Sung La Valley: Price, Itinerary, Experience From A Foreign Tourist

Sung La Valley is an incredibly appealing and popular tourist destination. It possesses a simple, serene beauty with its colorful flowers. What nature has bestowed upon this valley has captured the hearts of many.

Peaceful scene in Sung La valley

Basic details about Sung La Valley

Sung La is situated on Highway 4C, 20 kilometers from Dong Van district and 127 kilometers from Ha Giang city. This area is regarded as one of Ha Giang‘s most picturesque valleys for seeing buckwheat flowers.

The name Sung La translates as “oasis” in the language of the ethnic group. This area is comparable to a muse hiding out in the solitude of a gorgeous mountain range. When viewed from above, Sung La is covered in stunning buckwheat flowers that are in full bloom. You should visit Dong Van town and Pho Bang crossroads to see this scene.

Sung La Valley, Ha Giang

The Sung La valley is currently a more and more well-liked tourism area, particularly with young people and visitors from other countries.

Additionally, as the location of a scene in the 2005 film “The Story of Pao,” which is particularly well-liked by viewers, this location is growing in notoriety. The film portrays the lyrical beauty of the inhabitants as well as the authentic and rural local ethnicity of this region where rocks flourish.

What attracts tourists to Sung La Valley?

Come to the Sung La Valley to witness the incredible natural beauty and the locals’ expressions of themselves through the following activities:

View the buckwheat flower

The buckwheat blossom has long been recognized as a representation of the Ha Giang mountains, and the Sung La valley is a must-visit location for everyone interested in searching for flowers.

The buckwheat blossom is in season when it blooms again in the middle of thousands of mountains, leaving tourists speechless at its splendor. From October until November is often when flowers bloom. Also, from April through May, a white flower that blooms out of season blooms.

Buckwheat flower, Ha Giang

Moreover, to properly appreciate the beauty of this bloom, visitors need to go to Sung La valley during the annual buckwheat flower festival. There are lots of additional exciting events happening during the festival to spice up your journey.

Discover the experiences of ethnic minorities

The Sung La Valley is the birthplace of more than 60 houses belonging to numerous ethnic groups, including the Hmong and the Han, who each have their own traditions and customs that offer many fresh experiences to visitors, particularly foreign tourists. One of the highlighted photographs here features reported homes and vivid brocade clothing.

Children in Ha Giang’s mountains

To have a deeper understanding of the locals’ daily lives, visitors can even get involved in their weaving, wood-cutting, and other daily tasks.

Check in Pao’s house

Pao’s residence in the film has now become a highly well-liked tourist destination. The movie “Pao’s story” was very well-liked by the audience when it was first broadcast.

Pao’s House, Sung La Valley

The three rows and U-shaped arrangement of the house’s design give off a distinct Highlands vibe. The house is still standing now after more than 100 years, and it even has older components.

Expenses when visiting Sung La Valley

To accurately prepare your budget for the trip, you can consider the following main expenses when visiting Sung La:

Transportation costs, vehicle rental: This cost will include bus tickets for traveling to Ha Giang, as well as tickets from Ha Giang to Sung La. If you choose to rent a motorbike for convenience, you will incur additional rental costs. To fully experience the beauty of the rocky highland region, a motorbike is still a reasonable choice.

Food, accommodation, and rest expenses: This expense will depend on your eating, sleeping, and resting needs. If you choose budget services, the prices will not be too high. To save costs, it is recommended to book food and accommodation services in advance.

Entrance tickets, parking fees: There will be parking fees at all the visited locations. Additionally, only a few places charge entrance fees. Ticket prices range from 10,000 to 30,000 Vietnamese dong per person per location.

Additional expenses: During the visit and transportation, unexpected additional expenses may arise. If you rent or purchase costumes for taking photos, there will be additional costs. You should also prepare additional funds to buy Ha Giang’s local specialties as gifts for others.

Reference price for the Sung La Valley excursion

How to get to Sung La Valley?

The fastest method to get from Sung La valley to Ha Giang city is through National Highway 4C, which takes around 2 hours. Despite being a modified National Highway to speed up travel, this road is a pass route, therefore travel time may be longer than anticipated.

Note: If the weather is poor, travel time can be extended.

Distance between Sung La valley and Ha Giang city

The best time to travel to Sung La Valley

Any time of year, people can enjoy the beauty of Sung La valley. Visitors are immediately mesmerized by Sung La’s distinctive beauty in every season.

You will see the scene of the dreary, rocky plateau being abruptly woken by the flowering flowers if you visit Sung La valley in the spring. The pink of wild peaches and the white of plum flowers can be seen all over the northeastern mountains and forests, which are dotted with new, vibrantly green shoots.

This natural scene is made more vibrant by the color of the buckwheat blooms

Additionally, visitors can easily experience the highland cold of Tet vacations. Visitors pause close to the stone fences and appear to be engrossed in a fairytale fantasy, briefly forgetting reality and enveloping themselves in nature.

The enormous amount of green that covers the hills and the pass leading to the entire valley in Sung La during the summer overwhelms everyone. Pink soils and rocks, which appear from a distance to draw the entire eye, are dotted amid the new, vibrant green patches.

Sung La Valley is surrounded by lush greenery

Particularly in the fall, people invite one another to Ha Giang to take in the “sea of buckwheat flowers” in full bloom. The purple and pink hues of buckwheat flowers cover the entire Sung La valley as the cold weather of late October and early winter begins to arrive, creating an incredibly charming and serene scene.

The buckwheat flower festival, which takes place in Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac districts on the Dong Van granite plateau in November, is widely anticipated by locals. You’ll become lost in a fairyland and forget how to get home after viewing the buckwheat flower field in the Sung La valley.

Buckwheat flower in Sung La Valley, Ha Giang

Observations when visiting Sung La Valley

Visitors to Ha Giang should be aware of the following due to the peculiarities of the isolated mountainous region:

Any time of the year, but especially in the spring, is a good time to visit the Sung La Valley in Ha Giang.

  • No matter what time of year you visit, don’t forget to pack a jacket because it can get chilly on this high peak, especially at night and in the fall and winter.
  • Instead of booking a homestay, you might decide to stay at a local’s home if you want to experience and live like a local. Many landlords will even let you remain without charging you anything!
  • Prepare all types of medications and some munchies because living up here is very miserable!
  • You can strike up a conversation with the kids in the village when you first meet them, but bear in mind to only provide fruit cakes rather than cash.
  • Don’t laugh or chat loudly or leave random trash behind when you visit the community. Particularly, it is forbidden to stroke children’s heads since they think doing so will make them unwell repeatedly.
  • Furthermore, you aren’t allowed to whistle because it’s thought that doing so may summon evil spirits to trouble the locals. You should refrain from going into someone’s home while they are executing a ritual to ward off evil spirits.
  • Communication and greetings: When speaking to the locals, visitors should be polite and avoid using offensive language or using racial or ethnic slurs.
  • Do not enter the house without first getting permission from the landlord, touch any of the furniture within, or enter the house without permission.
Some notes for tourists when traveling to Sung La valley

All the information about Sung La Valley that we want to share with visitors is included above. Visitors should be able to take away the most pertinent facts about this tourist site from this page. Why don’t you start making plans for your forthcoming trip to the Sung La valley right away?

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