Ha Giang Loop 4 Day Itinerary And Tips For Tourists In 2024

Many tourists are likely to travel for 4 days to have time for Ha Giang exploration for winding roads, charming villages, and majestic mountains.This article will provide with you detailed information about the Ha Giang loop 4 day itinerary.

itinerary for ha giang loop 4 day
The 4 day Ha Giang loop is a favorite tour of Ha Giang travelers.

Itinerary map for Ha Giang loop 4 day

The 4-day Ha Giang loop adventure commences upon your arrival in Ha Giang city. Typically, travelers opt for an overnight bus journey from Hanoi, reaching Ha Giang city in the morning.

Day 1: Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Yen Minh – Lung Cu – Lo Lo Chai village

After taking the overnight bus to Ha Giang, you will arrive Ha Giang city at 7am to 8am. After that, you can have breakfast here then go to the motorbike service agency to rent a motorcycle. You can take a small tour around this city and start the Ha Giang loop in 4 day.

In the morning, you will head to Quan Ba district by going along the 4C national highway. A part of this road is called “Happy Road”, where there are many sightseeings you can admire such as Quan Ba Heaven Gate, fairy bosom Ha Giang.

Then the next destination of the trip is Yen Minh Ha Giang. You can have lunch here and take a rest in a hotel in this district. There are a lot of hotels to meet the needs of tourists coming here. Then the team moves to Tham Ma slope and Chin Khoanh slope, gateway of Dong Van district.

In Yen Minh, you can pay a visit to “miniature Da Lat” – Yen Minh pine forest or En cave – the habitat of swallows. Upon setting foot here, you will feel intimately connected to the untouched, primal nature of Ha Giang. After that the crew go on to Lung Cu.

The destination not to be missed in Lung Cu Ha Giang is the Lung Cu flagpole. This place marks the northernmost point of Vietnam, so it has great significance. To climb to the top you need to take 893 steps, so it will take an entire afternoon to visit this place.

In the evening, you will go back to Lo Lo Chai village, where the Lo Lo people live. You have dinner here and spend the night in a homestay or a hotel in Lo Lo Chai village.

Day 1 of Itinerary map for Ha Giang loop 4 day
Lung Cu flagpole

Day 2: Lung Cu – Dong Van – Nho Que river – Meo Vac – Pa Vi

On Mondays, the day starts at 8 AM. After having breakfast and personal hygiene, the group sets off to Ma Pi Leng Pass, one of the four great mountain passes of Vietnam. From atop the pass, you can behold the panoramic beauty of the famous Nho Que River.

Rowing a boat on the Nho Que River is definitely going to be an unforgettable experience. After enjoying the river activities, you will move to Pa Vi Village in Meo Vac for dinner and an overnight stay.

day 2 of Itinerary map for Ha Giang loop 4 day
Nho Que river

Day 3: Pa Vi – Mau Due – Lung Ho – Lung Phin – Du Gia

Your team wakes up earlier than usual to experience the chilly weather of the Pa Vi Valley. Feeling the refreshing air along with the gentle breeze will sweep away the everyday worries of life.

After resting and having lunch in the town of Meo Vac, you will head towards Du Gia. Along the way, you can make stops at Mau Due Village, Lung Ho, or Lung Phin Village.

Coming to Du Gia Ha Giang, you should book a homestay in a traditional stilt house of the Tay people to spend the night here. After having dinner, you can wander around, chat with the local people or admire the valley and streams – an ideal place to breathe in the fresh air.

day 3 of Itinerary map for Ha Giang loop 4 day
Pa Vi village is a peaceful destinations for healing

Day 4: Du Gia – Quan Ba – Lung Tam – Ha Giang city

The morning of day 4 begins with a trip to visit Du Gia Waterfall. This is an ideal spot for you to check-in and explore nature. The sound of the flowing waterfall blends with the rustling of leaves, creating a harmonious symphony of nature that will captivate you even more than any melody.

Afterwards, you begin the journey back to Ha Giang City. From Du Gia, you’ll travel to Quan Ba. Arriving in Quan Ba, turn onto Lung Tam where you’ll visit and learn about how the Hmong people weave traditional linen fabric through 41 manual stages from flax plants.

