Travel To Ha Giang In April: The Month Of Unique Cultural Festivals

Visiting Ha Giang in April allows you to experience the unique beauty of the province. Along with its beautiful natural surroundings, Ha Giang hosts a number of large festivals in April that draw a lot of visitors. Let’s explore the non-festival offerings that Ha Giang has in April.

Ha Giang travel in April is a great experience

Ha Giang weather April

The temperature in Ha Giang is still rather chilly in April but is beginning to warm up. Only between 21.5 and 24 degrees Celsius are present at this time. The night is quite chilly, and the sun is beautiful.

April in Ha Giang has gorgeous weather

Although there can be a significant fluctuation in temperature between day and night, this temperature will generally be ideal for a trip to the country’s highest point. The pass to Ha Giang also becomes more attractive and secure than before since there isn’t any rain in the North at this season.

What draws tourists to Ha Giang in April?

People enjoy the pleasant weather and gorgeous natural scenery in April.
Let’s explore Ha Giang and its intriguing adventures!

Flowers in all hues cover Ha Giang

Visitors to Ha Giang in April will be able to take in the splendor of the blooms in these locations:

April is out-of-season for buckwheat flowers

You can view the out-of-season buckwheat blooms in Quyet Tien commune, which is on the Hanh Phuc route that connects the city with Yen Minh and Ha Giang, in April if you are driving there.

In Ha Giang, the buckwheat blossom is out of season in April

Only from October through December of each year do the buckwheat flowers bloom on the journey. Visitors can still come here in April to appreciate it if they are unable to make travel arrangements for that time.

Enjoy the local specialties and take part in exciting festivities around this season as you stroll through expansive and beautiful buckwheat flower in Ha Giang fields that extend to the horizon.

Truffle flowers bloom in Ha Giang in April

When the cherry blossom season in April rolls around, this location once more becomes a popular stopover for long-distance visitors. In Ha Giang, trau flowers impart a heart color of pristine whiteness.

Ha Giang’s woodlands and slopes are frequently adorned by white truffle flowers

Small clusters of blooming flowers create an idyllic, straightforward, yet incredibly poetic beauty against the youthful green background of the leaf arches, helping to lift the mountains’ gloomy mood almost all year long. unfinished stone.

April brings out flamboyant crimson blossoms

Visitors to Ha Giang in April will see vivid red blossoms that are illuminated during the summer’s midday sun. Mountain people use the opportunity of plowing on the side of the mountain to prepare to plant seeds for the following crop in a warm and open area.

The crimson blooms from Ha Giang in April are beautiful

Ban flowers bloom in April

Additionally, the entire Quan Ba town blooms with ban flowers in April. Ban flowers are now not widely planted in Meo Vac, therefore the majority of them are on the main highways of the town or in the schoolyards of the communes of Pa Vi, Khau Vai, and Niem Tong, etc. But Meo Vac’s ban flowers appear to have a very appealing beauty that only “rare places have.”

A Ha Giang sky nook with white flowers in bloom

Participating in the annual celebration in April

In Ha Giang, April is a good time to see the splendor of traditional culture through unique festivals including:

Khau Vai love market

The popular Khau Vai love market, which takes place annually on the 27th day of the third lunar month, will be taking place around April, bringing its lively, happy, and lyrical environment to visitors. To participate in the Khau Vai love market on this day, boys and girls in the villages dress in brand-new attire.

A room that is busy with laughter and conversation is next to the sound of the horn calling to you. One of the most alluring festivals on the calendar is this one, according to many.

Khau Vai Love Market is a lively place

Bullfighting festival in Meo Vac in April

Every year on April 14 in the province of Meo Vac, a bullfighting festival is conducted. Infused with the personality of the ethnic minority that inhabits the region, the event features numerous appealing cultural activities and numerous distinctive “performers” from Vietnam.

This vibrant and happy celebration has enhanced the mountain people’s vibrant local cultural environment. Visitors will be immersed in the entertainment area, learn about the appealing customs and cultural values of the ethnic groups that inhabit this region and Vietnam as a whole.

Bull fighting festival in Ha Giang in April

The Ha Giang Market

Visitors to Ha Giang in April must unquestionably take in the fair, which is a showcase of the highland culture. The market is where you may trade and exchange the goods from the mountains and forests. It is a location where you will be surrounded by the colors of costumes and brocade textiles.

