Ha Giang Motorbike Loop: Genuine Review From A Foreign Tourist

The Ha Giang motorbike loop is a popular activity that attracts adventure lovers when traveling to Ha Giang. From my experience, I will give you some necessary advices for your upcoming journey.

The Ha Giang motorbike loop
Ha Giang motorbike loop is a great experience you should not miss

Suggested 5-day itinerary for Ha Giang motorbike loop

I have taken a 5-day Ha Giang motorbike loop. In case you wonder about the appropriate itinerary for your trip, you can refer to the following schedule.

Day 1 on the Ha Giang motorbike loop: Ha Giang to Quan Ba

The first day in the Ha Giang loop is the route from Ha Giang city to Quan Ba. Right after arriving in Ha Giang city, you can take a quick tour or have a meal in the city. And then heading to Quan Ba by driving along the 4C national highway.

During the route, you can come across Fairy Bosom Ha Giang, a wonderful scenery of Ha Giang. To have the best view, you can come to Quan Ba Haven Gate. Then you will spend the night in Quan Ba, and prepare for the next route.

beautiful fairy bosom in ha giang
Fairy bosom in Ha Giang

Day 2 on the Ha Giang motorbike loop: Quan Ba to Yen Minh

The next route is Quan Ba to Yen Minh Ha Giang. It will take you about 78 km for the whole trip. Along the trip, you will experience the breathtaking roads in Ha Giang and other challenging passes.

Immersing yourself in nature, you can feel the rustic beauty and the natural atmosphere in Yen Minh. Yen Minh pine forest is a must-visit destination on the route of the second day. In the pine forest, you will feel lost in the “Da Lat in miniature” for its dreamy as well as pristine beauty.

Yen Minh pine forest
Yen Minh pine forest is the miniature Da Lat in Ha Giang

Day 3 on the Ha Giang motorbike loop: Yen Minh to Lung Cu to Dong Van

After exploring Yen Minh, you will go straight to discover Dong Van karst plateau geopark on the next day. When coming here, you can travel the three famous districts: Lung Cu, Meo Vac and Dong Van.

Driving a motorbike through Ma Pi Leng pass, one of the most dangerous passes in Ha Giang, is a most impressive experience on the Ha Giang motorbike loop.

In the evening, you can spend the night in Dong Van Homestay. During the time in homestay, you can also experience the cultural beauty of local people. Moreover, the homestays also treat the traditional meals on the dinner.

Nho Que river
You can witness Nho Que river when going to Ma Pi Leng pass

Day 4 on the Ha Giang motorbike loop: Dong Van to Du Gia

Coming to Ha Giang, you have already finished half of the Ha Giang motorbike loop and Du Gia is the destination of the fourth day in the Ha Giang motorbike loop.

In Du Gia, you can drive a motorbike to visit Du Gia waterfall. The clear streams of water pouring down from the canyon, mixed with the sounds of the mountains and forests, make you feel lost in paradise.

Du Gia waterfall on Ha Giang motorbike loop
Du Gia waterfall

Day 5 on the Ha Giang motorbike loop: Du Gia to Ha Giang

On the 5th day, you will return from Du Gia to Ha Giang. The distance from Du Gia to Ha Giang is approximately 70 km along National Highway 34. With this distance, you will arrive in about 2.5 hours. Along the way, you can stop at some roadside eateries to replenish your energy.

Day 5 on the Ha Giang motorbike loop: Du Gia to Ha Giang
After saying goodbye to Du Gia, you come back to Ha Giang city

Where to rent motorbikes for Ha Giang motorbike loop

To rent a motorbike for the Ha Giang motorbike loop, you can choose Ha Giang motorbike rental services or go on a Ha Giang motorbike tour.

Renting motorbike for Ha Giang motorbike loop in Ha Giang city

If you want to explore the breathtaking routes in Ha Giang on your own, you can look for Ha Giang motorbike rental to rent a motorbike. Typically, travelers rent motorbikes right in the city of Ha Giang to start their adventure.

Motorbike rental agencies have two main types of motorbikes: semi-automatic motorbikes and manual motorbikes. The daily rental price for a semi-automatic motorbike is about 180,000 VND ($7.66) per day, while a manual motorbike is 550,000 VND ($23.4) per day.

