Hoang Su Phi: A Breathtaking Picture Of Northwest Mountains

Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang is a destination that attracts many tourists. Your visit to Hoang Su Phi will be made memorable by the lovely surroundings and exquisite local culture. Let’s absorb the article together!

From their first visit, tourists fell in love with Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang

Where is Hoang Su Phi situated?

West of the province of Ha Giang is where Hoang Su Phi is located. This territory was formerly a part of Tuyen Quang’s Binh Nguyen province. This location belonged to Ha Giang once the nation was united.

Numerous ethnic groups live in Hoang Su Phi

24 communes and 1 town currently make up the Hoang Su Phi district. There are 12 different ethnic groups living here, with the Nung, Mong, Tay, Dao, and La Chi making up the majority.

Hoang Su Phi’s geography is separated by numerous streams, and it is situated upstream of Chay River. The ground has a severe slope because of this.

Hoang Su Phi has various and distinctive landscapes because of its topography and natural advantages, making it a popular tourist destination.

The best time to visit Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang

Hoang Su Phi is accessible all year round since it is beautiful at all times of the year.

Festivals occur in this area in the spring. When taking part in the festivities held here, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the enjoyable environment. Peach and pears gardens are also racing to blossom at this time.

In Hoang Su Phi, the water season lasts from April to June. Visitors who come now will have the opportunity to view the terraced fields during the rice planting season.

Any time of the year, tourists are warmly invited to travel to Hoang Su Phi

The ripe rice season lasts until mid-September, when visitors can come and take pictures of the golden ripe rice fields. Visitors can also appreciate the beauty of the highland labor and the natural scene.

You can explore and visit Tay Con Linh and Chieu Lau Thi if you come here in the winter. Visitors can thoroughly hunt clouds or snow in these places during the winter.

What draws tourists to Hoang Su Phi?

You can travel to and discover a lot of different locations in Hoang Su Phi. When coming here, there are few places you simply must see:

Best locations for viewing rice terraces

While there are terraced fields elsewhere, this location is well known for its stunning view that is entirely unique. Some of the following locations allow visitors to enjoy the stunning terraced field scenery:

Fields in Ban Phung

Near the Chinese border, this commune’s Phung village is situated around 30 km from Vinh Quang’s town center. Here, on the rocky hill, are terraced fields that have a striking appearance. The tallest terraced fields in Vietnam are found in this area.

Agricultural fields in Ban Phung

Terraced fields in Ho Thau

The Red Dao ethnic group’s main residence is Ho Thau. These terraced fields are unique since each area will have a clean forest to prevent landslides. Ho Thau has enormous, tall terraced fields.

Ethnic Red Dao people during the ripe rice season

Terraced fields in Thong Nguyen

Three streams, including Phin Ho, Nam Ong, and Nam Khoa, merge at the terraced fields of Thong Nguyen. In the middle of the mountain, Thong Nguyen is tranquil. The most stunning terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi can be found here, according to legend.

Visitors are drawn in by the splendor of terraced fields

Terraced fields in Nam Ty

When visiting Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang, the terraced farms at Nam Ty are a popular attraction. Here, the terraced fields are protected as national monuments.

There is a very alluring elegance to these terraced fields

Tay Con Linh

This mountain range is located in the boundaries of the two districts of Vi Xuyen and Hoang Su Phi. On the Chay River’s upstream side is where Tay Con Linh may be found. The tallest mountain in Vietnam is located here. The ancient forest, in particular Tay Con Linh, which is the sacred mountain range of the La Chi ethnic group, is located at the base of the mountain.

Tay Con Linh Mountain splendor

Chieu Lau Thi mountain

One of the tallest mountains in the Northeast is this one. The mountain’s highest point, Chieu Lau Thi peak, is in the Ho Thau commune and is composed mostly of sizable rocks. This location resembles a fairyland on cloudy and rainy days. You can explore a rich habitat, especially here.

Visitors should attempt Chieu Lau Thi’s cloud-hunting, which is an incredibly lovely experience

The Hoang Su Phi market

Bold aspects of the way of life of the locals are brought. Sundays are market days at the base of Tay Con Linh mountain. not like the markets below, which are busy, noisy, and chaotic.

