Bac Me Ha Giang: Travel Guide And Experiences From Tourists

When you visit Bac Me Ha Giang, you may experience a variety of distinctive mountainous natural landscapes and take in the region’s cool, fresh air and comfortable weather. You’ll also find a lot of great travel suggestions in this article for your upcoming vacation.

It is peacefully beautiful in Bac Me Ha Giang

An overview of Bac Me Ha Giang

Located in the province of Ha Giang‘s East, the little district of Bac Me is endowed with both poetic and majestic natural beauty. It has a great deal of potential to grow into a popular ecotourism destination.

Bac Me Ha Giang, despite being situated in a well-known tourism location, is rarely known due to its distance and challenging access.

You will undoubtedly fall in love with this location’s splendor if you visit Bac Me Ha Giang

13 ethnic communities, including the Tay, Mong, and Dao, call Bac Me Ha Giang home. Its natural land area extends up to 864.28 km2. The rocky alpine plateau is particularly appealing due to the richness of culture and identity.

How to move to Bac Me Ha Giang?

The trip to Bac Me Ha Giang takes about 60 kilometers from Ha Giang City. Visitors must travel directly up the Dong Van Stone Plateau, through the Lung Cu Flagpole, and on to Meo Vac before continuing on the route from Meo Vac to Bac Me.

On your approach to Bac Me Ha Giang, you’ll undoubtedly be awed by the breathtaking natural environment

You can go in a circle back to Ha Giang after visiting Cang Bac Me by boat along the beautiful and majestic Gam River. With this trip to Bac Me Ha Giang, you can expect to have a lot of unique and fascinating experiences.

Bac Me Ha Giang’s beautiful sights

The following options are for your next exploration to Bac Me Ha Giang. Let’s take time to awe at the timeless beauty!

Historical site in Cang Bac Me in Bac Me, Ha Giang

The Bac Me Cang historical relic site in Yen Cuong commune, which was constructed by the French army prior to 1939 with the aim of controlling the entire commerce route connecting the three provinces, is a must-see when visiting Bac Me Ha Giang.

A must-see when visiting Bac Me Ha Giang is the historical site of Cang Bac Me

Cang Bac Me is a famous tourist destination not only because of its rich historical value but also because of its serene, moss-covered terrain.

Gam river in Bac Me Ha Giang

In contrast to Cang Bac Me, a historical monument, the Gam River in Bac Me Ha Giang has a soft, poetic beauty that inspires tranquility. Although it is less dangerous than Nho Que river, Gam River still has the distinctive green hue of the Ha Giang River. Gam River also runs quietly and gently.

In Bac Me Ha Giang, the Gam River flows calmly

Bac Me Ha Giang frequently holds festivals to honor river gods, festivals to ask for rain, festivals for raft racing, etc., throughout the water season, which lasts from September to April the next year. The tourist season is also now the best for you.

What cuisine does Bac Me Ha Giang specialize in?

Follow the information below for further information if you’re visiting Bac Me Ha Giang and are unsure about the area’s specialties.

Bac Me Lam Rice is a well-known delicacy in Bac Me Ha Giang

In addition to being home to well-known tourist attractions, Bac Me Ha Giang is also a region that still practices numerous traditional skills including winemaking and brocade weaving. Bac Me Lam rice is first and foremost a well-known specialty food in Bac Me.

Lam rice is created with tasty, ripe, and carefully chosen sticky rice. The rice will be soaked several times in water seasoned with a little white salt before being boiled. It is then placed in a bamboo tube, covered in banana leaves, and cooked over charcoal.

Lam rice is a well-known Bac Me Ha Giang delicacy that you should try

As soon as the rice is finished cooking, a mouthwatering aroma will fill the air. A strangely alluring Bac Me Ha Giang Lam rice dish is produced when the moderate softness of the rice and the perfume of bamboo combine.

Tay fabrics made of brocade in Bac Me Ha Giang

Don’t forget to stop by Phu Nam’s stilted home in Ban Tan village if you’re ever in Bac Me Ha Giang. You may clearly picture the vision of deft hands expertly weaving textiles to produce exquisite, high-quality ethnic brocade products here.

Skillful hands to produce goods of utmost quality and beauty

Cotton fibers stained in indigo and dyed silk fibers are the materials that the Tay people of Bac Me Ha Giang use. No technology or machinery is used during the entire process, which starts with dyeing and ends with weaving.

You can choose these brocade gifts as presents for friends and family because travelers adore the incredibly gorgeous brocade textiles that are created and often opt to buy them as gifts to bring back to the lowlands to my family.

Some tips for visiting Bac Me Ha Giang

Here are a few travel-related experiences that visitors to Bac Me Ha Giang would like to share with you. For your convenience and to follow along on your forthcoming trip, kindly take note of the following in the Ha Giang travel guide:

  • Regarding the weather, many travelers have reported that spring and fall are the most lovely seasons in Bac Me Ha Giang. There isn’t much rain, the view is stunning, and the weather is not too cold right now.
  • If a guest has a timetable that will take them more than two days, they can choose and evaluate homestays in Bac Me Ha Giang. Accommodation options are still relatively limited because the local lodging industry has not fully developed.
  • Additionally, you should bring drinks, snacks, and some essentials like sunscreen and insect protection when traveling in Bac Me Ha Giang.
I hope your exploration of Bac Me Ha Giang yields some fascinating results

Bac Me Ha Giang is undoubtedly going to be a very intriguing tourist destination that you should not miss because of the power of pristine landscape and various ethnic cultures. Prepare to take pleasure in your journey and discover this stunning place!

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