Things To Do In Dong Van Ha Giang, Travel Guide For Tourists

Is traveling to Dong Van, Ha Giang interesting? Definitely, it is! With its natural beauty, landscapes, people, and unique culture, when you visit Ha Giang, you will undoubtedly be captivated by these charms. Let’s explore the picture of Dong Van together by referring to the article below.

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A glimpse of Dong Van

What is special about tourism in Dong Van, Ha Giang?

Dong Van is one of the districts that significantly contributes to the development of tourism services in Ha Giang. Therefore, tourism in Dong Van, Ha Giang offers many exciting experiences that will not disappoint you.

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Dong Van is one of the districts that promotes tourism services in Ha Giang

In addition to famous landmarks, tourists visiting Dong Van Ha Giang also have the opportunity to experience unique cultural traditions and interact with the local people.

Experiencing the unique culture of ethnic minorities

Famous for its stunning landscapes, Dong Van, Ha Giang is also known for being home to many ethnic minorities compared to other areas in Ha Giang province. The diversity of ethnic groups has contributed to the rich and unique cultural heritage of Dong Van.

Every year, Dong Van regularly organizes large and distinctive festivals that attract the curiosity of many visitors.

  • Gau Tao Festival: This is a long-standing cultural festival held during annual holidays and festivals. In addition to the rituals, traditional games such as throwing the “neu” pole are organized for visitors to participate in.
  • Buckwheat Flower Festival: The Buckwheat Flower Festival is held annually at the end of the year to promote and advertise tourism in Ha Giang. Therefore, visitors to Dong Van during this time can join the festival with many exciting activities.
  • Long Tong Festival: Long Tong Festival is a distinctive festival of the Tay ethnic group, held annually to pray for favorable weather and a bountiful harvest. Besides the ritual, visitors can also participate in activities such as throwing con (a type of ball) and rice planting with the local people.
  • Cap Sac Festival: Cap Sac Festival is the festival of the Dao ethnic group, regularly held in Dong Van every year. Although there are not many traditional games in this festival, visitors can personally experience the beauty of Dao ethnic culture here.
  • Tet of the Lo Lo people: Dong Van is the only region where the Lo Lo ethnic group resides, so the Tet of the Lo Lo people is only celebrated in Dong Van. The Tet of the Lo Lo people has many unique customs for you to explore.
  • Goat Fighting Festival: The Goat Fighting Festival is usually organized by the H’Mong ethnic group in various districts, but in Dong Van, it still attracts a large number of people to attend. Visitors can come here to experience the uniqueness of this cultural aspect in the daily life of the people.

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Tet of the Lo Lo ethnic group

Explore the super hot check-in spots.

Dong Van is one of the districts that plays a significant role in promoting the development of tourism in Ha Giang. Therefore, it is not difficult to come across famous landmarks of Ha Giang in Dong Van. Let’s find out what those landmarks are.

Dong Van Old Quarter

Dong Van Old Quarter was built in the 20th century following the ancient architecture of the Qing Dynasty. The Old Quarter stretches for about 1km, with approximately 40 tiled roofs intermingling with each other. All of the houses here are around 100 years old.

Dong Van Old Quarter
Dong Van Old Quarter attracts many young visitors who come to explore and take photos

When viewed from above, the three rows of houses are arranged in a U shape that leads straight into the foot of the mountain, creating a unique and distinctive feature amidst the surrounding mountainous landscape.

Dong Van Karst Plateau

Dong Van Karst Plateau is one of the most captivating destinations in Dong Van, and in Ha Giang province as a whole. With thousands of large limestone blocks of diverse shapes gathered in one place, it forms a rocky mountain plateau, adding a unique feature to this region in the borderland of our country.

Dong Van Karst Plateau
Dong Van Karst Plateau with its large cat ear-shaped rocks

Meo King’s Palace

Once you set foot in the Meo King’s Palace (Vuong’s Palace) , you will surely be mesmerized by its grand and ancient architecture, which has withstood the test of time for over 100 years. The palace is surrounded by towering centuries-old plum trees that reach for the sky. Stepping through the gate, you will walk along a pathway paved with exquisitely carved granite stones.

The Vuong's Palace
The Vuong’s Palace has ancient Chinese architecture

From its design, materials, to its history, the Vương family’s palace has captivated numerous visitors who come here to explore and capture memorable photos.

Flagpole of Lung Cu

The Flagpole of Lung Cu is located on a limestone mountain in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district. The flagpole stands as a historical witness with sacred value. Every time visitors set foot at the Lung Cu Flagpole they carry a deep love for their homeland and their country.

The Flagpole of Lung Cu
The Flagpole of Lung Cu is a popular tourist destination that many visitors visit when they come to Ha Giang

Standing at the viewpoint of the Flagpole of Lung Cu, you can also admire the panoramic view of Dong Van land in its entirety within your sight.

