Tour Sapa Ha Giang Cao Bang: Price, Most Interesting Itinerary In 2024

Sapa to Ha Giang and Cao Bang tour is one of the extremely attractive inter-provincial tours that you should not miss. This article will provide information about itinerary, prices, transportation, ideal times as well as notes that you can refer to.

Sapa to Ha Giang and Cao Bang tour
Ban Giuoc waterfall gives the wonderful scenery to the tourists

Suggested itinerary for Sapa – Ha Giang – Cao Bang tour

This is the suggested itinerary for the Sapa Ha Giang Cao Bang tour you can refer to.

Day 1: Hanoi – Sapa – Fansipan – Ham Rong

Morning: The tourists will be picked up at the destination. Then you will start to go to Sapa. After coming to Sapa, you will have lunch in the restaurant and take the rest.

Afternoon: Tourists visit Ham Rong Mountain tourist area with an Indochina orchid garden or enjoy traditional music programs on Ham Rong Mountain. Besides, you can interact with local people and take souvenir photos.

Evening: The whole group will rest and spend the night in Sapa.

Fansipan tour
Fansipan peak has a height of up to 3,147m

Day 2: Sapa – Ta Phin – Bac Ha

Morning: The tourists have breakfast at the hotel and then visit Cat Cat village.The whole group began to explore Cat Cat village with its extremely unique culture, customs and traditional craft villages.

Afternoon: You check out and move to Bac Ha. Then you move to Hoang A Tuong with the unique architecture combining Asia-Europe and then go back to the hotel.

Evening: You have dinner and are free to visit and then overnight in Bac Ha.

sapa tour
Hoang A Tuong Mansion is one of the must-visit attractions on the tour

Day 3: Bac Ha market – Xin Man – Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang

Morning: Tourists get up and prepare to visit Bac Ha market, one of the most famous markets in Ha Giang and have breakfast with the local cuisine. After that, you will come to Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang. During the route, you will come through the Xin Man, conquer Thac Tien – Deo Gio.

Afternoon: You will come to witness the beauty of Hoang Su Phi rice terrace. The team moves to Ha Giang city and checks-in in the hotel.

Evening: You can spend time wandering around Ha Giang city to discover the cuisine and the beauty of a mountainous city. This must be a wonderful experience that you can not forget.

hoang su phi tour
The paddy fields in Hoang Su Phi look like a giant endless carpet

Day 4: Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Dong Van

Morning: You check out, have breakfast and start moving to visit Dong Van karst plateau. On the way you will pass Fairy Bosom Ha Giang. Then you will have lunch at Yen Minh.

Afternoon: The whole group moved to Vuong’s Palace to witness the unique and traditional architecture in Ha Giang. And then you can take a quick tour to Lung Cu Flagpole to trek to the peak of the Rong mountain.

Evening: Dinner at the restaurant. Free evening to visit Dong Van Old Quarter, which has existed for nearly a century. You can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee at Old Quarter Café (at your own expense). Overnight in Dong Van.

lung cu flagpole
Lung Cu flagpole is located in the peak of Rong mountain

Day 5: Dong Van – Meo Vac – Pac Po – Cao Bang

Morning: After having breakfast, the tourists will check out and conquer Ma Pi Leng on the way to Meo Vac. Then you go to Yen Minh town, have lunch at Bao Lac and continue to Cao Bang.

Afternoon: Visit Pac Bo Historic Site. This was the residence and activity of President Ho Chi Minh during the years of resistance from 1941 to 1945.

Evening: Go to Cao Bang and rest and have dinner at Cao Bang.

ha giang tour to ma pi leng pass
Ma Pi Leng pass is one of four great mountain passes in Vietnam

Day 6: Cao Bang – Ban Gioc waterfall – Nguom Ngao cave

Morning: The tourists eat breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, you check out and get on the bus to Ban Gioc. The team visits Ban Gioc Waterfall, considered one of the priceless gifts that nature bestows on Cao Bang. It is one of the highest, most majestic and beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam

Afternoon: After resting, then visit Nguom Ngao Cave – The largest cave in the Northern region and also one of the largest caves in Vietnam.

Evening: After that, you will spend the night in Cao Bang.

cao bang attractions
Ban Gioc waterfall is considered one of the 7 most beautiful waterfalls in the world

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Price reference for Sapa – Ha Giang – Cao Bang tour

The price of a tour to Sapa Ha Giang Cao Bang for 6 days and 5 nights is about 6,850,000 VND/ pax. In it, visitors will have the following terms:

  • 5 nights stay at a standard hotel for 2 people/room.
  • Meals according to the program: 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 5 dinners.
  • Travel insurance at the highest level of 20,000,000 VND/person/case.

