A Memorable Trip To Ha Giang In December With Fog And Snow

If you miss the opportunity to travel in December, you will truly miss out on the amazing experiences in Ha Giang that are only available in December. Driving away the coldness of the weather, every visitor who comes here falls in love with this land and doesn’t want to leave. Exploring Ha Giang in December offers beautiful attractions that attract tourists.

In Ha Giang, December is among the most beautiful months

Ha Giang weather in December

Winter is in full swing in Ha Giang, which is located in a mountainous region of the north. It begins to grow cold in Ha Giang in December, and the rugged highlands are shrouded in fog. The temperature starts to gradually drop in the middle of the month, hoarfrost starts to form, and you can already feel the chill of the high mountains.

The climate in Ha Giang in December is favorable for travel

The hoarfrost is thicker at this time of year, especially in the final days of December. It occasionally snows when the temperature is 0°C or lower. Thus, mid to late December is the best time for travelers who want to explore and wish to look for white snowflakes in Ha Giang.

Discover the beauty of Ha Giang in December

Ha Giang is beautiful and icy in December. Additionally, this is the time of year to see gorgeous flower fields, countless clouds, and the rare sight of snowflakes.

A season’s end sighting of buckwheat blossoms

One of the distinctive flowers of the Ha Giang mountains is the buckwheat blossom. The buckwheat flower field at Dong Van Stone Plateau is regarded as being the biggest and most beautiful one in the nation.

The flower season typically runs from October to December, with December marking the conclusion of the blooming season. Buckwheat flowers display pink and white hues, producing shimmering and poetic beauty along the roadways, winding on cliffs, or blooming on terraced fields.

Ha Giang’s buckwheat flower garden is in full bloom

You can check-in to the buckwheat flower fields at Hoang Su Phi, Sung La, Xin Man, and Pho Bang. You can attempt making delectable recipes out of the seeds in addition to admiring flowers and snapping pictures in the heart of the enormous flower forest. People process buckwheat to make things like cake, wine, tea, and more.

Charming orange chrysanthemum woodland

Ha Giang in December is also known for its untamed chrysanthemum forests, which have beautiful orange hues. This flower thrives on mountains and rocks, rising up to display its vivid hues. They are plainly visible on the approach to Dong Van Town, at the base of Ma Pi Leng, Khau Vai, or the road to Meo Vac, among other places.

When visiting Ha Giang in December, you will observe young children riding on the backs of adults with bags of orange orchids

On the hillside are canola blooms

In the chilly days of December, the fields of yellow and white canola blossoms start to exhibit their most vivid hues. The atmosphere of this oasis will charm and captivate you. Visit the fields of bright canola blooms in Lao Xa or Dong Van town to check them out.

Every part of the sky is illuminated by the season of golden canola blooms

Additionally, there are spots like Ma Pi Leng pass where you can visit H’Mong kids hiding behind a basket of canola flowers in yellow. If you’re traveling to Ha Giang in December, you shouldn’t skip this check-in location.

Cloud hunting in Chieu Lau Thi

Many people ought to undertake the activity of cloud searching at Chieu Lau Thi. In the Ha Giang province’s Hoang Su Phi area, there is a renowned location for rattan hunting. Come early in the day for a chance to see the never-ending sea of clouds.

Searching for lovely clouds in Chieu Lau Thi

However, you should check the weather before your journey; if it’s pleasant and clear, you’ll be able to watch a stunning sunrise with a sea of drifting clouds.

Embracing the white snow

You may get the chance to see white snowflakes fall and experience the bitter cold on days when Ha Giang’s temperature drops suddenly. Lung Cu, Lung Tao, Pho Bang, Xin Cai, Meo Vac, and Giang Chu Phin are the best locations to go snowmobiling.

Ha Giang’s sight of white snow

Some beautiful places when traveling to Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a location that is consistently included on the list of once-in-a-lifetime “must go” locations for travelers. The winter in Ha Giang is particularly unique. You have the chance to take in the mountains shrouded by the fog or immerse yourself in the local culture to learn more about the diverse ethnic communities.

When visiting Ha Giang in December, visitors should make sure to visit the following places:

Lung Cu flagpole

Dong Van Plateau

Ma Pi Leng Pass – Nho Que River – Tu San Alley

Mansion of the Vuong family…

Nho Que River in December has a quiet and poetic beauty

How to go to Ha Giang

A lot of travelers are flocking to Ha Giang, which is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination. It is also extremely simple to relocate to Ha Giang. You can use a bus or your own personal vehicle, like a car or a motorcycle, to get to the Northern provinces.

