Tour Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan: Price, Itinerary, What Is Special

If you want to explore the beauty of the Northeastern provinces of Vietnam, you can consider the Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour with extremely interesting tourist destinations. Below is detailed information about the tour itinerary you can take into consideration.

Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Bac Kan tour
Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Bac Kan are three interesting tourist destinations in the Northeast region

Suggested itinerary Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour

This is a Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour for 5 days and 4 nights that you can refer to.

Day 1: Hanoi – Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Yen Minh

6.00 am: The team starts departing from Hanoi to Ha Giang. On the way, the whole team will stop and rest at a rest stop on the highway.

11.00 am: The team goes to Ham Yen, Tuyen Quang. It is noon now, so the whole team will stop here to have lunch and rest to regain strength for the next journey.

2.00 pm: The whole team stops and visits the sacred Doi Co Cau Ma Temple located right on the banks of the Lo River.

3.00 pm: After about 7 hours of driving, you have arrived in Ha Giang city. Then rent a motorbike and start moving to other locations in Ha Giang.

4.30 pm: The whole team stops at Quan Ba Heaven Gate to witness the majestic beauty of Fairy Bosom Ha Giang and the panoramic view of Tam Son town.

5:30 pm: Coming to Yen Minh Ha Giang, you will check-in into the homestay

6:30 pm: After taking a quick rest, the team has dinner in a restaurant and visits around freely. You will also spend the night in Yen Minh.

yen minh district
Yen Minh district brings a feeling of peace and relaxation every time you visit

Day 2: Yen Minh – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Bao Lac

6:00 am: You wake up early to have breakfast and then start moving to visit tourist attractions in Dong Van Karst Plateau. Along the way, you will visit the following stops:

  • Pho Cao
  • Pao’s House
  • Vuong’s Palace
  • Lung Cu Flagpole

12:30 pm: The whole team stops, rests and has lunch at the restaurant to recharge and save up the energy.

2:00 pm: The whole team continues their trip to famous tourist destinations

7:00 pm: The whole team moves to Bao Loc, then checks in and rests. In the evening, everyone is free to play and eat at Bao Lac.

nho que river
The poetic Nho Que river flows between the majestic Tu San alley

Day 3: Bao Lac – Ban Gioc waterfall – Nguom Ngao cave – Cao Bang

6:00 am: You check out and start departing for Cao Bang.

11:00 am: The team stops and has lunch at Quang Nguyen. After a short rest, the team starts moving to Ban Gioc.

2:00 pm: In the afternoon, the team will visit the following locations:

  • Ban Gioc waterfall
  • Nguom Ngao cave
  • Phuc Sen forging village

6:30 pm: The whole team arrives at Cao Bang city. You go to the restaurant to have a meal and then check in to the hotel to rest. In the evening, people can freely play and shop in Cao Bang.

Ban Gioc waterfall
Ban Gioc waterfall has a majestic scenery

Day 4: Cao Bang – Pac Po – Ba Be

6:00 am: Tourists check out and have breakfast then get on the bus to go to Pac Bo, Cao Bang.

8:00 am: After a long journey to Pac Bo, the team moves to Pac Bo Historical Site. Visiting the residence and activities of President Ho Chi Minh during the years of resistance from 1941 to 1945, the team took souvenir photos at Lenin Stream – Karl Marx Mountain and visited Coc Bo cave.

10:00 am: The whole team gets on the bus to leave Pac Bo for Ba Be. On the way, you will see passes with beautiful mountain and forest scenery such as: Tai Ho Sin pass, Cao Bac pass, Gio pass.

12:00 pm: The team stops to rest and have lunch on Gio Pass

4:00 pm: The team arrives at Ba Be, checks in at the stilt house of the Tay people along Ba Be Lake.

6:00 pm: Dinner and overnight in Ba Be. In the evening, you can choose to have an artistic exchange, light a campfire or listen to a singing performance of the Tay people.

Lenin Stream
Lenin Stream is a famous destination when traveling to Pac Bo

Day 5: Ba Be lake – Hanoi

7:00 am: You have breakfast at the stilt house, then rest or walk around Ba Be lake and then start moving back to Hanoi.

8:00 am: You walk to the marina and get off the boat to visit Ba Be Lake while relaxing and admiring the lake scenery, free to take pictures and visit the following places:

  • Ao Tien: Located in a corner of Ba Be Lake in the middle of a mountain rising above the lake.
  • An Ma Temple: Located on a small mountain in the middle of the lake. “An Ma” means the resting place of Man Soldiers.
  • Ba Goa Island: A beautiful small island located right in the center of the lake, associated with the formation of the lake.

