How To Travel From Meo Vac To Ha Giang? Cost, Itinerary In 2024

You must know very well about the trip from Ha Giang city to other districts in the Ha Giang loop. So what about the trip from Meo Vac to Ha Giang? This article will show you detailed information for this trip.

meo vac to ha giang guideline
Meo Vac is one of the most attractive destination in Ha Giang

The distance from Meo Vac to Ha Giang

Meo Vac is located in the north of Ha Giang and a part of Dong Van karst plateau geopark. Therefore, the terrain of Meo Vac most are also limestone mountains, which make the Meo Vac appearance so pristine.

From Meo Vac, you need to travel a distance of 164 km to reach the center of Ha Giang city. With this distance, it would take you about 4 and a half hours to get to Ha Giang.

meo vac to dong van trip
The terrain of Meo Vac most are also limestone mountains

How to go from Meo Vac to Ha Giang

There are many options for you to go from Meo Vac to Ha Giang. Below are detailed pieces of information about the transportation options you can choose from.

Traveling by rental motorbike

Many tourists choose to rent motorbikes to go from Meo Vac to Ha Giang. With a motorbike, tourists can be more proactive with their itinerary. They can start going at any time or make any pit stop for resting or eating.

Moreover, the road conditions in Meo Vac are extremely challenging, so a motorbike is the most convenient mode of transportation. Because small motorbikes are more compact, you can control the handlebars more easily.

Furthermore, if you travel by motorbike, you can admire the beauty of the roads from Meo Vac to Ha Giang. The cool breeze brushing through your hair and breathing in the fresh air of the mountainous region will make you feel wonderful like never before.

You can rent a motorbike from Ha Giang motorbike rental providers. When renting a motorbike, you will be provided with a powerful engine vehicle, suitable for conquering the roads in Meo Vac. You will also be equipped with the necessary gear for the journey.

A Ha Giang motorbike tour will be another interesting option. With this service, you will have a driver to take you from Meo Vac to Ha Giang. The drivers are very friendly and familiar with the routes, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

meo vac to dong van by motorbike
Many tourists choose to drive motorbike when traveling to Meo Vac

Taking travel bus

Taking a travel bus can be another option for you if you do not want to travel by motorbike. It will take you about 6 hours to reach Ha Giang. However, the time can be more because the bus can stop in the middle of the route to catch passengers.

Most of the buses will catch you in Meo Vac Bus Station or downtown Meo Vac. And then coming to Ha Giang in Ha Giang Bus Station.

A ticket price is at the range of 150,000 VND depending on the kind of bus you choose. On the holidays or weekends, they could increase the price of tickets.

You should book tickets in advance to ensure the seats. Contact the hotlines of the bus provider before your trip for about 3 to 4 days. To find a reputable bus service provider, you can ask for your acquaintances’ advice or the people on the Ha Giang travel on social media.

meo vac to dong van by travel bus
Taking a travel bus can be another option for you

Driving personal car

You can also drive your personal car from Meo Vac to Ha Giang. This must be more convenient and private than public transportation. If you go with your family, it is an appropriate option.

However, the fuel cost will be higher than other means of transportation. The petrol cost for a trip from Meo Vac to Dong Van must be around 1 million VND.

Besides, you should bring the driving license and car register documents in case of being checked by a policeman.

meo vac to dong van by personal car
Driving your personal car must be more convenient and private than public transportation

Some helpful tips to go from Meo Vac to Ha Giang

Besides the above information, you should consider the following details to ensure a favorable trip from Meo Vac to Ha Giang.

Come to the bus station early

You should arrive at the bus station 30 minutes to 1 hour before departure. If you don’t have experience with taking buses, you might need a little more time to find the right one.

You cannot disregard the possibility of emergencies that might occur. Therefore, arrive early to have time to handle situations like these.

Be careful while driving

You surely know that the route from Meo Vac to Ha Giang has many sharp bends, steep slopes, and challenging stretches. Therefore, the advice for those who drive themselves is to always be cautious when on the road.

On the way, you will pass through the Ma Pi Leng pass, one of the most challenging mountain passes in Ha Giang. The road is extremely perilous along the steep hillside, so if you’re not careful, it can be very dangerous.

Check the weather forecast

Remember to check the Ha Giang weather forecast before going to prepare well for the trip. Driving in the rain is such a bad idea. The roads will be so slippery, the rain will reduce your vision while on the road.

When checking the forecast, you should search for the exact destination. Furthermore,You should see about 2 to 3 days in advance to have time to arrange a suitable schedule and means of transportation.

ma pi leng when going from meo vac to dong van
Be careful when going through Ma Pi Leng pass, a challenging pass in Ha Giang

Above is the detailed information when going from Meo Vac to Ha Giang. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I hope that you will have a good trip to Meo Vac and Ha Giang.

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