Not only are strong-engine motorbikes provided, but you are also equipped with essential items for your Ha Giang motorbike adventure, such as helmets, raincoats, lanyards, and limb protection, and so on. However, before you depart, it’s still important to check the engine and brakes of the bike to ensure safety throughout your journey.

Renting motorbike for Ha Giang motorbike loop in Ha Giang city
You can rent motorbike for self-sufficient travel

Taking Ha Giang motorbike tour for Ha Giang motorbike loop

If you don’t want to drive a motorbike but still want to experience the Ha Giang motorbike loop, going to the Ha Giang motorbike tour will be a more suitable alternative. Normally, Ha Giang motorbike rental units will provide Ha Giang tours by motorbike. Therefore you can rent a tour in Ha Giang city.

When you go on a motorcycle tour, you will have friendly local drivers accompanying you throughout the journey. They are all natives of the area and are familiar with the Ha Giang routes, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Moreover, they can also introduce you to other interesting places in Ha Giang or recommend delicious restaurants to try in the region.

When going on a tour, you will not have to worry about the schedule because they have already set up a tour around Ha Giang for you from location, time, accommodation to places to eat. What you need to do is enjoy a relaxing and wonderful time in Ha Giang.

Regarding the pricing of this service, it varies depending on the type of tour, such as 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights, or 4 days 3 nights. On average, in the market, you can expect prices ranging from $130 per person to $430 per person. In general, traveling by motorbike around Ha Giang is sure to be a very memorable experience for you.

Taking Ha Giang motorbike tour for Ha Giang motorbike loop
Ha Giang motorbike tour is a good option for Ha Giang motorbike loop

When is the best time for Ha Giang motorbike loop

To have the most complete experience, the best time for a Ha Giang motorbike loop trip is from September to November or from December to March of the following year.

September to November for Ha Giang motorbike loop

From September to November, Ha Giang enters the dry season, making driving on the Ha Giang routes and engaging in travel experiences more convenient and easier due to reduced rainfall compared to the rainy season. Furthermore, the temperatures in Ha Giang during this time are cool and pleasant, making it very suitable for embarking on the Ha Giang motorbike loop.

Moreover, at this time, you can admire the breathtakingly beautiful Hoang Su Phi rice terraces in October, or the blooming buckwheat flower fields in November. This is considered one of the famous tourist specialties you cannot miss. You can skip it when taking Ha Giang motorbike loop.

However, to best prepare for your trip, you should remember to check the Ha Giang weather forecast. If you go during this time, Ha Giang’s temperature often drops low at night, so remember to prepare warm clothes.

Rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi
Rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi

December to March for Ha Giang motorbike loop

This is also the time when many travelers are attracted to taking the motorbike loop in Ha Giang. While the weather in Ha Giang can be at its coldest during this period, you will have many fascinating experiences such as cloud hunting to the peak of Chieu Lau Thi in December or admiring the blooming spring flowers in January and February.

Besides, from December to March Ha Giang also has many interesting festivals such as Khau Vai love market or Nhay lua festival. You can not only admire the beauty of Ha Giang but also the traditional cultural beauty of the people here.

admire blooming flowers in Ha giang motorbike loop
Blooming flower in Ha Giang on January

What to bring for Ha Giang motorbike loop

You should prepare the following items for your upcoming Ha Giang motorbike loop trip.

Helmet: A helmet is something you cannot afford to be without when riding a motorbike, especially when tackling challenging routes like those in Ha Giang. You should choose reputable, high-quality helmets with good protective features. If you rent a motorbike, a motorbike rental agency will typically provide helmets for you.

Footwear: A good pair of shoes will give you a happy trip. When taking the Ha Giang loop, you will have to move a lot both by motorbike and on foot. So choose the most comfortable shoes to accompany you, and encourage you to choose hiking shoes for this journey.

Footwear for Ha Giang motorbike loop
You had better prepare hiking shoes for the trip

Warm Clothes: The temperature in Ha Giang is often cooler than in the lowland areas, especially at night. Therefore, remember to bring warm clothing to avoid getting cold and to ensure your health is well-protected.

Cash: In Ha Giang, payment methods by banks or e-wallets may not be popular, so you need to prepare cash with you to pay the costs.

Cash for Ha Giang motorbike loop
Remember to prepare cash for the trip

Above is detailed information about the schedule, where to rent a car, good times and what you should prepare for the Ha Giang motorbike loop trip. If you have questions or experiences about traveling to Ha Giang, please leave a comment below. Hope you have a nice trip!

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