Ha Giang Bike Tour: Review 2 Most Exciting Tours On A Budget

The Ha Giang Loop is an incredibly popular travel itinerary when visiting Ha Giang. In addition to that, many travelers are enthusiastic about taking a Ha Giang bike tour to explore Ha Giang. So, let’s explore the itinerary, costs, ideal time, and some important notes for a Ha Giang Loop bike tour.

ha giang bike tour information
Ha Giang bike tour is an interesting tour for those who love long-distance cycling

Top 2 most exciting Ha Giang bike tour itinerary

You can refer to one of the 2 following Ha Giang bike tour itinerary

Tour 1: Ha Giang – Khuoi My – Thong Nguyen – Chieu lau Thi – Nam Hong – Ha Giang

Day 1 (Ha Giang – Khuoi My): You take the first day from Ha Giang city to Khuoi My. The distance is about 45 km long. On the way to Khuoi My, you will see the majestic mountains of Ha Giang mixed with the fresh and peaceful air here. After arriving at Khuoi My, you can visit the ripe rice fields here and end the first day in this village.

Day 2 (Khuoi My – Thong Nguyen): From Khuoi My to Thong Nguyen, it takes 65 km. Thong Nguyen is a famous tourist district of Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang. When you come here, you will be fascinated by the pristine, rustic and simple beauty of nature and life here.

Day 3 (Thong Nguyen – Chieu Lau Thi): From Thong Nguyen to Chieu Lau Thi, it takes about 41 km. Chieu Lau Thi is an extremely famous mountain in Ha Giang. You can go trekking to the top of the mountain and take photos with the landmark.

Day 4 (Chieu Lau Thi – Ho Thau): The distance for you to conquer on day 4 is 58 km. Ho Thau is a small village with terraced fields stretching endlessly. This will also be where you get the rest and spend the night.

Day 5 (Ho Thau – Nam Hong): From Ho Thau to Nam Hong is about 56km. Along the way, you will see people working hard. You can stop and interact with them. When you come to Nam Hong, you will also experience a strangely peaceful Ha Giang. You will then rest here for the 5th night.

Day 6 (Nam Hong – Ha Giang): From Nam Hong to Ha Giang it will take about 80 km. On the way there are a number of cafes where you can stop to rest to regain strength for the next journey. This is also the last spot of this Ha Giang loop bike tour.

ha giang bike tour itinerary
Each beautiful scene of Hoang Su Phi will make you feel impressed

Tour 2: Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Lung Cu – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Du Gia – Ha Giang

Day 1 (Ha Giang – Yen Minh): You go from Ha Giang to Yen Minh for 93 km. The route is relatively long, so you will need to make some pit stops about 2 to 3 times along the way.

Day 2 (Yen Minh – Dong Van): You can explore the Yen Minh pine forest and then go about 78 km to reach Dong Van. Coming to Dong Van, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic and huge mountain ranges. And Dong Van is also the place to rest overnight on the second day.

Day 3 (Dong Van – Meo Vac): The distance of day 3 is Dong Van – Meo Vac with about 41 km. The two districts are quite close to each other so it will take you about 3 to 4 hours to get there. Meo Vac will welcome you with a pristine yet very poetic atmosphere. After dinner and a short rest at the homestay in Meo Vac, you can walk around here to explore more.

Day 4 (Meo Vac – Du Gia): The destination of day 4 is Du Gia. From Meo Vac to Du Gia is 80 km. You can also visit Du Gia waterfall, an interesting tourist destination. After that, you should go back to rest and have dinner at the homestay in Du Gia.

Day 5 (Du Gia – Ha Giang): On day 5 you will go back to Ha Giang and end the Ha Giang bike tour. The journey is about 70 km long, so remember to bring enough food and water to replenish your energy while cycling.

ha giang loop bike tour destinations
The rusticity and simplicity of Dong Van is a scene you cannot see anywhere else

Price reference for Ha Giang bike tour

Below are some reference price lists for some popular Ha Giang bike tour.

