Ha Giang City To Dong Van: Cost, Time, How To Travel?

Ha Giang to Dong Van is a trip that is liked by many tourists. However, “which is the best means of transportation?” is still a question that is asked many times. This article will show you the answer.

ha giang city to dong van
The road from Ha Giang city to Dong Van is so rugged but fascinating

How to travel from Ha Giang to Dong Van?

Dong Van Ha Giang is one of the interesting destinations, which attracts many tourists every year. Therefore, the more people travel to Ha Giang, the more they need a variety of vehicles, which can adapt to many kinds of travelers.

Driving motorbike from Ha Giang to Dong Van

Driving motorbikes must be the most interesting choice because with motorbikes, you will have the chance to admire all the beautiful scenery of Ha Giang loop. Going by motorbikes, you can feel the wind creeping through your hair, and you can breathe the fresh air with the warm sunshine also.

For the best experience, you should choose Ha Giang motorbike rental service. If you rent a motorbike, you do not need to worry about having vehicles or not. The service providers would serve you a full package, which contains the essential stuff for a motorbike trip.

motorbike to Dong Van
Many tourists choose motorbikes as their vehicle for the trip

You can consider HA GIANG AMAZING TOUR for the need of motorbike rental. All the motorbikes of HA GIANG AMAZING TOUR have strong engines and good brakes, which helps you to conquer the tough roads in Ha Giang. Moreover, they also equip the essential belongings for a trip as mentioned below.

Price 180.000 VND per day ($7.66) for semi-automatic
550.000 VND per day ($23.4) for manual ones
Travel time About 4 hours
Departure time Depend on your itinerary
Driver Required from service/ Drive on your own
Belongings provided Good-quality helmets, tourist map, raincoat, lanyard, limbs protection, medical masks
Hotline 0915 635 969
Address 123A Ly Thuong Kiet, Ngoc Ha, Ha Giang

The advantages of traveling by motorbikes are proactive in time, good price, and able to stop at any place. You can hire as many motorbikes as you want depending on the number of people in your group. Therefore, many people decide to travel by motorbike, especially use motorbike rental services.

way to dong van
HA GIANG AMAZING TOUR is a famous tour agency in Ha Giang

Going on Ha Giang motorbike tour from Ha Giang to Dong Van

If you do not want to ride the motorbike yourself, you can try the Ha Giang motorbike tour. With this service, you already have the itinerary and drivers, you just need to follow this and enjoy Ha Giang’s trip.

There are many tour options for you. In spite of wanting to go by Dong Van, you can pick the tour which goes through Dong Van and explore the other destinations also such as Meo Vac, Pao’s house,etc. This must be an interesting experience.

Because the drivers from the tour are local people, they are familiar with the road in Ha Giang so you do not need to be afraid of being lost. Sometimes, they would tell you a few interesting stories or lead you to attractive places. They are also helpful and friendly to make sure customers’ experience is as good as possible.

Here are the price quotations of the motorbike tour provided by HA GIANG AMAZING TOUR. However the price would alter depending on the itinerary of the tour.

Tour Price
2 days 1 night $130 – $180/pax
3 days 2 nights $190 – $250/pax
4 days 3 nights $260 – $330/pax
5 days 4 nights $350 – $430/pax

Note: The price on the table is for reference only, please contact the travel agency for exact information.

drivers to Dong Van
The drivers are so friendly and humorous

Taking bus from Ha Giang to Dong Van

Taking the bus to Dong Van is another option for you. After arriving in Ha Giang city, you can start your trip to Dong Van at Ha Giang bus station. To book the tickets in advance, you should call the bus service provider. Here is information about some bus service providers.

Bus service provider Departure time Hotline
Manh Quan Ha Giang city to Dong Van: 7am – 3pm
Dong Van to Ha Giang: 1pm – 3pm
Cuong Thuy Ha Giang city to Dong Van: 7am – 3pm
Dong Van to Ha Giang: 1pm – 3pm
Trung Yen Ha Giang city to Dong Van: 12h30pm
Dong Van to Ha Giang: 5pm

The ticket price is around 100 ($4.23) – 150.000 VND ($6.35)/ person. It would take you about 4h to 5h to get to Dong Van.

Going by bus is suitable for a group of 3 to 4 people who do not like riding motorbikes.The capacity of a passenger car ranges from 16 to 29 seats depending on the vehicle, so sometimes the seats will not be large and comfortable if the bus is full.

Read more about Ha Giang bus: Ha Giang Dong Van Bus: Ticket Prices, Schedule, How To Book?

bus to dong van
There are many bus service providers in Ha Giang

Driving your personal car from Ha Giang to Dong Van

If you do not feel convenience when traveling by public transportation, you can drive your personal car to conquer the Ha Giang route.

However, the cost would be much more expensive than public transport because of petrol. This means of transportation would take about 1.500.000 VND ($63.43) for petrol, and travel time is about 4 hours.

And driving yourself on Dong Van, Ha Giang road is not that simple because of the tough topography. So you need to be cautious while driving and remember to bring all the necessary licenses such as driving license or vehicle registration.

driving car to Ha Giang
Driving your own car can be an option

Taking notice for the trip from Ha Giang to Dong Van

If you have never traveled from Ha Giang to Dong Van before, I want to give you some advice to prepare for the favorable trip.

  • Remember the route before the trip: Ha Giang streets are winding and rugged, it is easy to get lost so keeping in mind how to go is so necessary.
  • Drive carefully: As you know, driving on Ha Giang’s road is not easy, especially during the rainy season. So you should not drive too fast or carelessly. Driving with proper speed, you can also see the beautiful scenery of Ha Giang.
  • Bring along necessary licenses: This advice is requisite for those who want to drive themselves. Remember to bring your driving license or vehicle registration (use personal vehicle). With foreign tourists, you should prepare the IDP (international driving permit).
  • Book reputable tour agency: With a reputable service provider, your trip would be much more favorable for qualified service.
advices for Ha Giang to Dong Van trip
You had better prepare well to have the best trip

We will provide you with full information about going from Ha Giang to Dong Van. Hope you will choose the right vehicle for your trip.

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