When is the best time of year to visit Ha Giang? 2 Ideal Time

Ha Giang is a destination where tourism activities can take place all year round. But do you know when is the best time of the year for Ha Giang loop? You will know the answer after reading this article.

How is Ha Giang Loop in the Best Time Of Year
A corner of Ha Giang in spring

The best time of the year for Ha Giang loop

During the most beautiful time of Ha Giang, you will get to admire its most stunning landscapes. Let’s join with me to the journey of discovering the fascinating features of Ha Giang at these moments.

Autumn from September to November

From September to November is the best time of the year for many tourists gathering the land of northeast Vietnam to visit. This is also the peak time of Ha Giang travel.

Ha Giang weather is quite pleasant at this time of the year. The temperature is quite cool with the range from 20 degrees to 25 degrees so that tourists can experience different kinds of traveling activities without any obstacle. Moreover, this time is in the dry season, so there are no rains that make the road slippery. As the result, moving would be so much easier.

Ha Giang Loop for Best Time Of Year
Ha Giang weather in autumn is so pleasant

When mentioning the Ha Giang scenery this time, you can not forget rice harvesting season, espeicially Ha Giang in September. The terraced rice fields in the ripe rice season stretch endlessly before your eyes like a silk woven with ripe yellow rice grains waiting to be harvested. You should visit Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang to witness the beauty of rice terraces.

Take Ha Giang Loop in the Best Time Of Year (1)
Beauty of rice harvesting season in Ha Giang

There is another kind of field you can not miss, this is buckwheat flower in Ha Giang. When driving, you can also see many buckwheat flower fields along the road. Beautiful little buckwhest flowers with all colors from pink to white to purple are in full bloom. You can stop and take some beautiful pictures with buckwheat blossom in Ma Pi Leng pass or Sung La valley.

Ha Giang Loop Best Time Of Year with buckwheat flower
Buckwheat flower field in Sung La valley

November is when the coming-of-age ceremony or “Cap sac” ceremony of Dao ethnic people takes place. This ceremony lasts from 1 day to 2 days to mark the mature milestone of Dao men. It would be so interesting if you have an opportunity to witness the ceremony. This sacred ritual was included in the list of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2012.

Ha Giang Loop Best Time Of Year and festival
Cap sac ceremony of Dao people

Spring from March to May

Spring is considered as the festival season in Ha Giang. Khau Vai love market is one of the most prominent festival of Ha Giang in March. The unique point of the Khau Vai love market festival is to become a place for couples to find each other, reminiscing about past emotions.

Ha Giang Loop with Best Time Of Year and festival (8)
Khau Vai love festival is so famous

Long Tong festival of Tay ethnic people is so interesting too. This is the spring festival of the Tay people, where they gather, meet each other, and celebrate the New Year. Here, you will have the opportunity to participate in exciting folk games alongside unique cultural performances.

festival for Ha Giang Loop in the Best Time Of Year
Long Tong festival is a lunar new year festival

Another points to attract travelers to Ha Giang is the flower blooming season. Spring is always said to be the moment of blooming and flourishing. You will be fascinated by the pale pink of peach blossoms, the pure white from plum blossoms or the vibrant red of fiery red rice flowers.

Ha Giang Loop for the Best Time Of Year and blooming flower (5)
Pure white of plum blossoms

Visiting Ha Giang this best time is so ideal to heal your soul by the dreamy scenery and peaceful atmosphere in this mountainous land.

Necessary travel tips for Ha Giang loop in the best time of the year

To be able to experience Ha Giang to the fullest, you need to pay attention to these travel tips.

  • Transportation: You can book Ha Giang motorbike rental to travel around the province. Motorbike is the most convenience vehicle for admiring the nature and conquer the breathtaking pass.
  • Driving carefully: As you know, the road in Ha Giang is so dangerous because of the height and many difficult bends. So you need to be very cautious when driving.
  • Clothing: The temperature of Ha Giang is generally lower than the plains, so you should prepare warm clothing for the chilly nights.
  • Personal belongings: It would be hard to buy some stuff in Ha Giang. Therefore, if you have uncommon belongings, you should prepare carefully.
Ha Giang Loop special thing in the Best Time Of Year
The vibrant red of rice flower

After figuring out the best time of the year for Ha Giang loop, I suppose that you have already set a planned for your trip. So let’s pick up your backpack and go.

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