En Cave: Explore The Untouched Beauty In The Forest

Besides famous cave such as Lung Khuy cave, you can visit En Cave which is also an attractive cave in Ha Giang. This cave still retains its inherent wild beauty. If you come to the northeast province of Vietnam, let’s visit En Cave to see how beautiful it is.

en cave scenery
En Cave is an appealing travel destination

Where is En Cave?

En Cave is located in Yen Minh Ha Giang and about 60km far from Ha Giang city center. Every spring, people here see flocks of swallows flying here to inhabit and build nests so that they call this place En Cave.

In Vietnam, swallows are the symbols of spring and gathering in order that local residents appreciate this place so much. In addition, En Cave is a pit stop for taking a rest when Yen Minh people go into forests to find medicinal herbs or collect forest trees.

En Cave is not much explored for travel so it is not as crowded as other destinations. Tourists can come here and feel free to explore without any ticket or fee.

En Cave scenery
En Cave still retain its inherent wild beauty

Interesting experience when exploring En Cave

When you choose En Cave as a travel destination in your Ha Giang loop, here are the list of things you can experience in En Cave.

Admiring the perfect beauty in En Cave

En Cave is one of nature caves in Ha Giang that still keep the pristine appearance. The more you go into the cave, the more mysterious you feel. Because of this attractive feature, En Cave becomes an ideal destination in the tour of many backpackers.

In particular, there is a fresh clear lake in the middle of En Cave. This lake is like a “jade eye” shining in the midst of a mysterious cave. The little sunshine creeping into rocky crevices and reflecting through the water surface makes magic ripples in the rocks.

When you travel to En Cave, the temperature is always cool and fresh thanks to the air regulation of the lake.

En Cave perfect beauty
The clear lake in the cave makes the air fresher and cooler

Going trekking at En Cave

It is highly recommended for tourists to experience trekking when taking a tour to En Cave. The area of the cave is up to tens of thousands of square meters, so that it is very suitable for trekking.

This activity is such an discovering tour around En Cave. The more steps you take, the more interesting spots you can find. In a mysterious and pristine cave like En Cave, you surely feel that go trekking is one of the most worth-trying activities in En Cave.

However, you always have to follow the group to avoid getting lost. In the cave, the phone signal may be very weak or nonexistent, so when lost, it will be difficult to contact each other.

En Cave trekking
You should experience trekking when taking a tour to En Cave

Camping at En Cave

There are many backpackers who bring equipment to Em Cave for camping. They usually choose an area near the lake to build the tents.

Near the lake, there is an incredibly spacious and comfortable area with enough room for many people to come and organize camping trips. Moreover, the lakeside location always has cooler air than other places, so it is very crowded with people camping here.

After an exciting trekking around the cave, the tent is the place to rest with a group of friends to chat and share about their recent walking experience. Sip a cup of hot cocoa next to the cool lake, drop your soul into the natural space by the lake, you will definitely feel more relaxed than ever.

En Cave camping
The tourists usually choose an area near the lake to build the tents.

Suggested means of transport to En Cave

The distance from Ha Giang city to En Cave is about 60 km. You can choose between many vehicles to go from Ha Giang town to the center of Yen Minh. You can take a bus, drive your personal car or a motorbike.

However the road from Yen Minh center to En Cave is narrow and rugged so it is easier to travel by motorbike. If you do not have a personal motorbike, Ha Giang motorbike rental can be a great option in this case. When driving near En Cave, you have to park your motorbike in the residents’ house then walk into the cave.

Another option for tourists who are not confident in their driving ability is taking a Ha Giang motorbike tour. With this service, you are not only provided with a prepared itinerary but also be driven by the drivers. They are so friendly and familiar with the roads so you will not be lost.

how to go to En Cave
It is easier to travel by motorbike on the way to En Cave

Helpful advices for the trip to En Cave

To prepare best for the trip to En Cave, you can take notice of these following helpful advices.

Clothing: The temperature in the cave is lower than the outside, therefore you should prepare warm coats or wind jackets when going into the cave. In addition, you should wear neat, light clothes to make it easier to move.

Hiking shoes: You can buy a pair of hiking shoes to explore En Cave. Shoes with good traction will help you move more safely on the paths leading to the cave and even on the rocky surfaces inside the En Cave.

Flashlight: When it comes to visiting caves, it is impossible not to bring flashlights. The deeper you go into the cave, the less light there is. So the flashlight is definitely an indispensable companion. You should choose specialized flashlights for backpacking trips, the light is better and the battery lasts longer.

Food and drink: You should prepare quick and lightweight food items that still provide adequate nutrition, such as dried provisions or bread, along with pure water or fruit juice.

Keep clean: Before leaving En Cave, you should clean the surrounding area to preserve the general landscape at En Cave. If everyone has a sense of keeping clean and beautiful, the beauty of Hang En will be preserved even longer.

En Cave prepareation
Tourists should prepare enough belongings when discovering Yen Cave

En Cave is an appealing destination that backpackers like to explore. If you have a chance to go to Yen Minh district, do not forget to visit En Cave. With this information, I hope you will have a favorable trip to En Cave.

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