Ha Giang market fair: Traditional beauty of the ethnic groups

Talking about Ha Giang loop, it is such a mistake when you forget to mention the Ha Giang market. This is a cultural uniqueness that only appears in the mountainous area. Let’s find out the interesting features of Ha Giang market with me.

visit market in ha giang
Ha Giang market is one of must-visit places in Ha Giang travel

What makes Ha Giang market impressive?

Unlike other markets in the plains which take place everyday, Ha Giang markets only happen on a fixed day such as on weekends or the last Sunday of the month. They can not hold the market frequently because of the obstacles in traffic, transportation of goods.

However, Ha Giang market always attracts many visitors for its uniqueness. Market fair is where ethnic residents gather and exchange goods with each other. Therefore, you can witness speciality or daily goods from many ethnic minorities such as farm equipment, herbs, clothing, home made jewelry and embroidery. etc.

Ha Giang market is such a place to converge cultural identity from many different ethnic groups like H’Mong, Tay, Nung, Dao people. At the markets, you can see the cultural exchange of many ethnic groups in Ha Giang. Surely this will be an experience you cannot forget.

what's in ha giang market
Ha Giang market is where local people not only trade goods but also meet each other

When coming here, you can buy their clothing or jewelry and embroidery as a souvenir to celebrate the trip to Ha Giang. Besides, you can also try the specialty food in the market like thang co, au tau porridge, five-color sticky rice, hot rice flour rolls, etc.

what to buy in Ha Giang market
You can buy clothing or jewelry as a souvenir

To have the best experience, you should travel by motorbikes. With this means of transportation, you can easily move on the rugged roads in Ha Giang. Moreover, it is more convenient for you to go from place to place.

If you do not have a personal vehicle, you can consider Ha Giang motorbike rental to rent motorbikes. With this service, you will be equipped with full belongings for your journey. In addition, you can choose a Ha Giang motorbike tour to have drivers and a prepared tour.

how to go to ha giang market
It is advisable to visit Ha Giang market by motorbike

Schedule of market gatherings for Ha Giang market

As you know, the market in Ha Giang does not take place every day but takes place on certain days of the week or month. Below is an updated meeting schedule of some markets in Ha Giang that you can refer to.

Market Open on
Dong Van Market Sunday mornings
Sung Tra Market Saturdays
Meo Vac Market Sunday mornings
Son Vi Market Sunday mornings
Coc Pai Market Sunday mornings
Xin Man Market Friday mornings
Vinh Quang Market Sunday mornings
Ban Phung Market Wednesdays
Nam Ty Market Fridays
Thong Nguyen Market Sundays
Ngoc Minh Market Mondays
Minh Tan Market Fridays
Kim Linh Market Fridays
Nam Dich Market Sunday mornings

The above is only reference information about the meeting schedule of some market sessions in Ha Giang. Some markets have meeting schedules on lunar days, so for more detailed information, you can ask local people about specific schedules and unique markets in the district you visit.

ha giang market
You can ask local people to know detail about the schedule of market gatherings

Top 4 the famous Ha Giang markets

Each district of Ha Giang has many market fairs. Here is the list of famous Ha Giang market fairs you can visit on your Ha Giang loop.

Khau Vai love market

Khau Vai love market is not only to exchange goods, this is also a love market, where young guys come here to find their partners, or ex-lovers or old people come back together. Khau Vai love market takes place in Khau Vai commune, Meo Vac district. This love market only occurs once a year on the 26th and 27th of the lunar calendar’s next month.

khau vai love market
Khau Vai love market is a famous market in Meo Vac district

Dong Van market

Dong Van market is the second biggest market in Ha Giang. This market is located near Dong Van Old Quarter, so you can also visit both of them. It is so crowded with many people coming here not only for trading but also for meeting each other. The goods are so diverse with many from daily goods, food, clothing to selling cattle. Dong Van market takes place on Sundays so you can check your itinerary to visit.

Dong Van market
Dong Van market is so crowded with many people coming here

Meo Vac market

Meo Vac market is held every Sunday with two main parts: market indoor and market outdoor. On the outside, you can see many items on sale from essentials to electronic items, even cattle. You will witness the diversity of different ethnic residents through the clothes they wear, which makes a colorful picture. Inside the market are food courts, where you can try many specialties of Ha Giang cuisine.

Meo vac market
Indoor space of Meo Vac market is food court

Lung Phin market

Lung Phin market is in Lung Phin commune, Meo Vac district. This market has another name called “backward market” because it convenes regularly every 6 days. The next week will be held one day later compared to the previous one. This market takes place in the early morning, from 4-5 am to 3-4 pm. So you should get up early to experience the entire atmosphere of Lung Phin market.

Ha Giang Market (4)
Lung Phin market is specially called “backward market”

Helpful tips when visiting Ha Giang market

Ha Giang market draws many tourists’ attention, so it is so crowded when visiting here. Here are some pieces of advice you should care about to have a favorable trip.

Wear comfortable clothes: In Ha Giang market, there are so many people, so you should not wear complicated clothes. It is hard for you to move in a crowded place like this.

Take care of your stuff: You should be cautious with personal belongings as crowded places like markets can be prone to theft and robbery.

Prepare an amount of cash: If you want to buy something, you should transfer cash because banking has not been available yet in the Ha Giang market fair.

Ha Giang Market interesting
You should use cash for transaction in Ha Giang market

Ha Giang market is an experience you should not miss when taking the Ha Giang loop. With a visit to the market, you will discover many unique features from the custom to the lifestyle of the local people here.

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