Review 7 Most Friendly Homestays In Dong Van Ha Giang In 2024

Accommodation is a big question anywhere you travel. So when you take a Ha Giang loop tour in Dong Van, do not worry because you can choose among many friendly homestay in Dong Van. This article helps you point out some friendly Dong Van homestays.

dong van in homestay
A lot of tourists decide to stay in homestay when traveling to Dong Van

Top 7 best Dong Van homestays you should not miss

If you talk about where to stay when coming to Dong Van, you cannot miss the following 7 Dong Van homestay addresses.

1.Nha co Homestay 1925

Nha co Homestay 1925 is known for its age of more than 200 years. The origin of this house was being built from a H’Mong rich family therefore Nha co Homestay 1925 still keep the traditional architecture of H’Mong house.

Nha co Homestay 1925
Homestay 1925 is more than 200 years old

The homestay is constructed by red pine wood, a precious and rare wood. This material helps the homestay cool in summer and warm in winter. Meanwhile, living in a house made of wood, you will feel the coziness and peace.

The homestay has two floors and each one is divided into 3 sections. Nha co Homestay 1925 has many types of rooms, serving various needs of tourists. If you want private space, you can rent a private room, otherwise you can stay in a dorm room of six to eight people at a cheaper price.

When walking inside, you will be attracted by the decorations of H’Mong traditional stuff. Here is also a place for you to discover the culture, the customs of local residents in Dong Van Ha Giang.

Homestay 1925
Nha co Homestay imbued with the culture of the H’Mong people

2. Ma Le Homestay

  • Address: Ma Le village, Ma Le commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province

Ma Le homestay is an ancient house over 200 years old and imbued with the traditional architecture and culture of the Giay ethnic people. After being renovated to be a commercial homestay, Ma Le homestay plays the role of promoting the beautiful cultural features of Giay people.

 Ma Le Homestay
Ma Le Homestay has two main floors

Ma Le homestay has three types of rooms, which are single room, double room and dorm room. The rooms are equipped with essential amenities such as wifi, air conditioning, fans, electric water heater.

Visitors to Ma Le homestay can experience walking through rice fields, flowing streams or relax in the homestay and watch village life take place. In addition, visitors can also organize parties, light campfires or have cultural exchanges with local people here.

 Ma Le Homestay in dong van
View from the second floor lobby of the homestay

3. Dong Van H’Mong homestay

  • Address: Dong Van town, Dong Van, Ha Giang province

Like its name, Dong Van H’Mong homestay is a residence imbued with the identity of the H’Mong people.The homestay stands out with a 2-storey yin-yang roof style along with a colorful combination of cultures of other ethnic groups such as Kinh, Tay, Mong, Hoa,… This will definitely bring an extremely interesting experience for visitors.

Dong Van H'Mong homestay
When you come here, you feel like you are at the home of the H’Mong people

The homestay offers free wifi, parking lots, and serves Asian breakfast. Dong Van H’Mong Homestay is a great destination for anyone who wants to temporarily leave the hustle and bustle of life, enjoy fresh air and be overwhelmed with the beautiful scenery of sky, clouds and water.

From this homestay, you can travel to many famous travel destinations in Dong Van. So you can rent a motorbike from Ha Giang motorbike rental for easier traveling. Many tourists pick this vehicle to explore around Ha Giang for long and short routes. Because driving a motorbike, you can be proactive in time and schedule.

rent motorbike in ha giang
You should rent a motorbike to travel in Ha Giang loop

4. Lo Lo Eco House

  • Address: Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province.

If you find a homestay when traveling to Lung Cu Ha Giang, Lo Lo Eco House is a great choice in the list of Dong Van homestay. In this homestay, you will experience the peace of the mountainous atmosphere as well as discover the cultural features of local residents here.

Lo Lo Eco House
Next to Lo Lo Eco House there is an extremely beautiful blooming plum tree

Located right under the Lung Cu flagpole and 24 km far from the Dong Van town, Lo Lo Eco House, tourists can easily pay a visit to these destinations by driving motorbikes.

Lo Lo Eco House has three kinds of rooms which are bungalows and dorm rooms. Bungalow room has Lung Cu flagpole view, rice terraces view and so on. Each room is decorated not only attractively but also rusticly. Dorm room is suitable for a group of friends with the capacity from six to eight people. All rooms are equipped with full amenities.

 Lo Lo Eco House in dong van
You will take many beautiful photos

5. Homie Homestay

  • Address: Lo Lo, Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang

Homie Homestay is one of the unique homestays when searching for Dong Van Homestay. Here, you can feel the rustic and peaceful beauty of Lo Lo village

Within the homestay, the extensive utilization of wood imparts a cozy and exceptionally robust ambiance. Additionally, you can take advantage of the chance to view the Lung Cu flagpole from the homestay and enjoy the sunset alongside it.

Just like other homestays, Homie Homestay has two main types of rooms: double room if you want a self-contained room and dorm room if you want to stay with a large number of people. Each room will have different prices and amenities. Depending on your needs, choose the most suitable room.

Homie Homestay
Homie Homestay has clay walls of the “trinh tuong” house

6. Dong Van B&B Homestay

  • Address: Alley 2, 19/5, Street, Dong Van, Ha Giang province

If you want to stay in a Dong Van homestay that is near the town center, Dong Van B&B Homestay will be an appropriate option. The rooms of this homestay are about 10 to 20 square meters so this is so spacious to stay in. The provided amenities are fully furnished so you can feel very comfortable when you spend your trip in Dong Van B&B Homestay.

If you want private space, you can rent a double room. The bed in this kind of room is a large, closed and well-equipped toilet. You can stay with two to three people in a room.

If you go with a group of friends, you can choose to stay in a dorm with a capacity of six to eight people. The furniture is surely not as convenient as double room but the price is much more affordable. Staying in a dorm will be an interesting experience on your trip.

Dong Van B&B Homestay
The design of Dong Van B&B Homestay is very luxurious and sophisticated

7. Bui Homestay

  • Address: Dong Van welcome gate, Doan Ket road fork, Ha Giang province

Bui Homestay stands out among the Dong Van homestay for its free-spirited and nature-inspired ethos, owing to its proprietor, the founder of the Bui Xuyen Viet club. It is unquestionably a destination tailored for adventurous young travelers who embrace a liberal and carefree lifestyle.

The homestay is structured into two levels: an upper and a lower floor. The second floor serves as the resting area, while the lower floor is designated for cooking and dining purposes. If you wish to prepare a dining feast, you can utilize this space for your arrangements. Additionally, they offer specialty dishes for sale in case you prefer not to dine out.

Bui Homestay
Bui Homestay brings a free-spirited, liberal vibe

Tips to choose an appropriate Dong Van homestay

If you do not have experience finding a Dong Van homestay, follow the helpful tips below to find a suitable place to stay.

Good facilities and amenities: You should find out clearly about the facilities and amenities that the homestay offers. In particular, a basic homestay needs to have full Wi-Fi, hot water, comfortable bedding, and other essentials.

Read reviews and recommendations: You should read reviews from tourists who have experienced the service in advance to have the most objective and accurate view.

Addresses that are easy to move between sightseeings: You should find a place with convenient transportation to make it easier to move during the trip. You should not choose addresses that are difficult to find or have bad roads.

homestay in dong van
You should learn about the facilities and services before choosing to rent a Dong Van homestay

Dong Van homestay is extremely diverse for tourists to choose from. Above are the top 7 friendly homestays in Dong Van you can consider. If you have had experience staying at another homestay, please leave a comment below.

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