Which Bus To Travel From Sapa To Ha Giang? Price, Schedule

Are you considering a journey from Sapa to Ha Giang? Opting for a bus ride offers both convenience and an economical choice. Within this comprehensive manual, we’ll furnish you with all the essential information for your bus travel adventure from Sapa to Ha Giang.

travel from sapa to ha giang by bus
Taking bus to go to Ha Giang from Sapa is the most convenient transportation

Types of bus from Sapa to Ha Giang

You can choose among many kinds of buses to travel from Sapa to Ha Giang. Each type has their outstanding features that are suitable for your needs. Here are the suggested buses you can consider:

  • Regular buses: This is the most common type of vehicle, however, when selecting this option, you will only be provided with seats and no additional services, thus you may feel somewhat inconvenienced throughout the journey. Nevertheless, this will be the most affordable choice.
  • Sleeper buses: The sleeper bus is a preferred choice for many travelers. With a sleeper bus, you can transition from seats to lying beds, which is very convenient for long journeys like Sapa – Ha Giang. For a journey lasting about 5 hours, a mini bed will provide you with a good sleep.
  • VIP buses:VIP buses are a luxurious class of coaches due to the amenities they offer. The vehicle is equipped with a private TV, complimentary WiFi, and convenience features. However, the price of VIP coaches will be significantly higher than the two types of vehicles mentioned above.
  • Limousine: If you’re looking for a choice that offers greater adaptability and personal space, you might also want to contemplate opting for a limousine. While this alternative may come with a higher cost, it grants you the freedom to determine your own timetable and travel with enhanced comfort and privacy.

After arriving in Ha Giang, you can rent a motorbike from Ha Giang Motorbike Rental to explore the area. Many tourists opt for motorbikes as their mode of transportation in Ha Giang due to the convenience, autonomy, and excitement they offer.

Types of bus from Sapa to Ha Giang
The seats of sleeper bus can convert to “small beds”

How to buy travel bus tickets from Sapa to Ha Giang

Nowadays, there are many bus service providers to serve tourists from Sapa to explore Ha Giang loop. So, it is not difficult to buy travel bus tickets.

You can contact the bus operator through their hotlines to book the seat in advance. In other ways, you can also come to the Sapa bus station to buy a ticket.

A tip you should remember is that buying tickets in advance to make sure of your seat. Because on the holiday, there are many tourists coming here, so the demand for taking will also increase.

You should prepare for the cash in case the ticket seller does not accept a banking payment method. To find a good bus operator, you can ask for friends or search for reviews on Ha Giang travel groups on Facebook.

How to buy travel bus tickets from Sapa to Ha Giang
You can contact the bus operator through their hotlines to buy tickets

Price of bus tickets from Sapa to Ha Giang

The price of bus tickets from Sapa to Ha Giang varies due to the type of the bus, the seat and the purchasing time. The more convenient seat you choose, the more money you need to pay. And if you buy tickets on the holiday, the price will also increase.

Price of bus tickets from Sapa to Ha Giang
The price of bus tickets can change when you buy them on the peak tourist season

Here is the price summary of bus tickets from Sapa to Ha Giang.

Bus operator Departure time Price per pax Hotline
Quang Nghi Sapa: 10h, 19h30

Ha Giang: 10h, 19h30

350,000 VND 091 574 4733
Full Moon Party Tour Sapa: 10h, 19h40

Ha Giang: 10h, 19h30

428,000 VND 0974 426 821
Techbus VN JSC Sapa: 19h30, 19h50

Ha Giang: 20h, 21h

425,000 VND 0398 233 171
Grouptour Sapa: 19h30, 19h50

Ha Giang: 19h30, 20h

425,000 VND 094 736 8812
Quang Giang Sapa: 19h

Ha Giang: 20h

300,000 VND 0378 311 311

Note: Buses run at the fixed time. You must be tightly follow the itinerary.

Desire for a trip with freedom, check this: Travel From Sapa To Ha Giang By Motorbike: Guide For Tourists

Notices when taking bus from Sapa to Ha Giang

There are some necessary notices you should pay attention to have a favorable trip from Sapa to Ha Giang.

Arrive early at the boarding point: If you’re riding a bus, it’s best to get there between 30 and 1 hour early so you can board the vehicle and take care of any last-minute issues.

Purchase tickets in advance: Costs for tickets or vehicle rentals could surge during busy tourist periods.

No overweight baggage fee: When buying your ticket online or from the ticket booth, all you have to do is show the ticket to the driver; there won’t be any extra charges unless your baggage surpasses the 10kg weight limit.

Notices when taking bus from Sapa to Ha Giang
It is important that you should drive carefully when discovering Ha Giang

It is recommended for the tourists to take a bus from Sapa to Ha Giang for its convenience and safety. This article has provided you with detailed information about this means of transportation. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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