Frantic scene at the Ha Giang fair

Visitors will have little trouble finding delectable dishes from the highland region, such as maize cakes, Au Tau porridge, Thang Co, etc., in well-known markets like Pho Cao market, shoulder-stitching love market, or Meo Vac market. A place for individuals to socialize, have fun, and confide is the market.

April’s tourism destinations in Ha Giang

The following well-known locations are must-sees for visitors to Ha Giang in April:

The Sung La Valley

On a rocky plateau, there lies a little valley called Sung La. Numerous tourists are drawn to this location by its picturesque mountains, lush rice fields, and modest dwellings by the side of the road. One of the rare locations that preserves the beauty of the national identity—the picture of females wearing baskets picking vegetables in the highlands or lounging on the porch—is Sung La.

Visitors will experience the serene beauty of Sung La valley in Ha Giang in April

Family’s Vuong palace

More over a century ago, the Vuong family constructed their palace, also referred to as the King Meo mansion. Visitors can learn about the distinctive architectural aspects of this structure as well as interesting tales from the locals regarding the home.

Visitors discover fresh things when they visit the Vuong family home

Quan Ba Twin Mountain

Quan Ba Twin Mountain is a noteworthy site in Ha Giang. This twin mountain appears to be shaped like a young woman in her twenties with large, round breasts when viewed from a distance. Visitor, remember to capture special moments while you are here!

The Quan Ba Twin Mountains are a must-see location

Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang is perhaps at its most stunning during the season of pouring rain. People in Ha Giang hurry to the fields to begin a new crop in the months of April and May. Visitors can come here and see the beauty of the locals’ labor. This is what has helped to give Hoang Su Phi its rustic and serene appearance.

The iridescent Hoang Su Phi rice fields

Dong Van Town

Dong Van is well known for being a place to retain old houses with strong walls. The oldest house is particularly old, dating back up to 300 years. The magnificence of the lanterns hanging everywhere will allow you to observe a really special old town if you visit on the day of the full moon.

Dong Van town‘s historical elements

Pine forests at Yen Minh

The pine forest of Yen Minh is considered Vietnam’s second Da Lat. As soon as you enter the woodland road, tourists will feel lost in a serene and tranquil setting with a very airy and cozy ambiance.

Second Da Lat of Vietnam is the name of the location

Lung Cu flagpole

The Lung Cu flagpole is situated in the Dong Van district, on the grounds of the Lung Cu commune. Nearly 1470 meters above sea level is the height of the column. This location, which is also our nation’s northernmost point, holds a special place in each of our hearts. Every visitor’s itinerary for Ha Giang must include a stop at the Lung Cu flagpole.

The northernmost point in the nation is the Lung Cu flagpole

Means of transportation to Ha Giang

About 300 kilometers separate Hanoi and Ha Giang. One of the following options is available for visitors to choose from:

  • Motorcycle: Riding a motorcycle is a terrific option if you love to ride on roads and have a hard handlebar. You can get to Ha Giang on a motorcycle in around 8 to 10 hours, including rest periods. Don’t forget to pack extra gas and basic auto repair equipment.
  • Car: Having a car makes it easier to avoid extreme weather conditions like storms, cold air, etc. Cars, however, will find it challenging to go through the passes. Visitors should also bring extra fuel, tires, etc. because it is difficult to get assistance when there is a problem due to the relatively empty passes.
  • Coach: When visiting Ha Giang in April, travelers often choose to go by coach because it is a secure mode of transportation. In order to get to Ha in the morning, coaches traveling the Hanoi to Ha Giang route often run between 19:00 and 22:00. Visitors can begin their exploration.
It’s worth it to ride a motorcycle through Ha Giang

What to eat in Ha Giang in April?

Visitors that come to Ha Giang in April have a wide variety of dining options, as there are always a ton of delectable meals with strong mountain flavors to savor.

Dear desert of this quiet area, there are some foods that visitors shouldn’t miss, including: buckwheat triangular cake, Thang Co, Au Tau porridge, five-color sticky rice, Bac Me Lam rice, kitchen sausages, etc.

Bac Me Lam Rice – Ha Giang cuisine

Here is all the information we wish to share with guests regarding our April Ha Giang vacation plans. Visitors should have been able to gather the most helpful information and pack the best luggage as a result of reading this post. I hope your trip to Ha Giang in April is interesting.

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