Top 6 Ma Pi Leng Homestays With Best Serves And Scenic Views

Ma Pi Leng is known as one of the most attractive travel destinations when taking Ha Giang loop. The majestic natural beauty of Ma Pi Leng brings a very different experience to each visitor. Let’s take a look at the top 6 most interesting Ma Pi Leng homestays.

homestay in ma pi leng
Ma Pi Leng Homestays are so diverse in the design and style

Top 6 most worthy Ma Pi Leng homestay you should choose

If you talk about places to stay when traveling to Ma Pi Leng, you cannot miss the following 6 Ma Pi Leng homestay addresses.

1.Homestay Ma Pi Leng

  • Address: Ma Pi Leng village, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province

Just seeing the name of Homestay Ma Pi Leng, you must have already known that this is a Ma Pi Leng homestay. The local residents also call Homestay Ma Pi Leng as “Lang Xao Vang”.

This homestay is constructed of wood with the traditional style of ethnic people. There is a spacious garden in front of the homestay, so you can have outdoor space for the outdoor activities.

Besides, Ma Pi Leng homestay also serves breakfast for the tourists. You can experience from traditional dishes to American meals. From the room of Ma Pi Leng homestay, you can admire the appealing scenery of the mountainous nature.

It is so convenient that this homestay is located near Ma Pi Leng pass, so you can pay a visit to this breathtaking pass easily.

homestay ma pi leng
Homestay Ma Pi Leng is also known as “Lang Xao Vang”

2.A San Homestay

  • Address: Pa Vi Ha village, Pa Vi commune, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province

A San Homestay is an ideal accommodation when choosing Ma Pi Leng Homestay. The architecture in A San Homestay is inspired by traditional H’Mong houses. Coming to A San Homestay, the tourists can feel their unique identity.

A San Homestay has open space, which creates the airy and natural feelings. Moreover, this homestay has a “speciality” of Ha Giang, which is a small buckwheat flower garden. You can take many beautiful pictures in this garden.

Indoor space of A San Homestay is designed to bring a cozy and peaceful feeling. They prepare all the essential amenities to make you feel like home. In the lobby, there is a tea table so you can sip a cup of tea and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

The staff of A San Homestay is evaluated positively for their professional performance and friendly attitude. You can also participate in the activities which A San Homestay set up. This would be an unforgettable experience on your trip.

A San homestay
A San Homestay attracts tourists for its rustic beauty

3.Meo Vac Clay House

  • Address: Mong ethnic culture village, Pa Vi, Meo Vac, Ha Giang

Meo Vac Clay House is one of the most attractive Ma Pi Leng homestays. When coming here, there is a blend between traditional H’Mong style and the delicate modernity. The construction is mainly made of wood and surrounded by rustic and cozy fences. When you step inside the room, you will see a modern design and fully equipped amenities.

Meo Vac Clay House has 7 types of rooms from the standard to deluxe ones. All of the rooms are well-equipped from free wifi, TV, to air conditioner,etc. Anyone who comes here feels good about the service in Meo Vac Clay House.

It will take you about 4,8 km to come from Meo Vac Clay House to Ma Pi Leng. With a short distance like this, it is recommended to drive a motorbike to travel around. You can come to Ha Giang motorbike rental to rent a motorbike for your trip.

If you want to drive a motorbike at the beginning of your trip, you can rent a motorbike right after arriving Ha Giang city. Driving a motorbike, you can be proactive in time and itinerary as well as conquer the hard roads in Ha Giang easily.

Meo Vac Clay House
Meo Vac Clay House is one of the most attractive Ma Pi Leng homestays

4.Vi Vi Homestay Meo Vac

  • Address: Pa Vi Ha Village, Pa Vi Commune, Meo Vac District, Ha Giang

Lying under the foot of a mountain, Vi Vi Homestay Meo Vac has a both pristine and cozy appearance. Therefore, Vi Vi Homestay Meo Vac is the top choice when mentioning Ma Pi Leng homestay.

The main architecture of Vi Vi Homestay Meo Vac is inspired by the traditional H’Mong house with wood columns and stone walls. These materials provide the dwellings a warm, inviting environment that is great for relaxation.

This homestay provides you with many types of rooms from single room, double room to the dorm room. All of the homestay rooms have necessary furniture to give the tourists the best experience.

Located in Pa Vi village and 4,7 km far from Ma Pi Leng Ha Giang, the tourists can easily take a tour to visit this attractive destinations.

Vi Vi Homestay Meo Vac
Vi Vi Homestay Meo Vac is stunning when the sun downs

5. Ngoc Minh Homestay Pa Vi

  • Address: 4C National Highway, Pa Vi, Meo Vac, Ha Giang

Ngoc Minh Homestay Pa Vi is on 4C National Highway, therefore the tourists can easily travel from this place to places. Besides, there are many interesting and amusing activities from H’Mong traditional culture.

Ngoc Minh Homestay nestles at the foot of the mountain and harmonizes with nature. The style of the homestay is a blend between modernity and tradition, which creates the uniqueness of the homestay.

The rooms of Ngoc Minh Homestay Pa Vi bring a rustic and luxurious look. The homestay provides the best service to give the tourists a comfortable experience. In the evening, you can have dinner in the restaurant of the homestay with BBQ or hot pot.

Ngoc Minh Homestay Pa Vi
Around Ngoc Minh Homestay Pa Vi is the green of the mountain behind an the garden in the front

6.O’Chau Boutique Homestay

  • Address: Pa Vi commune, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province

Located along the 4C national highway, O’Chau Boutique Homestay attracts tourists by its traffic convenience. From this homestay, you can easily travel to nearby destinations such as Nho Que river, Ma Pi Leng, or Pao’s house.

O’Chau Boutique Homestay is a modern design from the traditional style of H’Mong house. In front of the homestay is a small garden like a warm and friendly welcome to the tourists.

All the rooms in O’Chau Boutique Homestay are made of bamboo with opening windows to take in the natural light. This homestay has a quiet, peaceful living space, bringing people back to their true values.

O’Chau Boutique Homestay
O’Chau Boutique Homestay is shimmering at night

Tips to choose good Ma Pi Leng homestay

If you have never stayed in a Ma Pi Leng homestay before, use the helpful guidelines below to discover a good location to stay.

Find a reputable address: You should choose Ma Pi Leng homestays that are highly rated on travel websites. A reputable address will provide good service and an experience worthy of what you spend.

Good facilities and amenities: You should search and ask everything you can about the homestay’s services and amenities. A basic homestay should include complete Wi-Fi, hot water, comfy mattresses, and other necessities.

Contact the host in advance: You can contact the host of the homestay to ask about the service as well as reserve a room in advance to avoid the homestay running out of available rooms.

homestay in ma pi leng
You should check the facilities and services before choosing to rent a homestay

Here are six attractive Ma Pi Leng homestays you can stay when traveling to Ma Pi Leng. If you have stayed in other homestays, leave a comment below to share your experience to other tourists.

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