Travel To The 3 Most Beautiful Rivers In Ha Giang

The Ha Giang river is a kind of scenery you should visit while taking the Ha Giang loop. There are many famous rivers which belong to this province. But each river gives a different kind of state. So let’s see what is interesting about Ha Giang river.

river in ha giang
Ha Giang river amazes many tourists

Discover the 3 most wonderful Ha Giang river

Besides the mountains and steep passes, the Ha Giang river also contributes to the rich scenery of the northeastern province, Ha Giang.

Nho Que river

Nho Que river begins from Nghiem Son Mountain in Yunnan Province. In Vietnam Nho Que river only stretches about 46 km in both Ha Giang and Cao Bang.

In Ha Giang, it starts the journey from Lung Cu Ha Giang, flows through Tu San Canyon and reaches Meo Vac. Before, the flow of Nho Que river was not as famous as nowadays because of the severe flow. After the hydropower dam was built the flow became much more gentle, which attracted the attention of people around.

Many tourists visit Nho Que river to admire the extraordinary green color. Both sides of the river are Tu San Canyon. Rowing along Nho Que River, you suddenly feel so small before the grandeur and majesty of the hills and mountains of Tu San Canyon on both sides of the river.

The boat ticket to ride on Nho Que river costs from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND. On this trip, you can take many beautiful photos with the beauty of nature here.

Ha Giang beautiful river
Nho Que river is must-visit river in Ha Giang

Especially, from Ma Pi Leng Pass, you can see the panoramic view of Nho Que river. The river is like a silk scarf wrapped around high mountains. This scene is such an unbelievable gift from Mother Nature.

You should drive the motorbike while coming to Ha Giang because of the rough road and steep pass. Many tourists use Ha Giang motorbike rental for their Ha Giang loop. You will be equipped with full belongings for your journey and a strong-engine motorbike to conquer the roads.

Ha Giang motorbike
You should travel by motorbike to admire the entire beauty of Ha Giang

Gam river

The Gam river originates from Yunnan province in China, and flows to Cao Bang and Ha Giang. You can come to Meo Vac, Ha Giang to admire the beauty of Gam river.

Gam river is a tributary of Nho Que river, so it also has the typical green color. Gam river is called the small Ha Long Bay because of the green bays floating above the water.

Many people say that the Gam river gives them the feeling of peace and relaxation. Different from Nho Que river, Gam river is always gentle from the beginning. Floating on the boat along the river, all the depression in life will disappear along the flow of water.

Visiting Gam river is one of the must-try activities when traveling Bac Me Ha Giang. You can take this destination into consideration for your trip to Ha Giang.

gam river in HA gIANG
Gam river has gentle flow

Lo river

Lo river is the largest river in Ha Giang, and it is also the third largest river in the Northern region with its flow passing through Ha Giang. Moreover, the Lo River has been extensively mentioned in poetry, becoming an endless source of inspiration for artists.

You can witness the Lo river when going on national highway 2. It is recommended to drive by motorbike to explore the river.

Lo river flows through Ha Giang city, which is a vibrant highlight for the mountainous town. The gentle and clear river slowly meanders around the green hillsides. You will have unforgettable memories when visiting Lo river.

Beautiful Lo river
Lo river is the inspiration for many artists

Helpful tips to visit Ha Giang river

You should take notice of these helpful tips to have a favorable visit to the Ha Giang trip.

Do not bring too much stuff: Bringing many belongings would become an obstacle for moving on the boat. Moreover, it is hard for you to keep these things safe.

Wear comfortable clothing: It is advisable to wear comfortable and lightweight outfits. Avoid wearing long skirts as they may pose a risk of getting caught in the boat, which could be dangerous.

Be careful while on the boat: You should be careful to avoid falling to water. It is so dangerous. So you have to wear a life jacket for safety.

Ha Giang river helpful tips
Helpful tips when visiting Ha Giang river

Above is the information about the Ha Giang river that I’ve shared with you. I hope with the information provided above, you will have a better understanding of the rivers in Ha Giang and have an exciting and fulfilling trip to Ha Giang.

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