Ha Giang Loop In 3 Days: Itinerary, Where To Go, What To Eat?

You are going to have a Ha Giang loop in 3 days but you do not know anything about this trip. With my experience, I will provide with you necessary information for your Ha Giang loop.

ha giang loop in 3 days
The 3-day Ha Giang loop is favorite trip of Ha Giang tourism

Itinerary for Ha Giang loop 3 days

The Ha Giang loop in 3 days starts when you arrive in Ha Giang city. As usual, the tourists will take an overnight bus from Hanoi and come to Ha Giang city in the morning.

Day 1: Ha Giang city – Yen Minh town – HMong King palace – Dong Van

At 7 am, you arrive in Ha Giang city. You can go around the city to explore beautiful spots here. You can come to Khuoi My village, which looks like the fairy land of the town or enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the Quan Am Pagoda. You should not forget to try the cuisine here with au tau porridge or sour noodle soup. etc.

After that, you go on the journey to Yen Minh Ha Giang. On the route, you will pass by Heaven Gate, an ideal location to admire the pristine Ha Giang. When arriving at Yen Minh around noon, you can have lunch here. Then, you should take a rest at the guest house in the district to regain your strength.

After regaining your strength, you will visit famous locations in Yen Minh such as the Yen Minh pine forest or En Cave. The next destination on the first day of the Ha Giang loop 3 days is H’Mong King palace.

In the late afternoon, you will approach Dong Van town. This is where you have dinner and spend the night. In the evening, you can go around the town to see the lifestyle here.

ha giang loop 3 days in yen minh district
In Yen Minh district, there are many interesting destinations to pay a visit

Day 2: Dong Van old town – Ma Pi Leng pass – Meo Vac town – Du Gia

On the second day of the 3-day Ha Giang loop, you will visit Dong Van old town, Ma Pi Leng pass, Meo Vac town and Du Gia.

You will begin the day with breakfast at the homestay. Then, your team moves to conquer Ma Pi Leng pass. This pass is one of 4 great passes in Vietnam because of its steep slopes and cliffs on the mountain sides.

From the view of Ma Pi Leng pass, you can admire the scenery of Nho Que river. Then, you drive ahead to Meo Vac town and stop for lunch there.

In Meo Vac, there are many attractive sightseeings such as Pao’s house or Sung La valley. After visiting around Meo Vac, you continue to Du Gia and spend the night here.

ha giang loop 3 days in Meo vac town
Meo Vac town brings the beauty of pristine and rustic

Day 3: Du Gia – Luy Khuy cave – Ha Giang city

Waking up in Du Gia Ha Giang, a peaceful village, you can feel a totally different experience compared to your daily life. In the morning, you take a visit to Du Gia love market if it is Friday and admire beautiful waterfalls.

Then your team moves to Lung Khuy cave. It would take you 2 hours to drive, so you should have lunch in Du Gia before coming to the cave.

Finally, you will go back to Ha Giang city and catch the bus to Hanoi. It is recommended to take a sleeper bus because you can take a rest on the bus after a long trip.

ha giang loop 3 days in lung khuy cave
The cave is located in Lung Khay village, Quan Ba, Ha Giang

Means of transportation during Ha Giang loop 3 days

Motorbike will be the ideal means of transportation when taking the Ha Giang loop in 3 days. With a motorbike,you will be free to go to the places you want and have more control over your time and schedule. Moreover, riding a motorbike will make it easier to travel on rough or narrow roads.

You can rent motorbikes at Ha Giang motorbike rental agency. It’s advisable to research rental places beforehand. When arriving in the city of Ha Giang, you just need to get in touch with them to rent a motorbike.

If you want a driver and a pre-arranged itinerary, the Ha Giang motorbike tour would be the most suitable choice. With these tour packages, everything is prepared for you, from transportation to dining locations and accommodations. This will be a safe option for those who have never experienced traveling to Ha Giang before.

drive motorbike in Ha Giang loop 3 days
Motorbike will be the ideal means of transportation when taking the Ha Giang loop in 3 days

Must-try specialties when taking Ha Giang loop 3 days

When it comes to Ha Giang food, no one can deny the diversity and uniqueness of the cuisine here. If you visit Ha Giang without trying the following dishes, you haven’t truly experienced Ha Giang tourism.

Thang co: “Thang co” is a distinctive dish of mountainous cuisine. This dish is prepared from the organs of horses or cows. Local people often enjoy “thang co” while drinking corn wine, a specialty highland liquor. You can visit highland markets like Meo Vac market to savor this dish.

Rice flour rolls: Rice flour rolls in Ha Giang are quite distinct from other regions because their dipping sauce is made from bone broth. This dish should be eaten while hot to retain its deliciousness, so it’s recommended to visit eateries for the experience. “Banh cuon ba Ha” located at 31 Dong Van Old Quarter, Ha Giang Province, is a reputable place in Ha Giang to enjoy this dish.

Dried buffalo meat: “Dried buffalo meat” is a dish you can’t miss when visiting Ha Giang. This dish carries a slightly smoky flavor, and the more you chew, the sweeter the meat’s taste blends in your mouth, making it very delicious. You can enjoy this dish while staying at local homestays.

Black chicken hot pot: You should try the black chicken hotpot once you’re in Ha Giang. The chicken is naturally raised, so the meat is incredibly firm and sweet, along with other ingredients like vegetables. During the cold winter, enjoying a hot black chicken hotpot will undoubtedly add more energy to your journey.

Must-try specialties when taking Ha Giang loop 3 days
Many tourists buy dried buffalo meat as gifts for their loved ones

Suggested accommodations for Ha Giang loop 3 days

When you take a Ha Giang loop for 3 days, it means you have to travel from places to places a lot. And where to take a rest is a big question for many travelers. I will give you some suggested accommodations.


Hotel is a cheap option to find accommodation. With the need for tourism development in Ha Giang, it is not difficult to find a hotel. When you need to take a nap in the middle of the day, you can quickly book a room in your location. Most of Ha Giang hotels’ facilities are fully equipped and serve the basic needs.

The price of a room per night is in the range from 200,000 VND to 500,000 VND depending on the class of the room.

Suggested Hotel for Ha Giang loop 3 days
The price of a hotel room is from 200,000 VND to 500,000 VND per night


A homestay is a familiar accommodation option for tourists visiting Ha Giang. Many local residents have developed homestay services with unique designs.

Homestays are suitable for taking a rest in the evenings. Living in a homestay, you can experience interesting activities of local people such as cooking dinner, talking with local people. Staying at a homestay always brings a new and unique feeling to each visitor.

Suggested Homestay for Ha Giang loop 3 days
Spending the night in homestay is a must-try experience when visiting Ha Giang

Expenses for Ha Giang loop 3 days

In the 3-day Ha Giang loop, here is the list of expenses during your trip.

Expense Price
Vehicle expense Motorbike rent: 180,000 VND to 550,000 VND per day
Meal expense 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND per day
Accommodation expense 200,000 VND per night
Utilities expense 1 million VND to 2 million VND

Above is basic information about costs for Ha Giang loop in 3 days. You should prepare a detailed budget for your trip to have more control over spending during the trip.

Expenses for Ha Giang loop 3 days
Vehicle expense takes an amount of Ha Giang trip expense

Above is the detailed information for your Ha Giang loops in 3 days. Hope that this article can give you knowledge for your trip. If you have taken the 3-day Ha Giang loop before, leave a comment below to share your experience.

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