Hoang Su Phi market was crowded

Locals can trade, buy, and sell products at this market that they need for daily use. By participating in this fair, you will have a better understanding of ethnic people’s life.

The La Chi ethnic group’s tomb

Ban May, which is part of Hoang Su Phi district, is situated nearby Ban Phung commune, whereas Ban Diu commune is part of Xin Man district. On the mountainside, there exist remnants of an ancient region. Come here to see, and you will learn about the legend connected to these tombs.

La Chi people’s tomb

The Fort Po Lung

Fort Po Lung is a complex of military buildings with an airport, bunkers, and trenches that is situated in the middle of Vinh Quang town. Hundreds of people had to die in order to construct this architectural complex. Consequently, this location is regarded as a historical relic.

Historical evidence visitors should not miss in Hoang Su Phi

The Suoi Thau Temple

This location worships folk deities such the jade emperor, celestial thunder, midwife, forest deity, and god of the land and earth. This location is still revered by the locals.

People worship gods in Suoi Thau Temple

How to travel to Hoang Su Phi

Visitors can go to Hoang Su Phi in a variety of ways, as it is only around 80 km from the heart of Ha Giang. Visitors must go through two steps to get here:

The first route: Hanoi – Ha Giang: Visitors can take a bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang on the first route, which runs between the two cities. Visitors can be guaranteed that the excursion will be of high quality because tickets range in price from 250,000 to 300,000 VND.

The second route: Ha Giang – Hoang Su Phi: Tourists can rent a motorcycle in Ha Giang to travel to Hoang Su Phi. You can travel to Tan Quang by going against QL2, then turn to DT177 to travel to Hoang Su Phi. Alternatively, you can ascend to the Thanh Thuy border crossing and go to Hoang Su Phi by way of Tay Con Linh.

You can use the coach or a motorcycle to get around without much difficulty

What should visitors to Hoang Su Phi eat?

When you visit Hoang Su Phi, you can indulge in a wide variety of meals and delicacies. You must try these delicacies that are popular with tourists:

Lam rice

It is made using a sophisticated processing method on glutinous rice. You’ll savor the savory, alluring, and assertive flavor of the mountains.

Ethnic folks here’s typical cuisine

Sticky rice

Sticky rice is a must-have when visiting Hoang Su Phi. Here, sticky rice has a flavor that is both enticing and delightful. This dish is still served to visitors by the La Chi people.

Green rice preparation by the La Chi people.

Thang Co

Horse or cow organs are used to make this meal. Although the dish doesn’t seem good when it’s cooked, it consumes a lot of alcohol when it comes to eating. When visiting Hoang Su Phi, Thang Co will undoubtedly pique your interest.

Popular dishes in Hoang Su Phi

Kitchen with buffalo meat

A specialty of the Northwest is this dish. You can consume the kitchen buffalo meat if you don’t like the dishes mentioned above. You can make a dish that is incredibly wonderful with careful processing and processing.

Visitors can purchase buffalo meat for cooking as presents for family and friends

Rice wine

Rice wine has a particularly unique flavor because it is made from rice and yeast leaves. As a gift for everyone, tourists frequently purchase this unique Hoang Su Phi.

The Hmong are making rice wine

Red Plum

Tourists continue to enjoy red plum dishes. When visiting Hoang Su Phi, you must try this fruit because it is beautiful just by looking at it.

Hoang Su Phi has fruit-bearing plum trees

Notes from the discovery of Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang

Visitors should be aware of some of the following things to enjoy the most full journey possible in Hoang Su Phi:

  • Booking as soon as you can, especially during the tourist season.
  • Making a detailed itinerary with stops, destinations, and attractions is advised.
  • Visitors should bring cozy, warm clothing and safety equipment if they intend to climb the summits.
  • Visitors should carefully inspect the vehicle before running if using a motorbike to explore Hoang Su Phi. It is advised to fill the tank with gas and carry extra fuel.
  • Asking the locals for directions if you need them.
  • Travelers should pack more dry food and water for their trip.
Travelers to Hoang Su Phi should keep their change in their wallet

Above are the information that I can share with you about Hoang Su Phi. I hope that the information I shared above will help you understand more about Hoang Su Phi. Wish you a pleasant journey exploring Hoang Su Phi.

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