Top 7 Most Attractive And Friendly Homestays In Ha Giang

Ha Giang homestay is a popular accommodation choice when taking Ha Giang loop. Thanks to the convenience, diverse concepts, many tourists like to take the trip on homestays. Here is the list of most attractive homestays in Ha Giang.

Ha Giang homestay
Ha Giang homestay is the common accommodation for the tourists

Top 7 most attractive Ha Giang homestays

These are some attractive homestays in Ha Giang you can come to visit.

1.Homie Homestay

  • Address: Lo Lo, Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang

Homie Homestay is designed to resemble the houses in Lung Cu Ha Giang. When coming here, you will feel like you are living on a resident’s house. Homie homestay has two main floors with a very spacious yard. Passengers who come here can watch the sunset of the mountainous region.

Homie homestay also has a view overlooking the Lung Cu flagpole. Every afternoon, you can admire the beauty of the flagpole under the sunset and sip a cup of Shan Tuyet tea. One thing to note is that Homie homestay is mainly made from flammable materials such as wood, so you will not be allowed to smoke at the homestay.

Homie Homestay
Homie Homestay is a famous homestay in Lung Cu

2. Bui Homestay

  • Address: Dong Van welcome gate, Doan Ket road fork, Ha Giang province

Bui Homestay is one of the Ha Giang homestay with a freestyle, and harmony with nature because the owner of the homestay is the founder of Bui Xuyen Viet club. This is definitely a homestay for young people who love to travel with and liberal style

This homestay has two floors: the upper and the lower. The resting space is on the second floor, and the lower one is the space for cooking and eating. If you want to set up a dining meal, you can arrange in this space. They also cook some specialty dishes for sale if you do not want to eat out.

Bui Homestay
In the evening, Bui Homestay lights up and looks very beautiful

3. Auberge de MeoVac

  • Address: Chong Pua Ancient House, 19/5 street, Meo Vac town, Ha Giang

Auberge de MeoVac has another name called Chung Pua in HMong language. Xung quanh nơi đây chủ yếu là người H’mong sinh sống nên kiến trúc mang đậm phong cách và kiến trúc của người H’Mong.

The Chung Pua homestay’s accommodations are spacious and clean, and guests are given access to Hmong things. Because the room can hold up to 13–25 people, the price will be quite reasonable if you come in a big group. You can also enjoy a variety of locally made highland dishes.

In Auberge de MeoVac, the tourists will enjoy the local cuisine, which is prepared from seasonal products with corn wine. But remember to book the meal 24h before the meal.

Auberge de MeoVac
Auberge de MeoVac has another name called Chung Pua

4. Lo Lo Village Homestay

  • Address: Lo Lo Chai cultural and tourist village, Dong Van, Ha Giang

Lo Lo Village Homestay is located in the Lo Lo Chai village, a beautiful and peaceful village in Dong Van. This is an old house made of soil and has a unique design with delicate details.

There are many types of rooms for the tourists to pick from single rooms, 3-people rooms to 4-people rooms. The design of the room brings in the style of the HMong people. It is so pristine, plain but so comfortable.

We also serve the dinner with the price of 200,000 VND/ person. You can choose between hot pot, BBQ or picking certain dishes. The atmosphere around the homestay is so fresh and pleasant. It would be a good option to relax when taking the Ha Giang loop.

Lo Lo Village Homestay
Lo Lo Village Homestay brings a peaceful atmosphere

5. Nha co homestay 1925

Nha co homestay 1925 is more than 200 years old, and still retains the most traditional and ancient beauty of H’Mong culture. The home is made of red pine, a priceless and uncommon wood, which makes it incredibly durable, cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

The house has two floors, each floor is divided into 3 sections. Every part of the house undergoes renovations to transform into multiple guest rooms. Each of these rooms is designed with simplicity in mind while providing all the essential facilities, as well as offering a roomy and well-ventilated atmosphere.

Nha co homestay 1925
Homestay 1925 has a very beautiful peach blossom tree in front of the house

6. Plum Homestay

  • Address: Hanh Phuc Street, Xom Moi Village, Dong Van Town, Ha Giang

Plum Homestay is one of the Ha Giang homestays chosen by many tourists. Inspired by bird’s nests, the homestay’s rooms are designed like bird’s nests with many colors and vibrancy.

Plum Homestay provides visitors with full services and a clean and airy space. Here, you will enjoy a buffet breakfast with a variety of different dishes. In the evening, you can set up a BBQ dinner in the outdoor area.

Plum Homestay
Plum Homestay design is inspired by the bird’s nest

7. Chook Bungalow Homestay

  • Address: Nam Dam village, Quan Ba, Ha Giang

Chook Bungalow Homestay is listed on the top Ha Giang homestay. This homestay is built with the bungalow design. The main color tone is yellow, creating warmth, coziness and also elegance.

There is only one floor with 4 rooms, which are equipped with necessary stuff such as hair dryer, wifi, and a fireplace. In the evening, you can gather in the front yard to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and talk to each other.

Coming to Chook Bungalow Homestay, you will feel like you are immersed in nature with green trees surrounding you. The air is extremely fresh, in the morning there are hot sounds of birds on tree branches. This will definitely be a reasonable vacation location.

 Chook Bungalow Homestay
Chook Bungalow Homestay, although not large, brings warmth and comfort

Helpful notes when choosing Ha Giang homestay

It can be a good choice if you drive motorbikes during the trip. You can rent motorbike from Ha Giang motorbike rental to move from homestay to other destinations or travel around Ha Giang proactively. With the Ha Giang motorbike tour, there is a driver taking you along the trip.

To rent a good homestay, you should look for the reviews on the Ha Giang travel group on social media. You should care for these criterias such as the price, location, service to consider the suitability with your trip.

Helpful notes when choosing Ha Giang homestay
It is recommended to rent motorbike to move easily from homestay to other destinations

Ha Giang homestay is a type of accommodation to stay that many tourists choose when traveling to Ha Giang. Hopefully this article has helped you with suggestions for interesting places to stay when coming to Ha Giang.

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