reach the summit of this pass, this “iron horse” will be a trustworthy travel partner.

The most prominent motorcycle rental facility in Ha Giang

Take notes when passing across Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang

We aim to convey to travelers the following experiences we had while touring Ma Pi Leng Pass. If you’re still unsure and unsure of what to remember when traveling to Ma Pi Leng Pass, continue reading the reference information below:

You should only bring little items in your luggage. Because the highlands can be chilly at night, women should pack a lightweight coat in the summer. If you travel in the winter, you must be completely prepared with warm clothing, woolen towels, gloves, and other items.

It’s important to bring the essentials, especially if you’re traveling by motorcycle, as there are no places to stop and repair vehicles on the road. These essentials include paperwork, travel gear, strong protection gear, and vehicle maintenance supplies like glue, pumps, patches.

Visitors should pack snacks and beverages to prevent running out of places to stop for a break while traveling.

You should carefully prepare your luggage and personal effects

Here is all the information we wish to share with visitors about Ma Pi Leng Pass in Ha Giang. The data provided above should be useful to you as you set out to traverse and explore one of the “four great passes” of the Northwest highlands and woods.

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