Tour Price
Ha Giang bike tour for 5 days $167/ pax
Ha Giang bike tour 6 days $!78/ pax
Ha Giang bike tour 9 days $278/ pax
Ha Giang bike tour 12 days $387/ pax

When booking Ha Giang loop bike tour, you will be able to receive the following terms:

  • A trek mountain bike and a English speaking tour guide
  • Helmet, bike tools, bike tour bump, spares tubes
  • Accomodations at night during the tour
  • Meals during the tour: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Pure water, towel and first aid kit
  • Van or bus supported during bike tour
  • How to book Ha Giang bike tour
  • Permission paper in Ha Giang

These are just the terms for your reference, however for each tour and each bicycle rental address there will be different terms and prices. You should research about many Ha Giang travel agencies to find out which bike tour has the most reasonable price, quality and terms. You can also contact hostels in Ha Giang city to rent bicycles.

price for Ha Giang bike tour
You should be careful when cycling on large roads with lots of traffic

Besides cycling, you may also be interested in Ha Giang motorbike tour, an extremely popular and convenient type of tour chosen by many tourists when traveling to Ha Giang. With motorbikes, you can quickly and easily get to tourist attractions and also see and directly feel the beauty of Ha Giang scenery along the way.

If you do not want to ride a motorbike on a tour, you can consider Ha Giang motorbike rental to rent a motorbike yourself and start the Ha Giang loop trip.

motorbike tour to travel ha giang
When choosing a motorbike tour, you will have a driver accompanying you throughout the tour

Best time to take Ha Giang bike tour

The best time for you to take a Ha Giang loop bike tour is from September to April. This is the dry season so it will rain less, and the road will be less slippery. Especially when it rains, soil roads will be very dirty and difficult to go through. Besides, Ha Giang weather at this time is very pleasant and cool. So when going on a bike tour, you will not feel quickly exhausted or uncomfortable because of the hot weather.

If you go from September to December, you will have the opportunity to see golden terraced rice fields stretching far away or buckwheat flower in Ha Giang. Every morning cycling, you will feel the fresh air of Vietnam’s mountains mixed with natural scenery that you probably haven’t seen in a long time from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Best time to take Ha Giang bike tour
The small triangular flowers create an immense flower field

If you go from January to April, this is spring, the season of blooming flowers and traditional festivals. Along the roads you travel, especially the villages will be filled with the pink of peach branches, the red of rice flowers and the white of plum branches. If the time you go coincides with the festivals, this is definitely a cultural experience you cannot forget.

flower blooming season in ha giang
Flower blooming season in Ha Giang is the time when many young people come to check-in and admire the scenery

Helpful notices when taking Ha Giang bike tour

If this is your first time going on a Ha Giang bike tour, you can consider these following notes to help you have a smooth trip.

Wear your helmet: You should remember to wear a helmet throughout your journey to ensure safety for your head in case you happen to fall or have an accident. Typically, you will be provided with a helmet, but you can also bring your own. Please remember to select high-quality helmets specifically designed for adventure trips.

Ride the bike carefully: As you may already know, the terrain in Ha Giang can be quite treacherous due to its steep and challenging mountain passes. Therefore, it’s crucial to observe and move with great care. Furthermore, on the national highways, you’ll encounter many travel buses carrying tourists and trucks transporting goods. It’s important to pay close attention to these vehicles to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Stay visible: Ensure your visibility to fellow road users by donning vibrant attire or reflective garments when riding during the day. When cycling at night, be sure to employ lights or reflectors on both the front and rear of your bicycle.

Check the weather forecast: You should check the weather forecast before embarking on your journey to make the best preparations. For the most accurate information, it’s advisable to search for the most specific location address possible.

Bring cash: Don’t forget to carry cash with you because payment methods here are not as developed for card swiping or e-banking transfers. Therefore, cash is the most commonly used payment method.

Helpful notices when taking Ha Giang bike tour
You should wear a helmet and necessary belongings when taking Ha Giang bike tour

Taking a Ha Giang bike tour is undoubtedly a fascinating and memorable experience when you visit Ha Giang, a beloved and amazing land in Vietnam. With the information provided above, we hope you will have a smooth and enjoyable journey. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends.

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