Ha Giang Loop In November: Weather Condition, Where To Visit?

Every November, tourists flock to Ha Giang to admire the buckwheat flowers. But few people know that this land in early November has other interesting things besides buckwheat flowers. Let’s find out what Ha Giang has to offer in November that captivates tourists.

Ha Giang Loop November (9)
There are many interesting things to discover in the northernmost region of the country.

Traveling to Ha Giang in November has its own attractions for tourists.

It is not without reason that tourists love November in Ha Giang. This is the perfect time for tourists to fully appreciate the beauty of the scenery and the weather in Ha Giang. This is also the main month of buckwheat, a flower that symbolizes the people of Ha Giang.

Weather in Ha Giang in November

In November, Ha Giang enters the winter season, and the air becomes much colder compared to October. There is also less sunshine, replaced by rather gloomy and windy weather. The average daily temperature ranges from 8 to 20 degrees Celsius, depending on whether it is daytime or nighttime.

Ha Giang Loop November (4)
The weather is much colder, and clouds and fog also cover the area.

Although the weather is slightly dry and cold, traveling to Ha Giang during this season is still enjoyable, especially for activities like mountain climbing, camping, and experiencing various things. You just need to prepare plenty of warm clothing to keep your body warm.

Admiring the Buckwheat Flower Fields

The buckwheat flower gardens in Ha Giang are blooming across the villages, spreading the pink hue of buckwheat everywhere. However, it is far from being monotonous and instead captivates the hearts of travelers.

Ha Giang Loop November (1)
The blooming buckwheat flower fields create an incredibly romantic beauty.

The buckwheat flower fields have created a poetic, romantic, and sentimental scenery that attracts many visitors to come and take memorable photos. To fully admire the beauty of the buckwheat flower fields, you should visit the following destinations:

  • Thach Son Than
  • Lung Cam Cultural Village
  • Ma Pi Leng Pass
  • Lung Cu Flag Tower
  • Sung La Valley
  • Pho Bang Village
  • Lung Tao Valley
Ha Giang Loop November (2)
The pink color of flowers overwhelms the entire village, deeply touching people’s hearts.

Where to go in Ha Giang in November?

When visiting Ha Giang in November, besides admiring the vast buckwheat flower fields, you should also explore and experience some of the following famous destinations. I will suggest some stunning places in Ha Giang in November for you to have a truly exciting experience in this Northeastern land.

Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate: Quan Ba displays its unique beauty in every season, but few people know that it is the most beautiful in November. Standing at Heaven’s Gate and looking down, you will be able to admire the buckwheat fields blooming in abundance.

Lung Cu Flag Tower: Lung Cu Flag Tower is one of the sacred landmarks in Ha Giang that evokes a sense of patriotism in every visitor who comes to experience it.

Ma Pi Leng Pass: Located about 2km from Meo Vac town, Ma Pi Leng Pass is one of the “Four Great Mountain Passes” of Vietnam, known for its winding curves that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Sung La Valley: This is the place where travelers with a passion for rustic, simple, and unpretentious beauty find themselves. From Sung La Valley, you can admire the triangular flower fields and learn more about the lives of the local people.

Dong Van Karst Plateau: This is a place of majestic natural beauty with rugged, grayish-black limestone formations. You will feel the beauty created by nature on this land.

Co Tien Twin Mountains: Co Tien Twin Mountains are one of the unique natural wonders that attract many tourists. These are two mountains located side by side, with similar sizes and close proximity to each other.

Yen Minh Pine Forest: Known as a miniature Da Lat in Ha Giang, Yen Minh Pine Forest features towering, solemn, and robust pine trees. Camping and having a picnic here are convenient and enjoyable activities.

Ha Giang Loop November (3)
Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate is a must-visit tourist destination.

What should you eat when traveling to Ha Giang in November?

When visiting Ha Giang in November, you will have the opportunity to experience the delicious cuisine that is characteristic of the local ethnic people in Ha Giang. Each dish carries a unique ethnic flavor. Most of the dishes are meticulously and intricately prepared by the local people.

Ha Giang Loop November (5)
Unique and visually appealing dishes that you should experience.

If you are a picky eater, you should listen to me and try some dishes that are relatively easy to eat but still unique specialties only found in Ha Giang.

  • “Chao au tau” (Buckwheat porridge)
  • “Thang co” (Soup made from horse meat and organs)
  • “Reu nuong” (Grilled moss)
  • “Banh cuon trung” (Steamed rolled rice pancake with egg)
  • “Com lam Bac Me” (Bac Me bamboo tube rice)
  • “Banh tam giac mach” (Buckwheat cake)
  • “Xoi ngu sac” (Five-color sticky rice)
  • “Lau ga den” (Black chicken hot pot)
Ha Giang Loop November (7)
In the midst of the cold weather, enjoying a hot pot will be a wonderful feeling.

Complete and meaningful travel experience in Ha Giang in November

With its treacherous terrain, especially in November when the weather gets colder and clouds and fog become more prevalent, I think if you want to have an exciting winter trip to Ha Giang in November, you should have the following experiences in hand.

Ha Giang Loop November (8)
Experiencing Ha Giang by motorbike is the only way to fully appreciate the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests.

These are the experiences left by those who have traveled before, creating together enjoyable, meaningful, and enriching trips to Ha Giang for young travelers.

To fully experience the grandeur of Ha Giang’s mountains and forests, it is recommended to explore it by motorbike. If you don’t have a motorbike, you can easily find a Ha Giang motorbike rental service at a reasonable cost.

To capture the beautiful scenery along the roads, it’s advised to have a phone holder attached to your bike’s handlebar, so you can quickly capture every moment.

If it’s your first time visiting Ha Giang and you want to experience the most beautiful destinations in November, it’s recommended to choose a motorbike tour package. With this option, you will have a vehicle and a guide who will take you to every corner of Ha Giang, providing convenience, preserving your health, and ensuring your safety.

The weather in Ha Giang in November is already entering the cold season, especially at night. Therefore, it’s sufficient to bring a few lightweight sweaters, two thick sweaters, two warm jackets, and closed-toe shoes to keep your body warm during the chilly days.

Currently, life in Ha Giang has developed significantly, and most large establishments have bank accounts, so there is no need to carry too much cash to avoid the risk of losing it.

Ha Giang Loop November (6)
The terrain is quite rugged, so you need to make careful preparations.

These are the essential information for young travelers planning to visit Ha Giang in November. I hope that with the provided information, you will have a fascinating trip to Ha Giang in November.

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