Lung Phin Market: Guide For Tourists, 4 Interesting Experience

Lung Phin Market in Ha Giang is one of the famous and popular ethnic markets that attracts a large number of tourists. Here, you can not only experience the bustling atmosphere of the market but also learn about the life, culture, and specialties of Ha Giang. Especially, you can witness the breathtaking natural scenery firsthand.

Lung Phin Market (3)
One of the most famous markets in Ha Giang

An overview of Lung Phin Market in Ha Giang

Before exploring the uniqueness and distinctiveness of this market in your Ha Giang trip, it’s important to know where the market is located, its market days, and the timing of the market sessions.

Where is Lung Phin located?

Lung Phin is a commune in Dong Van district. It is located approximately 32km from the district center. To get there, you can travel south from Dong Van town. The commune consists of 11 main hamlets primarily inhabited by the Hmong ethnic group.

Although Lung Phin is just a small commune in the district, it holds a deep historical significance. Initially, the commune was part of Dong Van district, but later its territory was partially incorporated into Meo Vac district. It was not until 1982 that the entire commune returned to the jurisdiction of Dong Van.

Lung Phin Market is one of the famous back markets in Ha Giang. The market is located on National Highway 4C, connecting Dong Van, Meo Vac, and Yen Minh districts, making it convenient and easily accessible for people to travel to the market.

Lung Phin Market (6)
Lung Phin Market is located in Dong Van commune and follows a backward market schedule

Time and market schedule of Lung Phin Market in Ha Giang

As a back market – a term used by people in the lowland regions for markets that are held one day later each week compared to the previous week, Lung Phin Market follows this schedule. The market is organized once a week, and the next market session will be held one day later than the previous one. For example, if the market takes place on Monday this week, the following week’s market will be held on Tuesday.

The local people have been following this market schedule for generations. Whenever the market session arrives, everyone eagerly gathers at the market to engage in various trading activities. The market starts very early, around 4-5 am, and lasts until 3-4 pm. You will have a significant amount of time to experience and explore the unique aspects of the market.

The highlights of Lung Phin Market

Lung Phin Market is not just a typical highland market; it offers many unique and novel experiences for you to discover. Undoubtedly, these experiences will create beautiful memories of the mountainous plateau.

Marvel at the majestic natural landscapes

Along the journey to Lung Phin, you will witness lush green valleys and vibrant vegetation. Intertwined with the scenery are winding mountainous roads that meander along the hillsides, providing a serene and refreshing atmosphere.

Natural beauty in Lung Phin
The scenery is pristine, majestic, and captivating in its natural beauty

In addition to exploring the market, when you visit Lung Phin, you will have the opportunity to admire the traditional stilt houses of the Hmong people. These houses, weathered by time, exude a sense of solidity and strength while retaining their unique charm.

Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the market

The market in Ha Giang, including Lung Phin, is not just a place for trading goods, but also a gathering spot for people to meet and socialize. On market days, people from all around come dressed in their best attire to the market. From the early morning, you can hear the lively sounds of laughter and conversation as people flock to the market.

Lung Phin Market (2)
Every market session is lively and bustling with activity

Some carry chickens, others bring eggs, bundles of vegetables, herbs, mountain spices, and more. Everyone is excited and cheerful. The market is not only frequented by local residents but also by visitors and tourists. The atmosphere is vibrant and bustling. You will encounter the laughter and chatter of people engaged in buying and selling, exchanging goods, or engaging in conversations with each other. You will also hear the sounds of animals brought by locals to sell at the market.

Learn about the culture of the Hmong people

The Lung Phin Market in Ha Giang showcases the distinctive culture of the local people. When visiting the Lung Phin Market, you will have the opportunity to learn about the culture of the Hmong people as well as other neighboring ethnic groups such as the Nung and Tay. Each ethnic group has its own uniqueness, culture, and language, which contribute to the uniqueness of the market.

An opportunity to indulge in diverse and flavorful mountain cuisine inLung Phin Market (4)
The distinctive culture of the local indigenous people is clearly evident at the Lung Phin village market in Ha Giang

Young men and women from remote villages come to the market not only to trade necessary goods but also to socialize and find potential partners. That is why their attire is not much different from that of festive occasions.

As for the men, they come to the market to meet each other, chat, drink alcohol, and enjoy the local cuisine available at the market.

Enjoying and purchasing local specialties as gifts

Lung Phin Market offers a wide range of famous Ha Giang delicacies and specialties such as thang co (meat soup), grilled buffalo meat, banh tam giac mach (triangle-shaped buckwheat cake), thang den (a type of wild herb), men men (fermented pork), and pho chua (sour noodle soup). Here, you will have the opportunity to indulge in various dishes that carry the distinct flavors of the mountains and forests. Additionally, you can purchase these local specialties as gifts for your loved ones and friends.

Lung Phin Market (1)
An opportunity to indulge in diverse and flavorful mountain cuisine

Some tips when visiting the Lung Phin Market in Lung Phin commune

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when coming to Dong Van and exploring Lung Phin market:

  • Accommodation and dining services in the commune are still underdeveloped, so it is recommended to visit during the day and return to Dong Van town in Ha Giang for meals and rest.
  • If you make any purchases in the market, it is advisable to limit bargaining as the locals are very honest and may not engage in price negotiation.
  • Motorbikes are a suitable means of transportation to conquer the roads to Lung Phin. However, make sure you have a firm grip on the handlebars and ensure the quality of the bike.
  • When visiting the market, be mindful of maintaining cleanliness and avoid littering.
  • Respect the local culture and customs of the residents.
Lung Phin Market (4)
When visiting the Lung Phin village market, remember to respect the customs and culture of the local people

Your trip to the Lung Phin Market in Ha Giang will be even more fulfilling and memorable if you take a proactive approach during your journey. With the information shared in this article, you can feel confident to pack your backpack and hit the road.

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