Top 4 Must-visit Ha Giang Mountains You Would Be Surprised

Nestled in the northernmost region of Vietnam, the Ha Giang mountains stand as a majestic testament to the raw and untouched beauty of nature. And there are many interesting activities you can do when visiting mountains in Ha Giang.

Ha Giang Mountains amazing
Ha Giang mountains are must-try destinations when traveling to this province

Top 4 amazing Ha Giang mountains

Ha Giang mountains are known as the highest and most dangerous mountains in the Northern mountains. If you want to take a Ha Giang loop through the Ha Giang mountains, let’s check the list of famous mountains below.

1. Tay Con Linh

Tay Con Linh is called the roof of northeastern mountains of Vietnam with a height of 2419 m, the highest of Ha Giang mountains. This mountain belongs to 2 districts, Vi Xuyen and Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang. The higher you climb, the lower the temperature of Tay Con Linh becomes, so the peak of the mountain is always submerged in cold and mist.

However, you will be extremely surprised by the diversity of botany here. This Ha Giang mountain has vast primeval forests, many precious tree varieties as well as many different kinds of wildlife. This creates the attraction of Tay Con Linh in the countless mountains of Ha Giang.

Tay con linh Mountains (9)
Tay Con Linh is called as the roof of northeastern mountains of Vietnam

2. Chieu Lau Thi

Chieu Lau Thi is another amazing mountain in Ha Giang. This is the second highest mountain in Ha Giang with a height of 2402 m. To visit Chieu Lau Thi, you can go to Ho Thau commune of Hoang Su Phi district.

This mountain’s Vietnamese name refers to “Nine-level stairway.” “Chieu Lau” means “nine levels” in Chinese, and “Thi” indicates a big, towering rock. The phrase “Chieu Lau Thi” means the road that ancient people built out of stone steps to ascend the mountain peak from a height of over 2,300 meters to its pinnacle at 2,400 meter.

On the top of Chieu Lau Thi there is a landmark built in 2016. This is also a favorite check-in place for many tourists after the journey to conquer the second highest mountain of Ha Giang.

Chieu lau thi milestone (4)
Chieu Lau Thi landmark is favorite check-in place for many tourists

3. Quan Ba Fairy Bosom

Quan Ba Fairy Bosom is a unique shaped mountain of Ha Giang mountains, located along Highway 4C of Tam Son town, Quan Ba district. Fairy Bosom Ha Giang is twin mountains lying side by side with an almost identical shape like a woman’s breast.

The rich green flora that covers this mountain year-round gives the impression of a thriving existence. It is surrounded by overlapping mountains with golden rice fields that are ready for harvest. Many people are drawn to visit the Quan Ba Fairy Bosom for sightseeing and check in because of its attractiveness.

Quan Ba fairy bosom (2)
Quan Ba Fairy Bosom is twin mountains lying side by side with an almost identical shape

You should visit the Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate to enjoy the most beautiful view of the Quan Ba Fairy Bosom and the surrounding landscape. From the Heaven’s Gate, you can cast your eyes down to the Quan Ba Fairy Bosom, admiring the majestic and romantic scenery. The Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate is located right on Highway 4C, so you can easily pay a visit.

Quan Ba Heaven Gate
From the Heaven’s Gate, you can cast your eyes down to the Quan Ba Fairy Bosom

4. Cam Son mountain

Unlike other Ha Giang mountains that are often located in remote and desolate areas, Cam Son mountain is different. This mountain is situated in the heart of the bustling and lively Ha Giang city, standing proudly and majestically as if it is embracing and sheltering the local people living here.

The mountain is also known as Cam mountain (Forbidden mountain), appearing with a distinct and unique image, exuding a sense of solemnity, mystery, and an irresistible charm for the first-time travelers coming to Ha Giang.

Translation: The mountain runs along the Ma Tim, stretching from the 19/5 road to the 26/3 road. It is these steep and rocky cliffs that make many adventurers restless and eager to come and conquer, to explore Cam Son mountain.

cam son mountain
Cam Son mountain is situated in the heart of the bustling and lively Ha Giang city

How to go to Ha Giang mountains

To explore these Ha Giang mountains, there are some recommended means of transportation such as motorbikes, cars or . However, riding a motorbike is the best choice for your Ha Giang loop.

If you do not have a personal motorbike, you can consider Ha Giang motorbike rental. With this service, you can rent a strong-engine motorbike to be able to conquer the rugged roads in this mountainous province. Besides, you will be equipped with necessary belongings for a motorbike trip.

You can choose the Ha Giang motorbike tour if you want a driver or scheduled itinerary. You just need to get ready for the tour and start the journey. Moreover, the friendly drivers are so familiar with the Ha Giang roads so you will not get lost. They would tell you some interesting stories of famous destinations in Ha Giang.

go to Ha Giang Mountains by motorbike
Motorbike is the best choice to explore Ha Giang mountains

Must-try experience when visiting Ha Giang mountains

When you visit the mountains in Ha Giang, here are the experiences you should try.

Cloud hunting in the Ha Giang mountain peaks

The mountain peaks in Ha Giang are often covered with misty clouds. Therefore, the cloud hunting activity is extremely popular among tourists coming to Ha Giang.

When climbing to the top of the mountain, surrounded by clouds, you are like being lost in paradise. Don’t forget to take photos to capture these beautiful moments.

cloud hunting in Ha Giang
You are like being lost in paradise when going to the mountains peak

Trekking to the top of the Ha Giang mountains

Trekking is extremely popular in Ha Giang. When coming here, you will easily encounter groups of people experiencing trekking in the Ha Giang mountains. Trekking is interesting because you can both do physical activity and relax while witnessing the magical beauty of Ha Giang nature.

However, you should go trekking when Ha Giang weather enters the dry season. Because the path will not be slippery, nor will it rain, making this trek difficult. Besides, you remember to prepare yourself with good shoes to accompany you throughout the journey.

Ha Giang Mountains trekking
Many people experience trekking in the Ha Giang mountains

Admiring the majesty scenery

Standing from above is definitely an ideal position for you to enjoy the panoramic view of the majestic beauty of Ha Giang’s landscape. The whole sky seems to shrink before your eyes. Surely you will be surprised when you see the beautiful scenery from the Ha Giang mountains.

Ha Giang Mountain beautiful scenery
You can witness the majestic nature from Ha Giang mountains

Seeing sunset when taking trek

On your trekking, you can have the opportunity to watch the sunset on Ha Giang mountain. If you’re used to watching the sunset next to tall buildings, sunsets in the mountains offer a different experience.

There are no tall buildings here, but instead huge mountains. The whole scene in front of you is natural, with no mix of artificial, will bring you to peace and relaxation. You should not forget to take some memorable photos for this experience.

Ha Giang Mountains with sunset
Admiring sunset in the mountains of Ha Giang is so wonderful

Ha Giang mountains are must-try destinations when traveling to this province. You will be able to witness the majesty of nature and the beauty of scenery. So with this information above, I hope you will have the best trip.

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