What Make Meo Vac Market Special? 4 Notes When Shopping

Meo Vac market is one of the popular fairs when talking about Ha Giang market. This is not a place for exchanging goods, when you visit this destination, you will see a culture here. So let’s find out special things about the Meo Vac market.

what's in Meo Vac Market
Meo Vac market is one of the popular fairs in Ha Giang

When does the Meo Vac market take place?

Because of the inconvenient terrain, markets in Ha Giang just happen on some fixed days, and so do the Meo Vac market. It is held every Sunday morning except for the lunar new year.

Meo Vac market is located in the center of Meo Vac town, right after the town stadium and takes 10 minutes walking from Chung Pua ancient house.

You should visit Meo Vac market from 7 am to 11 am because this time is the most crowded and bustling of the market. Moreover, after your visit, you still have time to come to other places such as Pao’s house, Nho Que river, etc.

when has Meo Vac Market
Meo Vac market is held every Sunday morning

What is unique about the Meo Vac market?

Meo Vac market is one of the most worth visiting markets in Dong Van, Ha Giang. So what makes this market interesting?

People encounter and trade goods in Meo Vac market

Every Sunday morning, people from all over Meo Vac eagerly go to the market. It is an event not only for exchanging goods but also encountering each other.

Local people from 17 villages come to the Meo Vac center for buying and selling. This includes more than 14 ethnic groups that take part in social activities, including the H’Mong, Dao, and Giay, etc. As a result, the Meo Vac market took over as the main marketplace on the Dong Van karst plateau.

Here, you can find many kinds of goods, from daily ones such as meat, vegetables, fruit, etc to electronic devices. You can go to the clothes court to see their traditional costume or the special jewelry. Their colorful clothes will draw your attention as well as your interest.

You can purchase items in the market such as corn wine, dried buffalo meat, etc and clothing handcrafted by the Mong people to give as gifts to family and friends.

interesting Meo Vac Market
It is an event not only for exchanging goods but also encountering each other

The cattle market in Meo Vac market

In Meo Vac market, you will be surprised with their cattle market. Local residents bring the cattle they nourish to sell to other ones. You can see buffaloes, pigs, horses, and even calves looking for new owners. In the distance are ducks, chickens or even rabbits for sale.

Cattle market is one of the most bustling areas in the Meo Vac market. You can hear the sound of bargaining or see the smile of having a good deal. Visiting where people sell cattle, you will see their lifestyle, their culture.

Meo Vac Market cattle selling
Cattle market is one of the most bustling areas in the Meo Vac market

Ha Giang cuisine with food court in Meo Vac market

Meo Vac market has two main areas: indoor and outdoor. You can go inside after discovering the outdoor market. The indoor area is a local food court, where you can taste Ha Giang cuisine.

Talking about mountainous food, surely you have heard about thang co or dried buffalo meat. Meo Vac market is the chance to try them.Besides, it is also recommended to eat five-color sticky rice, au tau porridge, hot rice flour rolls or drink corn wine. It will be a memorable experience during your trip.

Meo Vac Market indoor
The indoor area is a local food court

Give you 4 notes when shopping in Meo Vac market

To have an favorable experience in Meo Vac market, you should care for these helpful advices:

  • When you go shopping, have plenty of spare change on hand because, if you pay with a high denomination note, the vendor probably won’t have enough cash to repay you.
  • If you are good at bargaining, you should try when buying something. Maybe you would get a good price.
  • You should keep your eyes on your pocket because this crowded place like this is likely to have bad thieves.
  • You should check the Ha Giang weather forecast to prepare clothes or belongings such as umbrellas or hats.
tips to Meo Vac Market
When you go shopping, have plenty of spare change on hand

How to go to Meo Vac market

From Ha Giang city to Meo Vac market, you can follow the following route. You drive along QL34 and QL4C to the center of Meo Vac town. Then from the center, you go another 400m to the market. Travel time of this route is about 4 hours 35 minutes.

You can choose a motorbike, bus or car to go to the Meo Vac market. With the bus, you should book a ticket in advance to ensure that there are seats for you.

However, many tourists say that driving motorbikes when taking the Ha Giang loop is an entirely interesting experience. Because you can admire the majestic nature of Ha Giang as well as conquer the breathtaking roads.

If you do not have a motorbike, you can consider Ha Giang motorbike rental or Ha Giang motorbike tour for your trip. With this service, you will be equipped with necessary belongings for a Ha Giang loop.

Meo Vac Market motorbike
If you do not have a motorbike, you can consider Ha Giang motorbike rental

Interesting destinations near Meo Vac market

Finishing your visit to Meo Vac market but the day is not over, so what will you do next?

Nho que river

Nho Que river is one of the famous Ha Giang river that any tourist coming to Ha Giang should visit. You will be fascinated by the dreamy and pristine beauty of this river.

You can experience sailing on Nho Que river, walking along the river to feel the calm flow as well as listen to the sounds of nature. Surely, your soul feels refreshed when visiting this river.

visit nho que river
Nho Que river

Ma Pi Leng pass

From Ma Pi Leng pass, you can admire the entire picturesque Nho Que river. This pass is also known as one of the four great peaks of the passes in Vietnam.

The notoriously dangerous bends of Ma Pi Leng Pass will undoubtedly test experienced travelers. Green, uneven, and rocky slopes surround the pass. The mountains and forests of Dong Van are visible in the distance, and they are breathtakingly beautiful as well as incredibly poetic.

breathtaking Ma Pi Leng pass
Ma Pi Leng pass

Sung La Valley

Sung La valley is another attractive destination. You will not only be attracted with the scenery but also the cultural places in the valley such as Pho Bang market or Pao’s house.

Moreover, if you come here from November to December, you will have a chance to witness buckwheat flower in Ha Giang. The blooming flower fields are so fascinating.

Sung La valley with buckwheat flower
Sung La valley in buckwheat flower season

Khau Vai love market

Besides Meo Vac market, Khau Vai love market is also one of the fascinating tourist destinations. This market carries the distinctive beauty of the local H’Mong people, and is usually held in the third lunar month every year.

This is a love market, where young guys come here to find their partners, or ex-lovers or old people come back together. So tourists would have a chance to explore many unique beauties in the festival culture of local people.

khau vai love market in Meo Vac
Khau Vai love market

When taking the Ha Giang loop, you should not miss the Meo Vac market. A visit to the market will reveal many distinctive elements, ranging from customs to the way of life of the people who live here.

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