An increasingly common mode of transportation for tourists in the South is via plane. Visitors will depart from their hotel for the Noi Bai airport, then go to Hanoi from there by bus or by renting a motorcycle to enjoy the scenic drive.


Visitors from Saigon can purchase a round-trip airline ticket to Hanoi for a very reasonable price of about 680,000 VND at Noi Bai airport. After that, to get to the heart of Hanoi, take a taxi or an airport shuttle. You will go that distance in 45 minutes at a speed of 28 km.

When traveling to Ha Giang, visitors from Saigon can start their trip by taking a plane


Numerous bus stations, including My Dinh, Luong Yen, Yen Nghia, and Gia Lam, offer buses that travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang. Visitors can be totally confident that the service on the car will cost between 220,000 and 350,000 VND every trip.

Bus terminal in Ha Giang


Motorbikes are a terrific option for those who are passionate about conquering breathtaking roads. In Ha Giang, you may rent a motorcycle for anywhere between 150,000 and 250,000 VND per day.

Visitors shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang by motorcycle in December

Your journey will be a little challenging, though, due to Ha Giang’s rough terrain. This is your opportunity, if you’re an adventurer, to traverse the tortuous passes. You can choose between automobiles and passenger cars if your health or skill level is insufficient.

The winding roads in Ha Giang

What to eat in Ha Giang in December?

When you visit Ha Giang in December, you will have the chance to experience both the winter sky and some delectable dishes when it is still cold outside. Really fantastic behind the sucking cold meals.

Au Tau Porridge

A popular dish in Ha Giang is au tau porridge, which has a dark brown hue, a flavor similar to meaty potatoes and the perfume of finely cooked plain rice and yellow glutinous rice. It all comes together to form a tasty and beautiful dish, and eating some au Tau porridge on a chilly day will warm your stomach.

An appealing dish of rich, aromatic porridge

Thang den

Similar to floating cake, which is a cake produced from Yen Minh Ha Giang sticky rice, thang den is a snack. After glutinous rice is soaked in water for a night, it is ground and formed into little pieces before being boiled to make a cake. The crust is delicate, flexible, and quite intriguing because it is a characteristic upland sticky rice from the mountains.

Amaranth bowls are fragrant and tasty

The wonton dish has a unique broth flavored with red sugar, coconut, and ginger. You could try eating an amaranth ball with crunchy peanuts and drinking some hot broth while sitting beside a light restaurant in the dead of winter.

Thang Co

The H’Mong people’s traditional cuisine, thang co, is so well-known that any visitor wants to try it. Thang Co’s ingredients include pork, offal, horse’s head, legs, and additional cardamom.

Egg rolls

Hot egg rolls make a good breakfast option if you’re visiting Ha Giang in the winter. The cake is served with a bowl of simmering broth made from hot bones and is covered in a layer of peach eggs while it cooks. Egg rolls are best consumed hot. Visitors will always remember this dish for its flavorful dipping sauce.

It’s great to enjoy hot egg rolls in winter

Important information about the December trip to Ha Giang

For a thorough journey, visitors should bear the following in mind when visiting Ha Giang in December:

  • Because of the harsh cold in Ha Giang in December, it is imperative to pack warm clothing. Woolen clothing, gloves, socks, scarves, thermals, raincoats, etc. are essential necessities.
  • Because of Ha Giang’s breathtaking scenery, you must remember to prepare lovely costumes in order to snap the most stunning pictures for your virtual life.
  • To protect your safety when traveling to Ha Giang by motorbike, make sure to carefully inspect your vehicle, including the brakes, tires, lights, and other components, or consider renting a car from a trustworthy location
  • To enable easy movement on the numerous winding and dangerous roads in Ha Giang, wear comfortable, high-quality sports shoes or climbing shoes. Do not wear bread, dolls, or high heels at all.
  • Remember to pack bug repellent because the Ha Giang mountains are crawling with insects!
Some tips for travelers

The information I just provided regarding traveling in December is for all of you. With the information I’ve given you, I hope you have a better idea of what it’s like in Ha Giang in December and can then decide whether or not to go there. I hope you have a memorable exploration of Ha Giang filled with intriguing adventures.

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