Finally, the tour concludes in Ha Giang City. Everyone will pack their belongings and board the bus back to Hanoi.

day 4 of Itinerary map for Ha Giang loop 4 day
Du Gia waterfall will attract you with wonderful scenery

How to rent motorbike for Ha Giang loop 4 day

You have the option to hire motorbikes from the Ha Giang motorbike rental agency. It’s recommended to conduct prior research on rental options. Upon reaching Ha Giang city, you can easily contact them to arrange a motorbike rental.

If you’re interested in having a driver and a pre-arranged schedule, opting for the Ha Giang motorbike tour would be the most fitting decision. Through these tour packages, all aspects are organized on your behalf, encompassing transportation, dining venues, and lodging. This becomes a secure alternative, particularly for individuals new to visiting Ha Giang.

How to rent motorbike for Ha Giang loop 4 day
You can rent motorbike for traveling in Ha Giang

Where to live in Ha Giang loop 4 day

Accommodation is what every traveler wants to look for when traveling to Ha Giang. Here are some suggestions for you about where to stay here.

Staying in a hotel

A hotel is a convenient and affordable accommodation choice. Finding a hotel is not difficult given Ha Giang’s need to boost its tourism industry. Therefore, you can instantly reserve a hotel in your area if you need to nap in the midst of the day. In addition, the majority of hotels in Ha Giang provide amenities that are complete and meet the necessities.

hotel information for Ha Giang loop 4 day
Ha Giang hotels are equipped with necessary amenities

Staying in a homestay

For visitors to Ha Giang, a homestay is a common form of lodging. Numerous locals have created homestay services with distinctive designs. In the evenings, homestays are ideal for relaxing. When you stay in a homestay, you may participate in fun local activities like making dinner and interacting with the community. Every tourist who stays at a homestay experiences something fresh and different.

homestay in ha giang loop 4 day
Homie Homestay is a attractive accommodation in Lung Cu, Dong Van

You can search for hotels and homestays in advance on travel booking applications or ask for reviews from experienced people on Ha Giang tour groups. One thing to note is that you should call the owner’s hotline directly to know the exact price.

What to eat in Ha Giang loop 4 day

Cuisine is one of the most impressive experiences you should try when traveling to Ha Giang. So below is the list of must-try dishes you can not miss.

Thang co

The dish “thang co” is a specialty of highland cuisine. Horse or cow organs are the main ingredients of this meal. Locals frequently partake in “thang co” while savoring corn wine, a unique highland alcoholic beverage. To enjoy this meal, go to highland markets like Meo Vac market.

thang co for ha giang loop 4 day
Thang co is made from the horse or cow organs

Five-color sticky rice

“Five-color sticky rice” is an incredibly renowned dish of Ha Giang food. This dish features five colors symbolizing the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. To achieve the vibrant hues of the dish, locals utilize natural ingredients, resulting in a fragrant and chewy delicacy.

Five-color sticky rice for Ha Giang loop 4 day
Five-color sticky rice is such a colorful dish

Dried buffalo meat

When you travel to Ha Giang, the “dried buffalo meat” is a culinary delight that you shouldn’t overlook. This delicacy carries a subtle smokiness, and as you savor each bite, the meat’s sweetness gradually melds with the taste, creating an incredibly pleasing flavor. This dish is readily available for enjoyment during your stay at local homestays.

Dried buffalo meat for Ha Giang loop 4 day
Dried buffalo meat is the specialty in Ha Giang

Au tau porridge

“Au tau porridge” is made from au tau, a type of tuber that contains toxins, so chefs need experience when preparing this dish. When you first taste it, you might not be accustomed to the bitter flavor, but later you’ll find it extremely delicious. It’s important to note that you should not consume pears within 8 hours after eating this dish.

Au tau porridge for Ha Giang loop 4 day
You should not eat pears after eating au tau porridge

Here is the detailed information for your Ha Giang loop 4 day itinerary. If you have any questions or experience of traveling to Ha Giang, leave a comment below. Hope that you will have a good trip to this province.

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