Pho Bang Town

Pho Bang is a small town in Ha Giang Province that possesses the beauty of an ancient town. When you set foot in Pho Bang Ha Giang, the first image that catches your eye is the charming alignment of small houses nestled closely against the mountainside.

Pho Bang Village
Pho Bang Village, the ancient village of Ha Giang

Pho Bang exudes a simple and serene beauty, making it suitable for nature lovers and those seeking peaceful lands.

Sung La Valley

Sung La Valley is one of the captivating tourist destinations in Ha Giang, especially during the buckwheat flower season. Sung La is often referred to as the blooming stone valley of Ha Giang.

Sung La Valley
Sung La Valley is vast in size

Visiting Sung La Valley in October, November, and December, tourists can admire the breathtaking beauty of the buckwheat fields, where the flowers compete to bloom and display their vibrant colors.

Milestone 428

Although Milestone 428 may not have a particularly special landscape, it holds great significance and attracts many young visitors to Ha Giang.

Milestone 428 in Ha Giang
Milestone 428 is a meaningful landmark in Ha Giang

Milestone 428 is a famous landmark in Xeo Lung Village, Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province. Whenever visitors set foot here, they will feel a sense of patriotism and national pride. This spot is located only about 2km from the Nho Que River, making it easily accessible for sightseeing.

Pho Cao

Pho Cao is one of the flower valleys located in the Northeast region of the country. In this area, besides the triangular flower valleys, you can also admire the ancient moss-covered houses of ethnic groups such as H’Mong, Dao, Pu Peo and Han people.

Pho Cao
Pho Cao is rustic and simple in its appearance

In addition to its scenic beauty, Pho Cao is also known for its famous periodic markets organized every 6 days. At these markets, you will have the opportunity to witness the personal belongings of the local ethnic people firsthand.

House of Pao

House of Pao (Pao’s House) is one of the famous landmarks in Ha Giang, built over 100 years ago. Therefore, the house has the shape of a moss-covered ancient house and features the distinctive architecture of the H’Mong ethnic people.

The House of Pao
The House of Pao was once used as a filming location for the movie “The Story of Pao”

Stepping through the door, entering deep inside the house, you feel like going back to the decades past, the images once seen in movies. This location has also been chosen by many filmmakers as a filming location.

Lo Lo Chai Cultural Village

Lo Lo Chai Cultural Village is located in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. This is a must-visit destination, especially for young people who have a passion for exploring and understanding the cultural heritage of ethnic minority groups.

The Lo Lo people are an ethnic minority group
The Lo Lo ethnic people

Lo Lo Chai has long been the living and working place of H’Mong and Lo Lo Chai ethnic groups. It is not without reason that this ancient village is beloved by many tourists. Only by visiting here can you fully appreciate the simple, rustic, and serene natural scenery.

Conquering the endless winding passes

Anyone who sets foot in Dong Van, Ha Giang without experiencing motorbike adventure on the endless winding roads would not have fully completed their journey. Dong Van, Ha Giang is known as one of the districts with the most beautiful mountain passes in Ha Giang. With high steep slopes and twisting roads, undoubtedly, the experience of riding a motorbike on these roads is truly amazing.

  • Ma Pi Leng Pass: This is one of the most challenging mountain passes in Ha Giang, both in the region itself and the entire Northeast. With a length of about 20km, one side of the road is a deep abyss while the other side is towering mountains, making this route attractive to a large number of visitors who come to experience it.
  • Tham Ma Slope: This route is known as one of the most beautiful mountain passes in the country, with its 9 winding curves. Successfully conquering this road, you will be rewarded with the magnificent and stunning beauty of Dong Van.
  • M-shaped Pass: M-shaped Pass is likened to gentle brushstrokes on the gray canvas of Dong Van’s landscape, adding vividness, harmony, and uniqueness to the scenery. Compared to the previous two passes, M-shaped Pass is relatively easier for adventure enthusiasts.
Tham Ma Slope
Tham Ma Slope

The roads in Dong Van are indeed quite dangerous and may not be suitable for those who are timid, have weak driving skills, and especially for female travelers. My advice would be to consider hiring a guided Ha Giang Motorbike rental. This way, you can experience the mountain passes and other attractions of Ha Giang while ensuring your safety.

M-shaped Pass
M-shaped Pass

Enjoying the unique dishes of the local ethnic people

Visiting Ha Giang and Dong Van without trying the specialty dishes is a significant omission. Let me share with you that the local specialties in Dong Van are highly regarded by many tourists for their unique flavors and distinctive dishes, which are considered the most exceptional in Ha Giang province.

