When is ideal Ha Giang loop weather for backpackers? 3 Advices

Ha Giang weather plays an important role in deciding the result of the journey. Therefore searching for the Ha Giang weather forecast is an essential thing to do, which helps you prepare well for your tour.

beautiful weather in Ha Giang
Weather in Ha Giang Vietnam has 4 main seasons in a year

The best Ha Giang loop weather

Ha Giang weather has 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter in a year. Here is the description about Ha Giang weather by month that is the best for the Ha Giang loop.

1. September to November with gorgeous gold field terrace

At this time of the year, Ha Giang weather is the most pleasant with the temperature around 25 to 30 degrees but it is not too hot for traveling activities. There is no rain because the Ha Giang weather steps into dry season. So it is really suitable for trekking or a Ha Giang motorbike rental.

Ha Giang will welcome you with a clear sky and warm sunshine, so you can enjoy beautiful landscapes entirely and take wonderful pictures.

The immense golden rice field is the specialty of Ha Giang that you can not ignore when taking the Ha Giang loop at this time. The paddy field creates a magnificent view that makes every tourist say “wow” and unforgettable because of the grandeur and rusticity.

This time is the peak season of traveling to Ha Giang because of the best weather of the year and wonderful pictures of nature.

gorgeous gold field terrace
Ha Giang weather from September to November is the best for taking a Ha Giang loop

2. March to May with colorful blooming flowers

Spring always starts from March to May, with flowers blooming along the road. At this time of the year, you would admire the white of plum blossoms intermingling with the pink of peach blossoms. It would be a wise choice if you take the Ha Giang loop this time to enjoy traditional festivals such as “Cap sac festival”, “Nhay lua festival”,…

This is the time the season changes from dry to wet (winter to summer). The Ha Giang loop temperature gradually increases compared to the months of winter. The high temperature of the day is from 20 to 28 degrees. At night, it may fall down to 10 degrees. Generally, the weather is quite dry with light rain sometimes and a clean sky with sparkling sunshine.

Therefore, the road may be slippery because of light rain, so you need to be careful while driving in the Ha Giang loop or trekking on the high destinations in Ha Giang. And remember to bring warm clothing for cold nights.

colorful flowers in Ha Giang
Ha Giang in Spring is covered with colorful flowers

3. November to February with cloud hunting season

From November to February, Ha Giang  weather is very cold with the temperature falling from 15 degrees to 5 degrees, sometimes it can be below 0 degrees. It is not suitable for tourists who do not like the cold because the weather of Ha Giang is not only cold but also very frosty.

The humidity is so dry as it is the dry season. However, the road may be covered with fog in the early morning or at night so you really need to be careful while driving on dangerous roads in Ha Giang.

But in the daylight, the fog will disappear because of the warm sunshine. Ha Giang loop in winter can not miss the experience of cloud hunting in the high mountains such as Ma Pi Leng pass, Chieu Lau Thu mountain, etc.

cloud hunting in ha giang
You can hunt cloud in the peak of some Ha Giang mountains

Moreover, buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang also bloom this time of the year. In your Ha Giang loop, you will go by a lot of buckwheat flower fields with many colorful flowers, from white to pink and to purple also. Why don’t you have a break and take some memory photos.

Ha Giang with buckwheat flowers field
Beautiful buckwheat flowers field in Ha Giang

4. March to August with pouring water season

From March to August, Ha Giang changes into summer, the time when the temperature is getting hotter and the hottest through the year. The weather in Ha Giang is about 28 degrees to 18 degrees depending on the time of the day.

It is also the rainy season, therefore rain appears more than anytime of the year. So, you should bring raincoats with the package in case of sudden heavy rain. If you take the Ha Giang motorbike loop at this time, you should be careful as the roads are so slippery.

Ha Giang in these months will show you the scenery of pouring water on a paddy terrace. They call that because this is the time for rice planting. Each stair of the terrace is full of water, so it looks like an enormous mirror.

paddy terrace in rice planting season
Summer has the hottest weather in the year

How is Ha Giang weather in the other months?

Each time of the year in Ha Giang will give you different experiences with special beauty and weather. However, traveling from September to November is considered the best time to go to Ha Giang.

In the other months, weather makes some obstacles for tourists to enjoy the whole trip. During the months of summer, it is quite hot and has heavy rains, so it would make you delay the schedule.

Winter is the toughest weather because of the low temperatures, sometimes it decreases to below 0 degree. In some years, Ha Giang has snow storms or hoar frost, which is not ideal to travel around. The harsh weather may not support your trip, so you need to be cautious to choose the best time for your Ha Giang loop.

Snow in Ha Giang
Sometimes in winter, Ha Giang is surrounded by snow

Tell you 3 advices with Ha Giang weather

To have the best trip, you should care for some following advices

Search for Ha Giang weather forecast: This would help you know how the Ha Giang weather is. From this information, you can prepare enough clothing as well as personal items for the journey.

Drive a motorbike carefully: Ha Giang roads are famous for the dangerous, steep slope, which is very challenging for people who are not competent at driving. Especially in the rainy season, the roads are so difficult to go through.

Be careful with harsh weather: If the weather is so bad such as heavy rain, storm or snow, you should stay somewhere, do not try to go out on the street because it is very dangerous.

Ha Giang loop with motorbike
Hope you will have an interesting trip!

The above information is provided with the desire to help tourists better understand the Ha Giang weather. Thereby, tourists can choose the most suitable time for the Ha Giang loop.

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