Ha Giang Loop In February: 3 Scenic Spots And Tasty Food

If you are still wondering whether or not you should go to Ha Giang Loop in February or not, then this post will provide the information you need to know. After this article, I am guaranteed that you will want to schedule a tour of Ha Giang in February soon.  

Ha Giang Loop In February (1)
Ha Giang in February

Top 3 tourist attractions of Ha Giang Loop in February

If you come to Ha Giang loop in February, make sure to add these 3 popular scenic spots to your “must-visit” list.

Dong Van Old Quarter

Dong Van Old Quarter belongs to Dong Van district and is considered to be one of the most well-known destinations that tourists should visit during your trip to Ha Giang in February. Thanks to the prosperity of tourism. Dong Van Old Quarter attracts millions of visitors each year. That is also the reason why the locals develop multiple cafés, and restaurants to satisfy customers’ needs.

The ancient beauty of the mountainous area of Vietnam combines with Chinese architecture to create the most unique scene in Ha Giang. Tourists coming to Dong Van Old Quarter can choose among various homestays, and hotels with special ways of design so there is no need to worry about accommodation.

They said you haven’t come to Dong Van if you don’t try its cuisine. This destination also offers a wide range of traditional culinary backgrounds, visitors should try some of their signature dishes such as Dong Van’s steamed rice roll, 5-color sticky rice,… It will be the perfect add-in for your trip to the Ha Giang loop in February.

Dong Van Old Quarter

Meo Vac

Meo Vac is another tourist attraction that you can visit in Ha Giang during February. This place is popular with fields of plum flowers, especially in Meo Vac district. The beautiful pink and white colors of the plum flowers can hypnotize any person who comes to Meo Vac. Please note that the ideal time to witness this amazing scenery is during February so make sure to add this destination to your itinerary.

Meo Vac is also famous for Ma Pi Leng – one of the Four Great Passes of Vietnam, a favorite place for backpackers. It is also worth noticing Nho Que river flowing below the pass which provides Kayak service for those who want to experience fun activities.

Meo Vac, Ha Giang

Lung Cu flag pole

Lung Cu flag pole is the Northmost point of Vietnam so, understandably, this destination has become a famous check-in point that tourists should visit. To get to Lung Cu flag point, you need to travel through Quan Ba, Yen Minh, and finally, Dong Van district. This is also a historical destination that represents the patriotism of Vietnamese towards their country and, needless to say, holds a sacred meaning of Ha Giang.

ha giang in february
Lung Cu Flagpole

Ha Giang’s weather in February

Ha Giang weather in February is an important thing to know when scheduling your Ha Giang itinerary.

Ha, Giang in February is said to be the most beautiful time of the year, the temperature is not too cold but chill enough for you to feel the signature weather of the mountainous area of Vietnam. Yet, February of Ha Giang isn’t as rainy as Ha Giang during January and you can already see the sunlight so you can easily visit Ha Giang in February without any weather-related obstacles.

However, you still need to bring warm clothes just in case the temperature suddenly drops and you mightn’t get used to it right away.

Weather Ha Giang February (15)
Weather in Ha Giang during February

Vehicles to travel to Ha Giang loop in February

Traveling to Ha Giang, you can use different means of transportation such as tourist cars, personal vehicles,… However, travelers should use a combination of tourist cars and rented motorbikes.

From Hanoi, you should visit Ha Giang province in February by tourist car, it would cost you about 350,000 for a two-way ticket. When you finally arrive at Ha Giang, use Ha Giang motorbike rental service to carry on the journey. The purpose of using a rented motorbike is that you can experience driving by yourself and admiring the breathtaking view of the amazing land of Ha Giang.

If you are not too confident about your motorbike driving skills, you can choose the option of booking Ha Giang motorbike tour, there will be a tour guide to help you with the driving. You just need to sit still and enjoy the ride.

Transportation Ha Giang Loop In February
Experience driving by yourself and admiring the breathtaking view of the amazing land of Ha Giang

Ha Giang Loop’s dishes in February

“What to eat when traveling to Ha Giang in February?” is a common question for those who come to Ha Giang for the first time but don’t worry, Ha Giang offers various kinds of food for tourists. Check out these suggestions for your trip to Ha Giang.

Dong Van’s steamed rice roll

This is a “must-try” dish when you come to Ha Giang, especially Dong Van district. The special thing about this dish is that Dong Van’s steamed rice roll has that warm feeling which makes whoever tastes it can’t forget. Since the weather of Ha Giang loop in February is quite chill it would be perfect to enjoy this dish during this time.

Dong Van steamed rice roll

Thang Co

Traditionally, Thang Co is made from horse organs, but over time, the locals changed the recipe to cow, buffalo, or pig organs. Initially, tourists might find it hard to enjoy because of the ingredients or the smell; however, it has a unique taste and you will start loving it eventually.

Thang Co – a traditional dish that you must try

5 Colors sticky rice

You can already tell the appearance of the dish by its name. The special dish has 5 colors but it doesn’t come from food coloring instead, is made from natural ingredients like sweet gourd, pomelo peel, and ginger leaf,… so it is safe.

The local 5-color sticky rice in Ha Giang

Thang Den

People usually mistake Thang Den for Banh Troi because of the round shape but they are different. Its main ingredient is glutinous rice, when it is cooked the texture is kind of chewy and it also has different fillings inside. It is best to serve the dish with sugar water or coconut milk.

Bowl of Thang Den

Corn wine

It is not by chance that Ha Giang corn wine is well-known among many tourists and is often bought as a gift. The wine is brewed and fermented from sticky rice, giving it a fragrant and sweet taste. When enjoying Ha Giang corn wine, you not only taste the bitterness and spiciness but also feel the heartfelt emotions of the people of Ha Giang. Just taking a sip of corn wine is enough to warm your body on a cold day.

Ha Giang’s corn wine

Au Tau porridge

Au Tau is a kind of bulb that contains phytotoxin if it’s not handled correctly. To make the dish, the cook must repair the bulb carefully to remove all the poison inside and then simmer it with rice and trotter. Au Tau is not only suitable for enjoying the furring February of Ha Giang but is also a healthy dish that can prevent many sicknesses.

Au tau porridge

These are just 5 dishes that you can try when you visit the Ha Giang loop in February. If you want to try something else, you can consider the local’s opinions about what should you choose to eat.

This article provides information about traveling to Ha Giang loop in February and I hope that you will have a better understanding of what to expect when traveling to Ha Giang in February. I wish you a wonderful and memorable journey experiencing the beauty of Ha Giang.

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