Food In Dong Van (11)
There are plenty of specialties in Dong Van for you to enjoy

If you have the opportunity to visit Dong Van, don’t forget to try the following local specialties:

  • Thang co: This is the most distinctive dish of Dong Van, with a unique flavor derived from the aroma of local herbs and fruits that will leave a lasting impression.
  • Grilled buffalo meat: While grilled buffalo meat is a typical dish in the northern mountainous region, the marination style in Dong Van has its own distinct flavor.
  • Dong Van steamed rice rolls: For a breakfast option, you can’t miss the Dong Van steamed rice rolls served with sweet, clear, and refreshing bone broth.
  • Au tau porridge: This dish is available in many districts of Ha Giang, but the flavor in Dong Van has a slight variation, offering a unique experience.
  • Bac Me bamboo rice: Bac Me bamboo rice is made from special sticky rice from Dong Van, providing a different texture and aroma when eaten.
  • Moss dish (Reu đa): This is a specialty of the Tay ethnic group and is mainly sold in the rocky plateau area of Dong Van. It is processed into various unique dishes such as moss soup, moss salad, grilled moss, and more.
Things To Do In Dong Van (10)
Hot and steaming Đồng Văn steamed rice rolls

Immerse yourself in the bustling and lively Dong Van market fair

The Dong Van market fair has long been an integral part of the cultural life of the people of Dong Van, as well as Ha Giang province as a whole. During each market session, the market areas become bustling with various lively activities that showcase the unique ethnic characteristics, such as bird throwing competitions, cultural exchange performances, and vibrant trading of essential items like tools, clothing, and food.

Dong Van market
A visit to Dong Van would be incomplete without experiencing the local market fair

The Dong Van market fair is usually held on the 14th, 15th, and 16th days of the lunar month. Despite its simple organization and featuring essential daily items, the market fair always receives a warm reception from the local residents as well as visitors who set foot in Dong Van.

The market fairs in Dong Van are held on a weekly basis.
The market fairs in Dong Van are held on a weekly basis.

In the past, there were only a few market fairs held, so people had to wait for the specific fair days to exchange goods, and tourists who visited Dong Van on other days found it difficult to participate in the characteristic market fairs. However, nowadays, there are many communes in Dong Van that organize their own market fairs. Although these fairs may not be as large as the main Dong Van market fair, they still retain the distinctive features of the region. Here are some examples:

  • Lung Cu market fair is held every Friday.
  • Sa Phin market fair is held on the Ty and Hoi days of each month.
  • Pho Bang market fair is held on the Ty and Ngo days of each month.
  • Pho Cao market fair is held on the Thin and Tuat days of each month.
  • Lung Phin market fair is held on the Dan and Than days of each month.
Lung Cu market
Lung Cu market fair takes place every Friday.

Where to stay when traveling to Dong Van, Ha Giang?

Dong Van is one of the most developed districts for tourism in Ha Giang province, so tourism services in Dong Van are also being actively developed. If you are visiting the city of Ha Giang, I can recommend staying at hotels or guesthouses for convenience. However, when you come to Dong Van, I suggest staying at homestays or resorts to experience the nature and mountains of Dong Van.

homestays in Dong Van
The general design model of homestays in Dong Van

I can suggest some homestays with designs that showcase the unique characteristics of Dong Van, Ha Giang, such as:

  • Long Co Tran Homestay
  • Nha Co Lao Xa Homestay H’Mong
  • Hagiang Holic
  • Ma Le Homestay
  • Canh Mai Homestay
  • A Kiet Homestay
Things To Do In Dong Van (5)
The homestays in Dong Van are all built in a traditional style

In addition to homestays, tourists who prefer upscale Dong Van accommodations can choose to stay at resorts here. The services and quality of the resorts are also highly regarded while still preserving the local identity of Dong Van’s people.

Luxury resorts in Dong Van
Luxury resorts in Dong Van

Secrets for an unforgettable trip to Dong Van

To have an amazing and exciting experience in Dong Van, I advise you to know the following tips in advance to avoid encountering any issues during your journey.

Which season is the best time to visit Dong Van?

Dong Van is beautiful in every season, and each season has its own unique charm. You can visit Dong Van at any time of the year because each season in Dong Van brings its own distinct beauty. However, based on the experiences of seasoned travelers to Ha Giang in general and Dong Van in particular, I suggest visiting from October to December.

Dong Van is beautiful in every season
Dong Van has its own unique beauty in every season

Dong Van is still known as the land of flowers blooming on rocks. Therefore, if you visit during the blooming season of buckwheat flowers, you will have the opportunity to admire the scenery and participate in unique festivals related to this flower right in Dong Van.

Tips for booking accommodation in Dong Van

To conveniently and satisfactorily book accommodation in Dong Van, you should consider the following points. My experience in booking accommodation in Dong Van may be helpful for your upcoming trip.

  • Book in advance, preferably 2 to 3 weeks before your travel date, or even earlier, especially during the peak tourist season.
  • Refer to travel review groups for Ha Giang to see reviews from people who have visited and reviewed accommodation options.
  • If you find a suitable accommodation option, research it thoroughly, as there are fraudulent entities using images of other establishments to deceive tourists in Ha Giang.
accommodation in Dong Van
You should book your accommodation early to choose a nice room

That concludes my sharing about traveling to Dong Van, Ha Giang for those who are interested in this region. I hope that with the knowledge I have provided, you will have an exciting and memorable journey experiencing Dong Van.

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