Ha Giang Trekking Tour: Authentic Review From A Foreign Tourist

Trekking tour is one of the tours that attracts many tourists who love to experience it when visiting Ha Giang. If you do not have much experience with the Ha Giang trekking tour, please follow the detailed information below.

trekking tour in ha giang
Ha Giang trekking tour will be an unforgettable experience when traveling to this province

Ha Giang itinerary for Ha Giang trekking tour 4 days 3 nights

You can refer to the suggested itinerary of Ha Giang trekking tour 4 days 3 nights in Hoang Su Phi

Day 1: Ha Giang city – Hoang Su Phi

Morning: After moving to Ha Giang city, you can rest and have a light meal. Then you can take a quick tour around Ha Giang city.

Afternoon: Rent a motorbike and start the trip to Hoang Su Phi. The distance from Ha Giang to Nam Hong, Hoang Su Phi takes about 3 hours to drive, so when you arrive, it may have already started to be evening.

Evening: After arriving in Nam Hong, you choose one of the famous Hoang Su Phi homestay to have dinner and rest overnight on the first night.

hoang su phi homestay
You can spend the night in the convenient homestay of Hoang Su Phi

Day 2: Hoang Su Phi – Nam Hong – Community cultural Nam Hong village

Morning: Your team prepares the belongings to start the trekking trip in Nam Hong village. You start your first trekking trip in the rice terraces of Nam Hong village. You will admire Hoang Su Phi rice terraces, a specialty not to be missed when traveling to Ha Giang.

Afternoon: The next destination of the second day is Community cultural Nam Hong village. Here, you will experience the cultural beauty of the Dao people.

Evening: Return to the homestay to rest and have dinner, preparing for the third day’s schedule. You can walk around the homestay area and discover interesting things here.

rice terrace in hoang su phi
Golden rice terrace will amaze you from the first sight during the trekking tour

Day 3: Community cultural Nam Hong village – Tay Con Linh peak – Down the mountain

Morning: Have breakfast and rest in the morning at the Community cultural Nam Hong village. Then your team moves to Tay Con Linh mountain to start the trekking tour to the mountain peak. You can bring snacks to have lunch at the top of the mountain.

Afternoon: After enjoying the beauty at the top of the mountain, your team begins to go down the mountain. The tour guide will take you to Hoang Su Phi center and then go to Luoc village.

Evening: You can rest, relax or walk around Ban Luoc to admire the majestic natural scenery and the simple life of the people here.

trekking to tay con linh
You can admire the majestic nature when trekking to Tay Con Linh peak

Day 4: Chieu Lau Thi – Hoang Su Phi market – Ha Giang

Morning: Move to Chieu Lau Thi. This is an extremely famous trekking location in Ha Giang. If you go in December, you will experience extremely interesting cloud hunting.

Afternoon: You can visit Hoang Su Phi market on Sunday, one of Ha Giang market that attracts many tourists. Here you will witness the culture and daily life of the indigenous people.

Evening: Pack your luggage, check out the homestay and return to Ha Giang city.

chieu lau thi cloud hunting
You can trek to Chieu Lau Thi peak to witness the sunset and hunt cloud

Price reference for Ha Giang trekking tour

Below are reference prices of some Ha Giang trekking tours you can refer to.

Tour Price
Ha Giang – Hoang Su Phi trekking tour for 3 days 2 nights 2,898,000 VND ($119)/ pax
Ha Giang trekking tour for 4 days 3 nights 5,930,000 VND ($243)/ pax
Ha Giang trekking tour for 5 days 4 nights 8,628,000 VND ($354)/ pax

In each Ha Giang trekking tour, the following terms will usually be included.

  • Accommodations for 3 nights during the trekking tour
  • Accommodation on the early morning arriving to Ha Giang city
  • Pure water throughout the trip
  • Sightseeing tickets at tourist attractions

Depending on each tour and the travel agency, prices and terms will vary. Therefore, you should consult and search for Ha Giang trekking tours from different Ha Giang travel agency to choose a suitable tour.

Price reference for Ha Giang trekking tour
Each kind of Ha Giang trekking tour gives different prices and terms

Transportation for Ha Giang trekking tour

The main means of transportation for the Ha Giang trekking tour is motorbike. Ha Giang is known for its extremely dangerous and winding roads, so motorbikes are the most convenient and easiest means of transportation to get to trekking locations.

You can book a Ha Giang motorbike tour to experience traveling by motorbike. With this service, you will be provided with strong-engine motorbikes to accompany you and conquer the journeys. Furthermore, you also have tour guides who are extremely friendly and enthusiastic local drivers.

Normally when you book a Ha Giang motorbike tour, you will be provided with a manual car because you can control the speed more easily when conquering the breathtaking mountain passes in Ha Giang. When driving to trekking locations, you can park your car at nearby parking locations and then start your trekking trip.

If you do not want to go on a tour, you can choose Ha Giang motorbike rental to rent a motorbike and travel on your own. The price to rent a manual car is around 550,000 VND ($23.4) per day, while a semi-automatic motorcycle costs about 180,000 VND ($7.66) per day.

Transportation for Ha Giang trekking tour
You can book the Ha Giang motorbike tour to come to the trekking spots

Best time for Ha Giang trekking tour

The best time for a Ha Giang trekking tour is in the dry season (September to December). Because this is the dry season, it rarely rains, so the roads are less slippery and more difficult to walk. Moreover, Ha Giang weather at this time is the most pleasant of the year, so trekking is also more comfortable.

Moreover, September to October is the ripe rice season in Ha Giang, so you can go trekking while watching the golden rice fields. If you choose the tour in November, don’t forget to visit the buckwheat flower field, which is in its most beautiful blooming season of the year. Trekking in December is an ideal choice because you will have a worth-trying cloud hunting experience when trekking to the top of the mountain.

However, you should prepare warm clothes for the night when choosing at this time because this is also the beginning of the fall-winter season, so the night temperature and daytime temperature will be quite clearly different.

Best time for Ha Giang trekking tour
The buckwheat flower blooming brightens the Ha Giang scenery

What to bring for Ha Giang trekking tour

Before going on a Ha Giang trekking tour, you need to prepare the following necessary items for a trekking trip.

You should prepare a good pair of hiking shoes to move more easily. Hiking shoes are usually light, sturdy and designed specifically for climbing activities so you won’t hurt your feet when you have to walk a lot.

Besides a pair of hiking shoes, you should also bring sports or climbing clothes to make moving easier when going on a trekking tour.

You should pay attention to bringing as few items as you really need so that you don’t waste too much effort to carry. If you carry items that are too bulky, it will cause trouble when moving.

You should prepare snacks to energize you during the trip. Bread, water or electrolyte drinks can be reasonable choices because they are easy to eat, easy to store and light.

First aid kit is an indispensable item on your journey. You should prepare some basic medications such as headache medicine, pain relievers, band-aids and some of your personal medications.

What to bring for Ha Giang trekking tour
You should pack light during the Ha Giang trekking tour for easy moving

With the information about the schedule, means, prices and times of the Ha Giang trekking tour mentioned, surely you already know more about this trip. Hope you will have a fun trip.

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