The tour package does not include:

  • VAT tax
  • Cable car tickets, train tickets to Fansiban peak.
  • Personal expenses outside the program: drinks, laundry…

Above is reference information about the Sapa Ha Giang Cao Bang tour package. You should consult information from many different Ha Giang travel agencies to find the most suitable tour package. You can consult relatives or experienced friends to learn more things to keep in mind.

apa Ha Giang Cao Bang tour package
You should consider carefully when booking tour Sapa Ha Giang Cao Bang

Transportation for Sapa – Ha Giang – Cao Bang tour

Bạn có thể tham khảo phương tiện du lịch sau cho Sapa Ha Giang Cao Bang tour.

Taking tour by motorbike

Taking a Ha Giang motorbike tour is an extremely interesting choice that you can consider. With a motorbike tour, you can directly experience the beauty of Vietnam’s mountainous places. The trip from Sapa to Ha Giang and Cao Bang is a long distance so you need to prepare good health for the trip.

Furthermore, all three locations have rugged terrain, so motorbikes will definitely be a suitable means of transportation here. Motorbikes will help you easily move on small, narrow and rocky roads. Furthermore, for those who love adventure and challenges, riding a motorbike over steep mountain passes is definitely an experience not to be missed.

Price reference for Sapa - Ha Giang - Cao Bang tour
You should consider carefully when booking tour Sapa Ha Giang Cao Bang

When booking a motorbike tour, you will be provided with strong-engine motorbikes with necessary belongings. Furthermore, you will also have a tour guide to accompany you throughout the journey. They are all locals so you certainly won’t be afraid of getting lost and will be guided to interesting places.

If you want to drive a motorbike yourself with your own schedule, you can consider Ha Giang motorbike rental. With this option, you will be provided with a very good motorbike with full equipment for the trip.

motorbike for sapa ha giang cao bang tour
You can rent a motorbike if you want to have your own itinerary

Taking tour by car

If you don’t want to ride a motorbike, going on a Sapa tour to Ha Giang and Cao Bang with a car is also a popular choice for tourists. When traveling by bus, you can sit and rest comfortably while in the car. Besides, traveling by car will be less strenuous than other means of transport.

However, when taking a tour with a car, you will not be able to directly feel the special atmosphere in Ha Giang, Sapa and Cao Bang as well as experience yourself overcoming the breathtaking mountain passes here.

Taking tour by car to sapa ha giang cao bang
You can also choose car as the vehicle for the tour

No matter what means of transport you take, there are good points and bad points. You should consider before choosing the most suitable vehicle for your trip.

Best time for taking tour Sapa – Ha Giang – Cao Bang

The best time for a tour to Sapa, Ha Giang and Cao Bang is September to April. Because they are all in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam, all three provinces have a relatively similar climate. This time is the dry season in Ha Giang, so there is not much rain, making the road slippery as well as hindering the schedule of visiting all 3 destinations.

Moreover, if you go from September to December, you will see the mountainous specialty, which is terraced fields in the ripe rice season. You can admire this beautiful scene at Hoang Su Phi rice terraces. Or don’t forget to experience exciting cloud hunting at mountain peaks such as Lung Cu Flagpole or Fansipan peak when going in December.

Best time for taking tour Sapa - Ha Giang - Cao Bang
You should not miss the cloud hunting experience in December

If you go at the beginning of the year from January to April, you will see the flowers blooming. Around the roads are pure white plum flowers, or pink peach branches adorning the cold spring weather, or in the distance are bright red rice flowers that brighten the entire area. Spring weather will be quite cold, so you need to prepare warm clothes for the trip.

january to april in Sapa - Ha Giang - Cao Bang
The flower blooming season is the most popular tourist season of the year

You should check the weather before each trip to be more proactive about your schedule. One tip you can keep in mind is that to get the most detailed weather, you should look up the exact location you want to know about. This will be an extremely useful tip for your trip.

Helpful notices for taking tour Sapa – Ha Giang – Cao Bang

You should note the following to have the most favorable Sapa Ha Giang Cao Bang tour.

Book the tour early: You should book the tour 2 weeks to 1 month in advance to ensure a tour is available, especially during the peak tourist season. Furthermore, you should choose a reputable travel agency to receive the most professional service.

Prepare enough belongings: Because you have to move quite a lot, remember to only bring enough and neat things as possible.

Learn some Vietnamese sentences: Because English is not popular in these places, you should learn a few basic Vietnamese sentences to be able to communicate and prepare a translation app to make communication easier.

Prepare cash: Because transferring with cash is the most popular method of exchange here, you need to prepare cash to buy and sell when taking the Sapa – Ha Giang – Cao Bang tour.

Helpful notices for taking tour Sapa - Ha Giang - Cao Bang
Remember to bring cash to easily buy and sell in these destinations

Above is detailed information for the Sapa Ha Giang and Cao Bang tour. Hopefully with the above information, you will have a fun and memorable trip. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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