Ha Giang Loop Tour From Sapa: Price, Transports, What To Notice?

Are you prepared to set out on an exciting adventure to explore Ha Giang and Sapa? Here’s comprehensive information regarding the Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa that you can consult.

ha giang sapa tour
Taking Ha Giang Sapa tour will bring you to many beautiful attractions

Where to go during the Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa?

Below is a suggested tour itinerary for the Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa 4 days 3 nights that you can refer to.

Day 1: Sapa – Sapa Stone Church – Sapa Night Market – Ha Giang city

8.00 am: After arriving in Sapa, you should check-in, get a room, then rest and eat to regain strength after a long travel time, preparing for a day trip to Sapa.

1.00 pm: You start moving to visit Sapa Stone Church. Built in 1985, the church has witnessed many events here, but the church still maintains the beauty of Roman Gothic architecture.

6.00 pm: If you come to Sapa on Friday, Saturday or Sunday then you can visit Sapa night market. The night market is an extremely bustling place for entertainment, shopping and dining in Sapa.

11.pm: You start to board the bus to Ha Giang. From Ha Giang to Sapa takes from 5 to 6 hours, so tourists often choose the sleeper bus at night to save time.


where to go in Sapa
Sapa Stone Church

Day 2: Ha Giang – Fairy Bosom Ha Giang – Dong Van Old Quarter – Lung Cu

6.00 am: After arriving in Ha Giang city, you check-in at the hotel and rest and eat.

8.00 am: Your team starts going straight to Quan Ba. Along Highway 4C is called Happy Road, there is Fairy Bosom Ha Giang. This natural wonder always makes many tourists excited because of its unique shape.

11.00 am: After about 3 hours of travel, you will arrive at Dong Van Old Quarter. Your team will eat and rest at the restaurant and then start the next journey.

1.00 pm: Go sightseeing around Dong Van Old Quarter. After that, you can visit Vuong’s Palace, one of the houses imbued with ancient architecture of the H’Mong people.

5.00 pm: Move back to Lung Cu to check in for a homestay. This is also the last stop of the second day of the Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa. Your team will rest, have dinner and wander around the homestay area.

sapa ha giang itinerary tour
Dong Van Old Quarter

Day 3: Lung Cu – Ma Pi Leng – Nho Que river – Meo Vac

8.00 am: Head to Lung Cu flagpole. This is an extremely famous tourist destination that everyone visits in Lung Cu. Don’t forget to check-in when you reach the Lung Cu flagpole.

11.00 am: You will rest and have lunch at the restaurant nearby.

1.00 pm: The whole team comes to conquer one of the four great passes of Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng pass. Breathtaking terrain at Ma Pi Leng pass will be an interesting challenge for those who love adventure.

3.00 pm: From the view at the pass, you can see Nho Que river with poetic turquoise water. You can take a boat to visit the Nho Que River or kayak here.

5.00 pm: Right at the foot of the pass is Pa Vi village in Meo Vac. You will stop here and rest and have dinner.

Where to go in ha giang sapa tour
Lung Cu flagpole

Day 4: Meo Vac – Yen Minh – Quan Ba – Ha Giang

8.00 am: Depart for Sung La valley. Here you can visit Pao’s house or buckwheat flower fields blooming in November.

11.00 am: This is your time to rest and have lunch at the restaurant.

1.00 pm: Your team begins to return to Yen Minh. When you come to Yen Minh, you can visit Yen Minh pine forest to visit.

4.00 pm: Go through Quan Ba and return to Ha Giang city. So ends the Ha Giang loop from Sapa trip.

beautiful attractions in ha giang
Sung La valley

How much is the Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa?

Depending on the type of Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa, there are different prices. Below are some reference prices for the tour of the Ha Giang loop.

  • Ha Giang Sapa tour for 6 days 6 nights: 8,137,000 VND ($335)/ pax
  • Ha Giang Sapa tour for 5 days 4 nights: 7, 623,000 VND ($314)/ pax
  • Ha Giang Sapa tour for 4 days 3 nights: 6,877,000 VND ($283)/ pax

The tour package may include the following benefits:

  • Sleeper bus ticket from Sapa to Ha Giang
  • Accommodation on the early morning arriving to Ha Giang city
  • Accommodations for 3 nights in Ha Giang
  • Meals and water: 3 breakfast meals, 3 lunch meals, 3 dinner meals
  • Tour guide during Sapa and Ha Giang tour (optional)
  • Boat trip ticket on Nho Que river

However, this is only a reference price, each travel agency will have a different price and different policies. So you need to refer to the prices of different Ha Giang travel agency to consider and choose the most reasonable Sapa and Ha Giang tour.

 Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa price
Each kind of Sapa Ha Giang tour gives you different experience

How to get to the Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa?

Motorbike is the most popular and chosen means of transportation when taking the Ha Giang loop. As you know, Ha Giang’s terrain has many steep passes, so motorbikes are the most convenient means of transportation.

So you can book a Ha Giang motorbike tour for your Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa. With a motorbike tour, you will have a tour guide to go with you. The tour guides are also the drivers who accompany you throughout the journey. You can also choose to drive yourself and follow a guide.

To be sure of having motorbikes for renting, you should book a tour 2 weeks or more in advance. Especially during peak travel times, it will be difficult to book a motorbike tour if you do not book early.

ha giang sapa tour transportation
Motorbike tour is the most popular choice when taking Ha Giang loop

When is the best time for the Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa?

The dry season from September to December is the ideal time for you to travel to the Ha Giang Sapa tour. During these months, both Ha Giang and Sapa offer extremely beautiful landscapes and very pleasant weather.

When going to Sapa and Ha Giang tour, you will definitely have to cross mountain passes, so in the dry season it rains less so the road will not be slippery, affecting the movement of the whole journey.

However, during the day the temperature is quite cool, but at night the temperature drops quite deeply, so remember to carefully prepare warm clothes to wear extra when the temperature drops. In particular, you should follow the Ha Giang weather forecast before each trip to proactively arrange your itinerary.

If you go in October, you will see golden terraced fields stretching endlessly. If you go in November, don’t forget to take photos with the buckwheat flower field in Sung La valley. The tourist specialty of December is the experience of hunting clouds on the top of the mountain.

 the best time for the Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa
Cloud hunting on December

What to notice when being on Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa

Come to the Sapa bus station early: You should arrive at the Sapa bus station 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier than the departure time to Ha Giang city. You should arrive early to have enough time to put things away, get on the bus or have time to deal with urgent matters.

Plan the budget carefully: To have enough money for the trip, you should make a careful and detailed spending plan to have the best preparation for the trip. And remember to prepare cash because some places do not commonly use money transfer methods via e-banking or swiping cards.

Learn some Vietnamese: Because people here are not fluent in English, you need to learn a few basic Vietnamese sentences and prepare a translation app to communicate.

notice when being on Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa
Remember to come to Sapa bus station early

Sapa and Ha Giang are both famous tourist attractions in Vietnam. With the above information, we hope to help you learn more about the Ha Giang loop tour from Sapa. I Hope you have a happy trip.

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