Du Gia Ha Giang: Exciting Experience You Must Try In 2024

Du Gia Ha Giang is a perfect place for travelers who want a peaceful experience of Ha Giang city. Coming to Du Gia Ha Giang, you will be immersed in nature and the rustic and peaceful mountainous countryside.

Experience the feeling of escaping when traveling to Du Gia, Ha Giang
Du Gia Ha Giang is a perfect place for travelers who want a peaceful experience

Things to do in Du Gia Ha Giang

As quiet and calm as it seems, Du Gia Ha Giang still has some interesting activities to stimulate your curiosity and desire to explore. Let’s explore this place together, shall we?

Visiting Du Gia Waterfall

A “must-go” destination when coming to Du Gia Ha Giang is the famous Du Gia Waterfall. Besides, Du Gia Waterfall is only 4km away from Du Gia commune so it is really easy to travel between the two places.

People don’t often think that a small village has such a majestic waterfall. Therefore, Du Gia Waterfall usually surprises tourists with its spectacular scenery, which is the reason why this is the hot spot for taking selfies and photos.

Blessed by the beautiful waterfall and the small river below, Du Gia Waterfall is also a place for activities like swimming, diving, etc. Especially, you can try catching fish –  a very special activity that tourists have to try. However, this kind of activity requires a high level of exercise intensity so make sure you have the strength.

Also, you should organize a small outdoor camping trip by the river to form closer relationships with your friends and family. Just remember to collect all the waste before leaving to preserve the beauty of Du Gia Ha Giang.

Du Gia waterfall
Du Gia Ha Giang is a “must-go” destination

Participating in Du Gia market

Du Gia Ha Giang is also famous for its market. Du Gia market has always been attracted to travelers who want to explore cultural differences, especially since it only takes you about 5 – 10 minutes to travel.

Du Gia market offers various kinds of goods such as agriculture products, handicraft products, daily life products, traditional clothes and so much more. Moreover, you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes of different ethnic groups.

Phong Luu love market takes place every year on the 15th day of the third lunar month, which is also an opportunity for tourists to exchange, make friends, and learn about the culture.

So make sure to visit Du Gia market during your time in Du Gia Ha Giang here.

Du Gia Love Market
Du Gia market has always been attracted to travelers who want to explore cultural differences

Backpacking around Du Gia Ha Giang

A suggestion from experienced travelers is that you definitely should try backpacking around Du Gia Ha Giang.

You can choose between two vehicles: a motorbike or a bicycle. Riding the vehicle yourself, you will be able to admire the panoramic view of Du Gia in the most authentic way. From the beauty of Ha Giang’s nature to the daily, working life of Du Gia’s people. That’s why when traveling to Du Gia Ha Giang can bring home a lot of unique photos and videos.

If you just only want to admire the beauty of Du Gia, you can always book Ha Giang motorbike tour from the travel agency.

Transportation to Du Gia
Backpacking around Du Gia Ha Giang is recommended by travelers

The beauty of Du Gia Ha Giang

Du Gia Ha Giang carries with it not only the beauty of the scenery but also the cultural identity.

Du Gia’s scenery

Du Gia is more than 70km from Ha Giang city and is embraced by the Northeast mountains. There are hardly any traces of modern improvements, hence, this place is said to be unspoiled and suitable for people who want to find peace.

From a distance, Du Gia appears hidden among the mountains of Ha Giang, You will barely catch a glimpse of the image of traditional houses, crop fields, and the life of Du Gia’s people, which creates a stunning picture.

Du Gia Ha Giang also owns different kinds of terrains: mountain, river, waterfall, pass,… Visitors to Du Gia will be able to see the magnificent natural scenery that is not available everywhere.

Du Gia Ha Giang
Beauty that is not available everywhere

Culture and cuisine of Du Gia Ha Giang

Du Gia, Ha Giang is also a place with diverse folklore. If you have time, learn about the customs and habits of the people living and working here. This will make your travel journey much more meaningful!

Visitors can also take this opportunity to learn about traditional specialties that are very different from the lowlands, now through the introduction of the villagers will make you admire the richness of the cuisine of Du Gia Ha Giang.

The locals in Du Gia are very friendly towards visitors
Du Gia, Ha Giang is also a place with diverse folklore

Notes when coming to Du Gia Ha Giang

Before, tourists had to travel a long way and a long time to get to Du Gia Ha Giang. Nowadays, you can rent motorbike Ha Giang and it will only take 1-2 hours to complete the journey. You can also use personal car and tourist car based on your preference.

However, you should choose a high-ranked travel agency. It will assure your safety and avoid unnecessary risks. To do that, take a look at the reviews of people who have experienced the service, check the quality of the vehicle, and make sure the motorcycle is still in good working order and properly maintained.

Also, make sure you have adequate luggage such as helmets, raincoats, maps, water, and other necessary items to be ready for any situation.

Transportation to Du Gia
Motorbike is the top choice of tourists when coming to Du Gia

The article has provided you with information about Du Gia Ha Giang. Hopefully, you can plan and prepare well for your trip to explore this land and experience the wonderful things that Du Gia offers.

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