Vi Xuyen Ha Giang: Explore An Attractive Destination In 2024

Vi Xuyen Ha Giang has built a great reputation on the Ha Giang tourist map. This district will welcome you with the beauty of the grandeur of nature along with the warm welcome from the people here. Let’s find out what’s interesting about Vi Xuyen Ha Giang tourism!

Vi Xuyen district
Vi Xuyen district is located in the Ha Giang center

What’s interesting in Vi Xuyen Ha Giang?

Vi Xuyen Ha Giang is located in the center of Ha Giang. This district is 20 km far from Ha Giang city center. Vi Xuyen is the “home” of 19 ethnic minorities such as Tay, Dao, Nung, etc.

Vi Xuyen’s nature is extremely diverse with many types of terrain with rivers, lakes, mountains, and caves. Travel exploitment in Vi Xuyen Ha Giang has not been promoted too much, so the scene of mountains or river and caves still has its inherent pristine appearance.

Vi Xuyen Ha Giang is considered as the land of the heroic epic, overcoming the fierce bombardment of the days of fighting to regain the northern border in 1979-1989. Therefore when coming to Vi Xuyen, every tourist can feel the sacredness of the heroic land.

Vi Xuyen beauty
Vi Xuyen has both nature beauty and historical value

Where to visit in Vi Xuyen Ha Giang?

Do you wonder where you can go to discover such an interesting district like Vi Xuyen? Here is the list of must-visit destinations in Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang.

Tay Con Linh mountain

Tay Con Linh mountain stretches along 2 districts Vi Xuyen and Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang. Tay Con Linh is called “the roof of northeast Vietnam” with the height of 2402 m.

This is one of the worth-visiting mountains of Ha Giang mountains. Trekking to Tay Con Linh peak is an interesting challenge for any trekker. But on Tay Con Linh, you can see the entire majestic nature of Vinh Xuyen district.

You can visit the old green tea hill that is cared for by local people on Tay Con Linh mountain. And you can not miss cloud hunting on the peak of the mountain. Around you is covered with clouds like you are in heaven.

Tay Con Linh mountain in Vi Xuyen Ha Giang
Tay Con Linh mountain is called “the roof of northeast Vietnam” with the height of 2402 m

Noong lake

When talking about Ha Giang river and lake in Vi Xuyen, you can not miss Noong lake. It is a natural freshwater lake, lying right in the down of Tay Con Linh mountain. Local residents here call Noong lak as “the eyes of forest” for its mysterious beauty.

The water level is changed two times: dry season and rain season. In the rainy season, the level of water is high, therefore you can go fishing or ride a boat to enjoy the fascinating scenery. In the dry season, the water level in the lake drops significantly, highlighting the pristine and wild beauty here.

This is definitely a place where you can chill with friends and family, or refresh your soul from the chaos in your daily life.

Vi Xuyen Noong Lake
Noong lake brings the feeling of both mystery and peace

Phuong Thien cave

Phuong Thien cave is 7 km far from Ha Giang town so that you can easily drive to this cave. Coming to Phuong Thien cave, you feel like you are lost in another world filled with pristine, mysterious and extremely quiet.

Phuong Thien cave brings you the uniqueness of limestones with many different shapes. Every step you step into the cave is every exclamation you utter by the beauty of the stalactites in the cave.

Phuong Thien cave
Going inside Phuong Thien cave is like explore the new land

Sung Khanh pagoda

It is a mistake if you miss the spiritual sites in Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang. Sung Khanh Pagoda is located in Nung village, Vi Xuyen, where it is recognized as a national treasure with cultural and historical values that it brings. Sung Khánh Pagoda is a place closely associated with the history and Buddhist ideology during both the Ly and Tran dynasties in the past.

Sung Khanh pagoda is only about 26m2 wide. Going inside the pagoda, the architecture is so simple but very attractive. Sung Khanh pagoda saves the priceless treasures, which are bronze bell and stone stele of the Tran dynasty.

In the festival season, many people from everywhere eagerly come here to take part in special festivals. Especially, on the 15th day of the first lunar month, the pagoda organizes the Long Tong Festival of the Tay people.

Sung Khanh pagoda in Vi Xuyen
Sung Khanh pagoda is where takes place many special festivals in Vi Xuyen

Vi Xuyen martyrs cemetery

Vi Xuyen martyrs cemetery is a place to commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed the fights for independence.

Arriving at Vi Xuyen martyrs cemetery, visitors can’t help from sobbing by the solemnity and sacredness. Stepping into Vi Xuyen martyrs cemetery, you will feel the loss that Vi Xuyen land has experienced.

When visiting Vi Xuyen martyrs cemetery, you remember to bring flowers and incense to burn incense to pay respects to the soldiers.

Vi Xuyen martyrs cemetery
Spiritual Vi Xuyen martyrs cemetery is a sacred destination that you should not miss

How to go to Vi Xuyen Ha Giang?

Vi Xuyen Ha Giang is near Ha Giang town, so it is easy to go to Vi Xuyen. You can drive a car, motorbike or take a bus to Vi Xuyen. But it is recommended to use a motorbike because you can admire the beautiful scenery during the Ha Giang loop and conquer the Ha Giang road.

If you do not have a motorbike, you can consider Ha Giang motorbike rental to rent one for your Ha Giang loop. You will be equipped with a strong-engine motorbike and fully necessary belongings.

If you want a prepared itinerary, the Ha Giang motorbike tour would be a good choice for your trip to Vinh Xuyen.

Vi Xuyen Ha Giang motorbike
You can try driving motorbike to Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang

With the above article, I hope it provides you full information for your trip to Vi Xuyen, Ha Giang. If you have been to Vi Xuyen, you can leave a comment below to share with others.

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