Ha Giang Travel Agency: 5 Reliable Agencies With Best Services

Many people often choose to book tours through Ha Giang travel agencies because of convenience. Here are the 5 suggested Ha Giang travel agency and some tips when choosing travel agency for your upcoming Ha Giang loop.

Top 6 reliable Ha Giang travel agency for Ha Giang tour

Many tourists choose Ha Giang travel agencies for their trips to Ha Giang. Here are the top 6 reputable Ha Giang travel agencies you should consider.

Ha Giang travel agency for Ha Giang tour
Booking travel tour from Ha Giang travel agency is the most popular option of the tourists

Ha Giang Amazing Tours

Ha Giang Amazing Tours is a travel company established in 201, specializing in providing Ha Giang travel tours. Its predecessor is Amazing Hostel, a business offering accommodation and motorbike rental services in Ha Giang.

The special feature of Ha Giang Amazing Tours is that the founders and the team of tour guides of this Ha Giang travel agency are all locals who are committed to providing the best possible experiences for tourists visiting Ha Giang.

With many years of experience in the travel industry, Ha Giang Amazing Tours has earned the trust and companionship of over a thousand customers. On Tripadvisor, Ha Giang Amazing Tours has received a 5-star rating and positive comments from all around the world. They not only provide the best service experiences but also strive to deliver value in terms of spirit and rich emotional experiences.

Ha Giang Amazing Tours
Ha Giang Amazing Tour is a reputable tour publishing address in Ha Giang

Ha Giang Amazing Tours provides the following main tourism services:

  • Ha Giang motorbike rental: They offer motorbike rental services for those who want to explore Ha Giang independently.
  • Ha Giang motorbike tour: They offer a tour package combining between the tour package and motorbike traveling with local drivers.
  • Ha Giang loop tour: They offer a variety of tour packages for exploring Ha Giang, which may include visits to popular attractions, trekking, cultural experiences, and more.

The motorbike rental service at Ha Giang Amazing Tours has received positive reviews for its quality and service. They offer three main types of motorcycles for rent: manual transmission bikes, automatic scooters, and semi-automatic bikes. Ha Giang Amazing Tours takes pride in providing powerful and robust motorbikes that can handle the challenging roads of Ha Giang.

Furthermore, when renting a motorbike from Ha Giang Amazing Tours, customers also receive essential support equipment for their journey of exploring Ha Giang. Right after coming to Ha Giang city, you can come to the address of Ha Giang Amazing Tours to rent motorbike or book the tour.

In addition to providing motorbike tours, Ha Giang Amazing Tours also offers car tours, trekking adventures, and camping experiences. If you prefer to follow your own itinerary, this travel agency can also customize tours according to your specific requirements. This flexibility allows you to tailor your Ha Giang journey to your preferences and interests, ensuring a personalized and memorable travel experience.

Ha Giang motorbike rental
Ha Giang motorbike tour is one of the famous services of Ha Giang Amazing Tours

PYS Travel

PSY Travel is also one of the Ha Giang travel agencies that many tourists choose. PSY Travel provides a variety of tours for tourists who want to experience Ha Giang.

With much experience in the tourism field, PSY Travel also received many compliments from passengers who have experienced here. However, PYS Travel only provides tour services, so if you want to rent a car, you need to contact another car or motorbike rental service provider.

PYS Travel
PSY Travel has many years of experience on Ha Giang tours


Vietravel is the third travel agency on this list. Vietravel has 27 years of experience in the field of tourism. They not only offer tours in Ha Giang but also provide international tours and tours in other provinces and cities.

When you book a tour to Ha Giang with Vietravel, the tour package includes additional services such as accommodation, dining options, and transportation to and from the bus station. However, similar to PSY Travel, this travel agency does not provide rental car services. So, if you want to explore Ha Giang by motorcycle, you will need to find another provider.

Vietravel provides all necessary information and services for Ha Giang loop

Ha Giang Tour – Pheng Pheng

Ha Giang Tour – Pheng Pheng is the 4th character mentioned in the list of Ha Giang travel agencies. This travel agency is also quite famous in the tourism field in Ha Giang with attentive and enthusiastic service.

Like other Ha Giang tour publishers, Ha Giang Tour – Pheng Pheng offers a number of typical tours such as 2 days 1 night tour, 4 days 3 nights tour, etc. Prices at Ha Giang tour – Pheng Pheng are the same as at most other establishments, ranging from 3 million to 7 million per person.

Besides, you can also rent a motorbike at Ha Giang Tour – Pheng Pheng to explore and conquer the dangerous roads at Ha Giang pass. So you can also consider the services of Ha Giang Tour – Pheng Pheng.

Ha Giang Tour - Pheng Pheng
Ha Giang Tour – Pheng Pheng also provides motorbike rental services

The Sinh Tours

The Sinh Tours is a reputable travel agency, not only in Ha Giang but also other travel provinces or foreign countries. The Sinh Tours will provide you with comprehensive travel services from start to finish, ensuring you will be more comfortable throughout your trip to Ha Giang.

The Sinh Tours also offers popular tours in Ha Giang, such as trips to the Nho Que River or Meo Vac. You can also customize your own tour with the destinations you want to visit.

To book a tour, please contact The Sinh Tours directly through their hotline or website. If you have the time, it’s advisable to visit their office in person for more convenient consultation.

The Sinh Tours
The Sinh Tours will provide you with comprehensive travel services from start to finish

Helpful notes when choosing Ha Giang travel agency

You can refer to this advice to be able to choose the favorable Ha Giang travel agency.

You should book the tour three to four weeks earlier than your trip to have time to get the best preparation as well as manage the appropriate itinerary for your trip. Moreover, you will not have to suffer much money when you book a tour early.

You should compare the price, the service and the reviews among the Ha Giang travel agencies to find out the best as well as the most appropriate travel agency for your condition.

Besides, you can find the reviews about these Ha Giang travel agencies through the group on social media or the travel applications such as TripAdvisor. You need to check carefully to pick the best one.

You should ask carefully for the price and included services to know what is provided and not. Therefore, you can know what to plan for your itinerary and make an appropriate budget for your tour.

To book a tour, you can book through their website or hotline. However, tour providers will often have many discounts and promotions for tourists.

You should research the tour carefully before choosing Ha Giang travel agency

The above article introduces the top 5 Ha Giang travel agencies you can refer to for your trip to Ha Giang. If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below for answers. Wishing you a happy trip to Ha Giang.

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