Lung Khuy Cave: Where Is It? Why Do Tourists Should Visit?

Known as the highest plateau cave, Lung Khuy Cave always attracts a large number of tourists. With its enchanting and majestic beauty, you will have the opportunity to witness a breathtaking landscape here. And rest assured, your trip to this highland region will be much more wonderful.

Lung Khuy Cave (1)
The cave possesses a unique beauty of the highland forests in Ha Giang

General information about Lung Khay Cave

One day or two days for a trip in Ha Giang is still not enough to fully explore all the landmarks and unique features of the rocky highland region. And if you have set foot here, you should visit Lung Khay Cave. So, where exactly is this cave located, and is it convenient for transportation and exploration?

Where is Lung Khay Cave located?

The cave is located in Lung Khay village, Quan Ba commune, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province. The cave’s location is very close to the district center, and it only takes about a 10 km journey to reach the destination.

The cave is situated on the mountainside, on a cliff face resembling a cat’s ear. Standing at the cave entrance, you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

Lung Khuy Cave in Quan Ba district
Lung Khuy is a cave located in Quan Ba district

You may not know that “Lung Khuy” in the Hmong language means “dragon in the rocky crevice.” With this meaning, the people of Ha Giang or the locals in the village consider it a precious gift bestowed upon them by nature. Throughout generations, the cave has retained its special value for the people of Ha Giang. It is for this reason that every resident here is conscious of preserving and protecting the cave.

Legend of the Cave

This cave was discovered in 2015 and it wasn’t until November 12th of that year that the cave was opened for tourism. It is considered one of the prominent heritage sites of the Global Geopark in the Dong Van Karst Plateau.

When you visit here, you will hear the legends associated with Lung Khuy Cave. The story goes that during a severe drought on the karst plateau, where even birds, animals, and vegetation couldn’t survive, the local people faced hardship. To overcome the drought, they climbed up to the mountain peaks to pray for rain. The compassionate sky granted them a small stream of water, which is now the sacred well inside Lung Khuy Cave. At that time, the sky also sent down the Dragon deity to govern all things on Earth.

Lung Khuy Cave is associated with a beautiful love legend
The cave is associated with a beautiful love legend

When the Dragon deity descended to the human realm, he transformed into a young Hmong man to request rain. The water that was granted nourished the plants, making them vibrant and lush, while the local girls who bathed in it became beautiful and radiant. During his time in the human realm, the Dragon deity fell in love with and married a Hmong girl.

After their marriage, they settled inside the cave and the phrase “dragon in the rocky crevice” originated from this legend.

Getting to Lung Khuy Cave

To reach Lung Khuy Cave, you can travel by personal vehicles such as motorcycles or cars, or you can take a bus to Ha Giang city and rent a motorcycle from there.

From the city center, you will travel along National Highway 4C. This is a crucial transportation route that connects the districts in this remote region of the country.

The route includes many challenging mountain passes. If you are driving a car or riding a motorcycle and are not familiar with the roads, it is advisable to drive slowly and pay attention to the surroundings throughout the journey.

The transportation route
The transportation route is convenient and does not pose difficulties for your experience

If you are traveling from Hanoi by bus, you can catch the bus at My Dinh Bus Station. The bus will stop at the central bus station in Ha Giang, where you can disembark, and then you can use Ha Giang motorbike rental

The best time to visit the cave?

With its magnificent and unique beauty, you can experience Lung Khuy Cave at any time of the year. Each season in this place showcases its own distinct and beautiful characteristics.

If you visit during the summer, when the weather is hot, you will have the opportunity to admire the picturesque landscape here. You will enjoy the fresh and cool air, as well as the refreshing breeze that emanates from the small rocks inside the cave.

Lung Khuy Cave exhibits different beauty during various time periods.
At each different time, you will feel the magnificent scenery here

If you visit during the winter days, you will experience a different kind of coldness in this place. The coldness is not uncomfortable but rather creates a cozy feeling within the warm space. The cave space becomes sparkling and shimmering.

However, if you visit on rainy days, you need to be cautious while moving around to ensure the best safety. The winding road sections are often slippery, and transportation can be challenging.

The special allure of Lung Khay Cave

Lung Khay Cave not only holds spiritual value but also captivates with its breathtaking scenery and intricate details, resembling a magnificent work of art. You will surely be surprised by the hidden beauty inside the cave.

Large size of the cave

The cave has a length of about 1000m, with some areas reaching a width of 200m and considerable height. Standing at the cave entrance, you will witness the grandeur and vastness of the cave. It exudes a strange attraction, urging you to step inside and experience its beauty.

From a distance, you may only see the intricate stalactite system inside the cave, with rough yellowish columns. But as you approach, you will discover countless stalactites of various shapes, resembling a myriad of sparkling gems.

Lung Khuy Cave is spacious and large
Lung Khuy Cave is spacious and large

Boasting a pristine and captivating beauty

The pathway leading to the cave will allow you to admire the simple and rustic life, with houses nestled along the mountainside. As you approach the cave entrance, you will witness the image of tall mountain rocks, deeply colored by the passage of time. There are various branching paths here for you to fully experience and explore.

Inside Lung Khuy Cave, there is a plentiful abundance of stalactites, often clustered without any specific order. This also stimulates the curiosity of visitors. The most impressive sights are the sparkling and magnificent stalactites, resembling those found in palaces, with some stalactites hanging down to lengths of 2m to 3m. Moreover, when you touch these stalactites, you will feel an unusually cool sensation.

Lung Khuy Cave (2)
Each stalactite has a unique shape that stimulates people’s imagination

As you stroll through the cave, you will come across numerous water ponds or small pools. These elements contribute to the lively and pleasant sound of dripping water, providing a soothing atmosphere for everyone to admire the rustic and magnificent beauty present here.

One prominent feature in Lung Khuy Cave that you shouldn’t miss is the “musical stone.” It is not an ordinary musical instrument, but a stone formation that resembles the shape of a musical instrument. When you tap on these stone formations, you will hear fascinating sounds.

And the final destination not to be missed is the “sacred water well.” This is a spiritually significant spot. Every year, during the beginning of the year, the Hmong people come to the cave to collect water for ancestral worship. The purpose is to pray for favorable rain and harmonious winds in the new year.

Some notes when exploring Lung Khuy Cave in Ha Giang

  • To have a suitable and safe travel itinerary, you should pay attention to the following issues:
  • Regarding attire, you should choose comfortable and stretchy clothing, and wear sports shoes or low-heeled shoes. You can also wear sportswear. It is advisable to bring a windbreaker in case the temperature inside the cave is too cold for you.
  • Bring drinking water and light snacks to replenish your energy when necessary.
  • Prepare a fully charged camera and phone to bring along.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings during the journey to the cave to avoid getting lost.
  • Bring a raincoat and actively monitor the weather conditions before departure.
  • You can combine visiting famous tourist destinations near the cave in Ha Giang, such as the Twin Mountains of Quan Ba, Nam Dam Village Museum, Quyet Tien Market, Quan Ba Sky Gate, and more.
Lung Khuy commune
You will be impressed and satisfied with your trip to Lung Khuy Cave in Lung Khuy commune.

That concludes all the information and experiential knowledge about Lung Khuy Cave. We hope that with the shared information, you will have a joyful and fulfilling journey.

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