11:30 pm: The whole team had lunch at the restaurant then started getting on the bus back to Hanoi.

Ba Be lake
Ba Be lake is known for its poetic watercolor

Price reference for the tour to Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan

Prices for the Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour range from about 4,880,000 VND to 5,200,000 VND per adult.

In particular, the tour package will include:

  • Means of transportation throughout the tour
  • Accommodation: 3 nights at standard hotels in Ha Giang, Dong Van, Cao Bang with full services. 1 night stay at Ho Ba Be tourist area. However, different hotel standards will have different prices
  • Meals: 4 standard meals, 9 set meals with 5 or more dishes and pure water.
  • Tickets to visit locations according to tour schedule
  • Tour guide with enthusiastic and thoughtful service
  • Comprehensive travel insurance (if traveling in a team)

However, the tour price will not include:

  • VAT tax
  • Tips for drivers or tour guide
  • Personal expense
  • Single room surcharge and foreign guest surcharge
Price reference for the tour to Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan
The tour package includes tickets to visit tourist attractions

Transportation for Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour

Below are some transportation options for the Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour you can refer to.

Taking motorbike tour

The Ha Giang motorbike tour is definitely a desirable choice for those who love to experience and discover new things. When going on the Ha Giang – Cao Bang – Bac Kan tour, you will directly experience the natural beauty of these tourist localities. Besides, all three provinces have rugged and difficult mountainous terrain, so motorbikes are the most suitable means of transport to travel through narrow and rocky roads.

When choosing a motorbike tour, you will be provided with a motorbike with a strong engine and essential belongings to accompany you through the journeys. Furthermore, you will also have a driver who is also a tour guide to accompany you throughout all stages of the trip.

Taking motorbike tour for Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour
You can book Ha Giang motorbike tour to conquer the roads during the trip

If you want to drive yourself with a scheduled itinerary, you can choose not to have a driver or consider the Ha Giang motorbike rental service to rent a motorbike for your trip.

However, you should book a tour 2 weeks to 1 month in advance to be sure to book a tour and have enough motorbikes for your team. Furthermore, booking a tour early will give you more time to prepare and will cost you less money than booking a tour late if you want to cancel.

motorbike rental for Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour
You can also rent motorbike to go on your own

Taking car tour

Taking the Ha Giang loop car tour is also a popular choice for tourists who want to take the Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour. Car tour will be more suitable if your team includes children or elderly people because traveling by car will be less tiring and travel time will be faster.

However, if you go by car, you will not be able to directly see the beautiful natural scenery while traveling on the road. Furthermore, if anyone suffers from car sickness, traveling by car on hilly roads will not be a reasonable choice.

If you don’t like going on a tour, you can travel to other locations on your own with the bus from Ha Giang to Cao Bang, and the bus from Cao Bang to Bac Kan.

To choose a reasonable Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour, you should refer to prices and tours from many different Ha Giang travel experiences.

Taking car tour for Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour
Car tour will be more suitable if your team includes children or elderly people

Best time for Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour

The best time for a trip to Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan is from September to April. Because the weather in these months is extremely comfortable and pleasant, suitable for travel. The weather is not too hot, so when moving you will not feel tired or exhausted. However, the temperature in all three provinces at this time is quite cold, so you need to prepare warm and adequate clothes.

Especially when you come to Ha Giang in October, you will see the golden terraced fields stretching endlessly. If you come to Cao Bang in November and December, you will see fields of buckwheat flowers and wild sunflowers covering the mountains and forests.

Best time for Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour
You have chance to witness the buckwheat flower field when coming to Cao Bang in November

From January to April is one of the most worthwhile times of the year to travel because the weather is still the dry season so there is little rain and the weather is a bit chilly, very suitable for trips to explore new lands. Moreover, this is also the festival season so you will experience many interesting things in Ha Giang, Cao Bang and even Bac Kan.

You should remember to check the weather forecast before starting your trip to have more control in your preparation and schedule. You should remember to look up the exact location you are going to to have the most accurate weather information.

traditional festival in ha giang
The traditional festivals creates the bustling and fun atmosphere

Above is complete information about the schedule, prices, transportation and ideal time for the Ha Giang Cao Bang Bac Kan tour that you can refer to. If you find the article useful, please share it with your friends.

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