Tham Ma Slope: Review Of 8 Attractive Instagrammable Places

Tham Ma Slope is considered one of the special routes in Ha Giang City. Needless to say, Tham Ma Slope is a key factor that creates the uniqueness of this land. The following pieces of information will help you know more about Tham Ma Slope and travel spots on the way.

Tham Ma Slope (2)
Tham Ma Slope is considered one of the special routes

Top 8 Instagrammable spots at Tham Ma Pass

Tham Ma Slope runs from Ha Giang to Meo Vac district so there are plenty of scenic areas for you to admire. Let’s have a look at these 8 travel spots that you should stop by at Tham Ma Slope.

Quan Ba Heaven Gate

The first destination that we need to talk about at Tham Ma Slope is Quan Ba Heaven Gate.

From the Heaven Gate, you can enjoy a panoramic view of winding roads on the mountainside and the vibrant green hills peeking through the white clouds. Standing from Quan Ba Heaven Gate, you can have an overview of Ha Giang, that is the reason why this is the favorite check-in spot for young people.

Quan Ba Heaven's Gate
Quan Ba Heaven Gate is a favorite check-in spot for young people

Quan Ba Fairy Bosom

Also from Quan Ba, Quan Ba Fairy Bosom is a must-go place when you explore Tham Ma Slope.

The Twin Mountains’ rounded, symmetrical, and balanced shape is similar to a pair of breasts. The special thing is that when the season changes, the twin mountains also change colors accordingly.

Upon your visit to Fairy Bosom Ha Giang, you’ll have the opportunity to not just capture breathtaking photos, but also to listen to the tales that revolve around the myths encircling these two mountains.

Co Tien Twin Mountains
Quan Ba Fairy Bosom is a must-go place when you explore Tham Ma Slope

Quyet Tien market

Tham Ma Slope also travels you to Quyet Tien market, a place that holds cultural differences and interference.

Quyet Tien Market stands as a renowned local market in the Northwest. Open only on Saturday mornings, it provides understanding of the local lifestyle, and cultural richness, and a chance to discover regional goods and cuisine.

Just don’t forget to take some photos of yourself and this lively market.

Quyet Tien Market
Tham Ma Slope offers regional goods and cuisine

Yen Minh Pine Forest

When Tham Ma Slope passes Yen Minh, you will have the chance to discover Yen Minh Pine Forest with its mysterious beauty.

Among the enchanting and poetic Pine Forest scenery, you can capture incredibly soothing photos. Besides, the peaceful scenery and lush vegetation of Yen Minh Pine Forest offer a chance for you to relax, and escape daily noise and tiredness.

Yen Minh Pine Forest
Yen Minh Pine Forest with mysterious beauty

Yen Minh Town

When you finally pass Yen Minh Pine Forest, you will reach Yen Minh Town.

Upon your arrival in Yen Minh town, you’ll encounter a multitude of age-old stilt houses, each bearing the traces of time’s passage and associated with the Tay and Giay ethnic minorities.

While progressing on your journey, bamboo groves lining the streams and rice fields below will come into view. The peaceful atmosphere of this place is a beautiful setting that is guaranteed to be captured in stunning photos.

Yen Minh Town is situated amidst high mountain ranges
Yen Minh Town bears the traces of time’s passage

Du Gia

Another destination that you should visit when going on Tham Ma Slope is Du Gia Ha Giang, which belongs to Yen Minh district. This place is famous for its unspoiled view which has been kept for years.

Upon visiting Du Gia, you’ll discover the cultures and lifestyles of the Hmong and Tay ethnic groups, as well as appreciate the untouched, rustic, and close-to-nature landscapes.

This will be a perfect chance for you to capture some of the most stunning pictures on your Tham Ma Slope journey.

Du Gia
Another destination that you should visit when going on Tham Ma Slope is Du Gia

Dong Van Karst Plateau

Tham Ma Slope is named as Dong Van’s gateway so Dong Van Karst Plateau is also a place that you will have chance to visit.

Besides the limestone mountain ranges, the plateau is embellished with rivers, streams, and valleys. Such characteristics enhance the plateau’s stunning, grand, and untouched beauty.

Dong Van Karst Plateau

Pho Cao

Compared to other well-known tourist spots in Tham Ma Slope, Pho Cao only has a handful of visitors, mostly backpackers, explore the valley. Yet, if you’re aware of this place and still overlook it, it’s a real shame, as the valley holds exceptional treasures.

Arriving at Pho Cao, you will undoubtedly be enchanted by the untouched and immaculate beauty that this location presents.

Each landscape here possesses its own unparalleled beauty, including Tham Ma Slope (Tham Ma Pass). If you have a chance to travel to Tham Ma Slope, be sure not to overlook the fantastic Instagram-worthy locations mentioned earlier!

Pho Cao has the untouched and immaculate beauty

How to get to Tham Ma Slope

Tham Ma Slope is placed in Highway 4C, runs all the way from Ha Giang city to Meo Vac district and is considered to be one of the top dangerous mountain passes in the northern region. This is the reason why many young people aspire to conquer this pass.

Comprising 9 meandering segments, the pass balances a gentle, elegant quality with a sense of grandeur and magnificence. For first-time adventurers, it presents a worthwhile challenge.

If you want to conquer Tham Ma Slope, you will have to start from Ha Giang city toeards the Northside by using Ha Giang motorbike rental service. During the journey, you will have the opportunity to witness many tourist attractions such as Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van Karst Plataeu and others.

It is also adviced that you should get a tour guide for a better expereince. You can do that by booking Ha Giang motorbike tour for your trip.

The mountain Tham Ma Slope (3)
Tham Ma Slope runs through many tourist attractions of Ha Giang

When is the ideal time to conquer Tham Ma Slope

To be honest, you can come to Tham Ma Slope at any time of the year because in each season, it offers different kinds of beauty.

However, according to the experience of backpackers coming here, you should visit Tham Ma Slope during October and December. You have the chance to witness the tender and enchanting charm of buckwheat flower fields, alongside the lively expanse of yellow rapeseed flower fields.

You should also avoid rainy and windy days to go to Tham Ma Slope since they can cause unsafety and accident for tourists.

Tham Ma Slope (5)
Tham Ma slope is beautiful in every seasons

Make sure that you include Tham Ma Slope into your itinerary when coming to Ha Giang city. I can personally guarantee that this location will satisfy your expectation if not say beyond.

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