Top Gear Ha Giang Loop: Most Truly Experiences With Motorbikes

Ha Giang is famous for its challenging and adventurous roads. Therefore, it is also an ideal destination for drivers to test their skills with the top gear Ha Giang loop. Here are some suggestions about the Top Gear Loop, vehicles, and important notes.

Top gear in Ha Giang loop is an attractive experience you should try

Suggested top gear in Ha Giang loop

If you want to take top gear in Ha Giang loop but do not know how the itinerary is. Here is suggested top gear loop in Dong Van karst plateau geopark that you can try.

Ha Giang city –  Quan Ba

After coming to Ha Giang city, you start your top gear tour around Ha Giang here. It takes you about nearly 60 km to go from here to Quan Ba. Going along the 4C national highway, you will go through “Happy road”.

On this route, you will pass by Bac Sum slope, one of the most breathtaking Ha Giang pass. This slope has difficult bends, looks like a snake bending around the hillside. Driving through Bac Sum slope, you need to be skilled in controling the speed and brake.

Continuing the top gear, you can visit Quan Ba Heaven Gate to visit fairy bosom Ha Giang. Following Highway 4C for about 4.2 km, your top gear trip in Ha Giang loop will stop at Lung Khuy cave, an amazing wonder in Quan Ba.

top gear ha giang loop in quan ba
Quan Ba has many routes that bring your closer to the nature

Quan Ba – Dong Van

The next destination of taking top gear in Ha Giang loop is Dong Van Ha Giang. Dong Van gives visitors a wild, primitive beauty as if it has not been affected by human hands.

The steep and rugged mountain pass roads, accompanied by massive limestone mountains in will surely challenge your driving skills in the top gear tour. You should go through Tham Ma pass to feel the peril of Ha Giang’s nature.

Finally, missing Lung Cu flagpole is such an mistake when taking top gear in Ha Giang. You can travel through a height of 1,470 m above sea level. This destination is not a travel spot, it also has great historical significance for Vietnam’s sovereignty.

top gear ha giang loop in dong van
Dong Van offers its visitors a rugged and untouched natural beauty

Dong Van – Meo Vac

From Dong Van, you will drive about 60 km to arrive Meo Vac for your top gear in Ha Giang. The terrain of this district is considered quite rugged along with many interesting natural attractions.

Still going on top gear Ha Giang loop on Highway 4C, you will experience Ma Pi Leng pass, which is one of four greatest passes in Vietnam. The winding mountain pass stretches along the mountainside like a silk ribbon wrapped around the slopes. You need to have a strong grip on the steering wheel to confidently conquer the challenging bends at Ma Pi Leng.

On Ma Pi Leng pass, you can admire the whole scenery of Nho Que river. This beautiful river has an extraordinary jade green that you will be fascinated from the first sight.

top gear ha giang loop in Meo Vac
The terrain of Meo Vac is considered quite rugged along with many interesting natural attractions.

Meo Vac – Hoang Su Phi

Arriving Meo Vac, you have already finished half of the top gear in Ha Giang loop. Now you will drive back to Hoang Su Phi Ha Giang. It takes you about 236 km to arrive this district.

Hoag Su Phi have not been exploited for tourism too much therefore the appearance of this district is still so pristine. The road in Hoang Su Phi has not yet been invested in infrastructure, making it suitable for you to challenge yourself here.

Especially, you should come to experience the village roads in this small district, with roads full of gravel and mud. In addition to experiencing the Top Gear in Ha Giang Loop, you can also admire the beauty of the Hoang Su Phi rice terraces.

top gear ha giang loop in Hoang Su Phi
Wading into the village streets of Hoang Su Phi will be a memorable experience

Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang city

Hoang Su Phi is the last destination of top gear tour. Now you wil drive about 100km back to Ha Giang city. Now, you just need to go along the DT177 and QL2 to come to Ha Giang city.

In Ha Giang city, you can stay for a while to explore the travel destinations here. It is recommended to spend a night here to take a rest as well as feel the lifestyle and the cuisine of this city.

top gear ha giang loop in Ha Giang city
You can spend the night in Ha Giang city to discover this place

Recommended transports for top gear Ha Giang loop

Talk about top gear Ha Giang loop, vehicle is a big matter you need to consider. With the rough and narrow road in Ha Giang, motorbike is the most appropriate means of vehicle you for your trip. If you do not have motorbike, you can rent one from the Ha Giang motorbike rental service.

The motorbike rental service will provide you a motorbike with strong engine to conquer all the rough routs in Ha Giang. Besides, the necessary belongings are also packed with the motorbike such as good-quality helmets, tourist map, raincoat, lanyard, limbs protection, medical masks.

Ha Giang Amazing Tour is a reputable agency you can choose for renting motorbike. This agency has 2 types of motorbike for renting: 180.000 VND per day ($7.66) for semi-automatic and 550.000 VND per day ($23.4) for manual ones. Ha Giang Amazing Tour also provides Ha Giang motorbike tour if you want to have an itinerary for your Ha Giang trip.

Recommended transports for top gear Ha Giang loop
It is important to choose reputable motorbike rental agency in Ha Giang

Helpful notes when taking Ha Giang loop for top gear

If this is the first time you have taken top gear Ha Giang loop, here are some helpful experience you should remember for your trip.

Best time for top gear in Ha Giang: It is recommended to take top gear in the dry season (September to December) because there is not much rain, which makes the road slippery and dirty. However, you should watch Ha Giang weather forecast before each trip to have the best preparation.

Check your motorbike and belongings carefully: Top gear is a thrilling sport, so that you have to check your motorbike carefully to ensure the safety during the trip. Besides, your belongings are also important so remember to keep your eyes on them.

Accommodations during the top gear in Ha Giang: The itinerary above takes about 5 to 6 days. Therefore accommodation is also a big question. With the development of tourism in Ha Giang, you can easily find a place for taking rest such as homestay or hotel. In addition, you should take one chance to stay in homestay because each one has its unique feature, being suitable for personality of each person.

Trying food in Ha Giang: Ha Giang food carries distinctive features. This is must be a mistake if you forget to try thang co, five-color sticky rice, or au tau porridge, etc.

Helpful notes when taking Ha Giang loop for top gear
Driving carefully while taking top gear in Ha Giang

Here is the comprehensive guide for top gear Ha Giang loop. We trust that this guide equips you with valuable insights for your upcoming adventure. If you’ve previously embarked on the top gear Ha Giang loop, feel free to drop a comment below and share your firsthand encounter.

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